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Shelter 2 The beauty of nature goes hand in hand with its unforgiving rawness. That is central in Shelter 2, and one of the reasons we chose to make a game about a Lynx. They are in middle of the food chain, and there are far more vicious things out on the cold tundra...Guide a powerful Lynx through vast open landscapes. Give birth to your cubs, raise and strengthen them by mastering your skills for hunting prey. Explore the wild beauty of nature and do everything possible to prepare your family for the vicious entities dwelling on the cold tundra.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 60 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1092
Genre Simulation, Adventure, General, Virtual, Virtual Life
Company / Developer
Might and Delight / Might and Delight

Shelter 2 reviews ( 7 )

CHerSun, May 22, 2015

I haven't played the first part, yet I found this part to impress me. Wonderful thing, especially on the very first play-through. A definitely must-see game.

midgear, Mar 10, 2015

In a word I would call this game, excellent. I found myself growing an attachment to all my pups, that in itself is hard to do, and if one dies it's heartbreaking. At one point one of my pups was crying out to me in hunger and I was running a rabbit I just caught over to her to revive her and she died right before I could get to her. There has only been a handful of moments in games that made me shed a tear and this was one of them. This is not your standard AAA title, if you are looking to do something more then just barely surviving then this is not the game for you, but if you are looking for a truly unique game play experience give this a try! On a side note there are some bugs in the game and I found it annoying but not enough to take me want to quit, and with time I think they will all get ironed out.

JordanWarlow, Mar 9, 2015

There isn't as much emotional commitment here like in the first game, the graphics/art style is improved but the game is repetitive and not that memorable, play the first instead!

SanctumRevel, Mar 9, 2015

It s unique sure a nice and elegant touch of adventure in a open world but driven my monotony in no change in gameplay takes away the interest alltogether

prossnip42, May 31, 2015

A decent follow up to shelter 1 but not without its flaws. So on with the review. Pros: -the presentation si the most unique i have seen in a while. it looks like 3d paper which is not something i see very often. so points for that - the survival aspects are great. it really makes you feel like a lynx hunting for food in order to keep your family from starving. - the forest is a big map and you can hunt pretty much everything (from birds to deers). But like i said this game has a fair bit of flaws Cons: -the controls (while you can get used to them) are kinda slippery. it's like trying to move on butter and every time you take the hand of your button the mother lynx moves a few extra steps than you wanted her to do -it has little to no replayability which almost destroys the experience since this game is not a one play and finish game. so shelter 2 while it has flaws it's still a decent survival game and if you are a fan of animals (like me) and their way of life then this game is a bargain

qrpiech, Mar 7, 2016

First Shelter had a touching "story" and was divided into levels, this one has practically non-existent story and an open world. You run around and hunt rabbits (and sometimes deer, rats or frogs) to feed your cubs, collect sticks, flowers and feathers and that's basically it. No scripted events, no running from fire, no memorable moments, which is a shame. Of course you get attached to your kids and when something happens to them, you feel sad, but it's not as strong as in the first part. Game has a very calming soundtrack and unique visual style so it sounds and looks well. It's not as good as the first one, but still entertaining.

AuldWolf, Aug 27, 2015

Nothing more than an inferior reskin of the original Shelter game. Awful, simply awful. And incredibly exploitative. Just avoid it. Get the original Shelter if you must, it'd be cheaper and you wouldn't be missing out on anything other than some added frustrations.