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Sheltered Sheltered is a post-apocalyptic disaster management game that gives a new meaning to the term “nuclear family”. You must gather as many supplies as possible en route to the concrete underground shelter that will soon become your family home for the foreseeable dreary future.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1181
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Defense
Company / Developer
Team 17 / Unicube
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Sheltered reviews ( 7 )

TomCat86, Dec 4, 2017

If you buy the game, play on hardcore mode. It is currently the most challenging. The game does lack endgame content and is currently in development but for the price you can buy it right now its worth a try. You can also move to a new shelter after you have beaten' the current area, and by doing so get another family member and a bigger possible shelter. You can do this over and over again.

Dal_ReviewedDat, Mar 17, 2016

Sitting somewhere between This War of Mine and Fallout Shelter, Sheltered is a playable but flawed game. I like the art style graphics personally, but it screams out indie game, and there's not a great deal of sound impact. If there were different levels of commitment on Sheltered, it would probably feel more playable. However, it feels pedantic on detail. Literally everything feels like it needs micro-managing and whilst in some titles this can be a benefit, here it really does feel like a chore. Crafting seems illogical at times and it becomes frustrating more than enjoyable pretty fast. Enemies can be really frustrating also. I can't recommend this over it's influences. Fallout Shelter feels more polished and as an app, it works really well, whilst This War of Mine feels like the more weighty game.

MoreBokeh, Apr 18, 2016

There is very little player agency in this game, it feels like you're just in for the ride. Sometimes you'll get lucky, sometimes you won't, and it seems like the game keeps chugging along regardless, like with rain occurring coincidentally every X days. Most of the time you'll just be watching boring things happen, like an extremely lengthy repair of an oxygen filter, or extremely long and mundane combat. One interesting pro is the ability to character create children (which are often missing in survival games), but ultimately they don't matter too much to the gameplay or story. There are many better survival / personal base management sims out there, skip this if you haven't tried any others yet.

SethEvandor, Dec 27, 2016

Cute survival game. Unfortunately comes with some serious flaws. There is a large assortment of items obtainable in the game, along with a plethora of craftables. The loot is RNG, what traders have is RNG and that is a good thing. You have to craft stuff to gain more from expeditions, in order to craft more stuff... Except any challenge this game presents can end very early on. Survival becomes incredibly easy and fights from the start can be incredibly easy with the right pet (RIP bears). For some reason, during encounters on expeditions, the game seems to randomly select 1 of the 2 characters to interact - meaning you basically want 2 characters with all high stats. If my high charisma character is not engaging in conversation with a stranger, then it just doesn't make sense since I cannot choose so. Despite a character joining my shelter and having no stress, within a few real-time minutes they said they were too stressed out and leaving, so they set fire to something. This bizarre occurrence made me not want new characters because I was doing just fine and you cannot take the auto-mode off them (their loyalty needs time to increase). Yes, they consume your precious resources... unless you manually set them tasks. Gas masks. Your characters will get radiation poisoning if you don't equip them with gas masks for expeditions, but each of these requires 2 plastic, meaning if you run out of plastic, you are stuck to broadcasting for traders and the game is pretty boring with no ongoing expeditions. This wouldn't be a big problem if you didn't need a lot of plastic to build certain items... Such as the recycling machine. And when you do make it and start recycling... It tells you to wait 30+ real-time minutes. When you spent over two hours just waiting to make this and get told that, it's pretty **** The game does some things right, but even after 40 days, I still wasn't getting attacked and didn't need to build any defences in my shelter... If all these things I listed were fixed then maybe I would play longer but it barely holds your attention and quickly gets repetitive.

iseeall, May 14, 2016

A pretty average game close to This War of Mine, Fallout Shelter, Craft the World, Sims. It gets pretty boring more or less after you've learnt how to play it. The Good: - its gameplay is generally like in This War of Mine and others mentioned above: you manage a group of survivors, build and craft stuff, go out with small groups to explore and scavenge nearby locations, barter and fight - the music is fine - characters have stats, 1 perk and 1 disadvantage each, characters train in missions or from special crafted objects The So-so: - pixelated graphics. Some will say it's ugly but I found it fine. There is even a decent selection of characters' appearances, e.g. haircuts, and each haircut is made from ~25 brown pixels. - despite the somewhat too 80s-like graphics, it still has some post-apocalyptic atmosphere, though the characters feel pretty anonymous (no biographies, no clear portraits, just stats) - characters can be transferred to partial AI's control, and they will attempt to fulfill their needs by themselves (like in Sims), but they don't do that well, and they won't guess to repair things. So, e.g. if your shower breaks down, they will stand around it with "shower" bubble above their heads instead of repairing it. The Bad: - poor controls. The game would need a panel with characters' portraits, a-la Jagged Alliance 2 or Baldur's Gate. Clicking on characters in the game world to select them isn't always precise enough and instead gives movement order to another character you had previously selected - multiple design errors. E.g. if you are out of water, you can't go out to get any water (sending scavengers costs water), and all you can do is simply wait for rain and watch your characters get angry from thirst. Or: the tool to recycle useless items needs lvl 4 workbench, and you will only get that late in the game. Meaning that you will stockpile garbage items for most of the game to finally recycle them when you are swimming in mats anyway. The freezer for meat you get much later than you can make a trap to catch animals (which gives meat). Or: loot in sectors restocks pretty fast, so there is no real need to go too far or explore the world at all; you can just circle around the few nearest points of interest almost daily, gathering loot until you build everything - tons of micromanagement because the equipment breaks very fast and you need to repair it. You can't queue more than 2 orders (in Sims 1 you could queue at least 10 orders), and you can't make a production queue at the workbench, so you will need to craft every sack of cement and every gas mask individually - clumsy and too simplistic combat, with ugly graphics and unclear rules (a small girl with strength 1 does roughly the same melee damage as a bear?) Judging by the sheer number of features the game has and the complexity of the simulation, I see that the authors wanted to make it all realistic, atmospheric and interesting. However, it all doesn't really work well and results mostly in a tedious routine. Probably they haven't tested the game much. When I think of it, even Rebuild, a flash game about fighting off zombies and capturing sectors was more fun.

Voyou, Apr 2, 2018

When I was young, I've babysit smarter toddlers. From the tutorial, you learn that you have to select every character individually and manually make them drink at the fountain standing 1 metre away. Not teach them, tell them every single time, as they don't learn anything. Ugh ! Since I'm not much into holding vegetable hands, I took one and made her craft a snare to place outside. She did, opened the doors and passed the stranger who was frantically ringing the intercom. He didn't notice her either. She then stepped outside and got irradiated. Do I need to make her wear the hazmat suit before crafting ? I'm out of here. Thing is, if one proposes a nanomanagement game such as Sheltered, one needs to offer a great interface. Here we've got one of the worst I've ever seen. With no help from the rotten graphics, I've got no idea who I have currently selected, what they can do, what the desperation icons above their heads mean??� There is text to read, but no pause to read while the retards die in real time. And without free save, the most basic requirement of any non-arcade game, things cannot be tried and fun cannot be had. All the ingredients that one finds at the bottom of the barrel of game design.

honestabe, Nov 14, 2016

Glad I didn't pay very much for this game. I would have felt cheated. Even $5 is too much for it really but there is some fun in the early game. No so much afterwards.