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Shattered Union Set atop the smoldering ruins of a fictional United States torn apart by civil war, Shattered Union is an action-packed turn-based strategy game for the Xbox and PC. Gamers play through a single player campaign to reunite the country by force or online in one-on-one matches. [2K Games]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1235
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Historic, General
Players 2 Online
Company / Developer
2K Games / PopTop Software

Shattered Union reviews ( 3 )

PeterT., Jan 3, 2006

Most fun I've had at the computer in a long time.....really like the mix of strategic and tactical (deciding how many forces to commit and how many to reserve).......battles are great.

JasonH., Nov 3, 2005

I like this game. I have played games for over 2 decades now (old, sigh) and enjoy the gamut from CIV 1-4 to Space Empires to Hex-based Wargames. This game is definitely "beer and pretzels" but I think it gets more "right" than the magazine reviewers are saying. It does lack a strategic game level - but the tactical is great. The map controls take a bit of getting used to (don't know why they didn't include a rotate option) but aren't hard to get used to - and it is easy to tell where "attacks of opportunity" occur from if you pay attention and use scouts. All in all I give it an 8 - it definitely would be higher with diplomacy/strategic level - but part of its charm is its simplicity.

CHALD0N, May 23, 2011

Game does not work for windows 7. A forum stated that regedit could make your computer think it has less than 2GB of ram and it would then play but that effects the rest of the system. I wish it played- I love these games. Dev needs to update.boooo! 0/10