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Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Shiness is an Action-RPG developed by indie development studio Enigami, which will let you travel in a captivating universe doomed to destruction ever since the fragmentation of the planet Mahera...
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1214
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Plug In Digital / Enigami
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Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom reviews ( 6 )

Darkelite, Apr 21, 2017

This game is amazing! I've been playing it for a few hours, and I really like the story, the gameplay, the artistic style and the soundtrack. For the company's first game, it's very strong.

maya430, Oct 5, 2017

Quelle bonne surprise ?� l'heure de la mode des RPG en vue "iso", enfin un RPG qui me redonne le sourire. Je remonte un peu la note vu le test pour contrebalancer le test bidon de "jeux". Si vous aimez les J-RPG, vous fondrez pour cette petite merveille fran?�aise. J'esp??re vraiment qu'il va marcher.

Rascherman, Apr 20, 2017

An amazingly fresh game that is different than anything else you've ever played. Shiness feels like a combination between Ocarina of Time and Tekken in its mix up between combat and adventure. The cartoon style and bright colors makes for an incredible graphic appeal while the use of comic book frame animations for cut scenes keeps them from getting routine. Shiness is a one of the few games in which I dont want to skip all the dialogue and cut scenes

thaesino, Apr 2, 2018

I say one simple thing - Give it a chance. Have played it on both, PS4, and now PC, and - especially with Maherian Steam language pack (a language created just for the game world) - this game has been getting more and more engaging to play. I don't really understand why critics gave it such low reviews, but I'm assuming it's because the game doesn't do anything different than before. This is a weird judgment, because games like Shovel Knight, which just play no different than SNES/Genesis games, are hailed as masterpieces despite also doing nothing differently. :shrugs: ..... oh well.

HagiLunacy, Apr 27, 2017

Apr??s 12 heures de jeu et le premier boss battu je pense pouvoir rendre un verdict plut??t objectif. J'ai ?�galement pris le DLC avec les voix ce qui ajoute un gros c??t?� RP au jeu mais dans le m??me temps te laisse sentir qui est important dans l'histoire et qui ne l'est pas vue que le doublage est assez in?�gal mais h??nnetement entendre toutes ces sonnorit?�s ?�a transporte vraiment dans l'univers (on sens tout de m??me bien les influences japonaise). Vis ?� vis du jeu en lui m??me et bien je vais exp?�dier tr??s vite le seul d?�faut que je vois : le probl??me de cam?�ra lors des combats, ces dommage mais ca reste CLAIREMENT anecdotique. Vis ?� vis de tout le reste ? C'est un sans faute pour moi ! Le monde est magnifique et f?�erique franchement j'adore et ?�a me rappel les centaines d'heures que j'ai pu passer sur Jak 2 et Rachet & Clanj 2 sur ma PS2, la fibre nostalgique marche parfaitement sur ce coup la. Les enigmes sont int?�lligentes et ce complexifies rapidement en te demandant d'utiliser les capacit?�s de tous les personnages de l'?�quipes. D'ailleurs les personnages sont super int?�ressant, en ?� peine 8 heures de jeu l'histoire a d?�j?� r?�ussi ?� m'?�mouvoir (pas au larmes tout de m??me), les histoires sont belles et tristes et ca permet vraiment ?� tout le monde dece d?�velopper et d'??tre super int?�ressant. Concernant le systeme de combat ben je suis fan des jeux de combats et voir un mix entre les naruto ultimate ninja storm et Dragon ball xenoverse ?�a donne juste des combats rapide et nerveux (vraiment j'ai pris un pied monstre fasse au premier boss !!) Pour r?�sumer je pense que c'est un perle. Il y a des **** d?�fauts techniques mais ils sont clairement gomm?�s par l'avalanche de qualit?�s et le fait qu'il soit fait par des d?�veloppeur ind?� et fran?�ais ?�a rajoute encore plus au fait que j'aime ce jeu. Franchement une superbe surprise

SuperkenGaming, Apr 18, 2017

Shiness: The Lighting Kingdom A game that grows on you. In shiness the lighting kingdom you play as chado trying to get to the source of the evil shi??� And as you progress through the story you unlock companions that join in on your adventure... This game took a while for me to like??� It??�s a very awkward feeling game... and from the combat to the platforming its stiff??� Even by the games end I still wasn??�t in love??� but I did come to ultimately enjoy this game??� The worst part of this game is the puzzles??� Each character has a unique ability that lets them solve pieces to puzzles that stop game progression??� you never know when one will show up.. but thankfully even though you can only have 3 members in your party at a time, you can quickly swap characters in and out of your team when these puzzles do appear and you don??�t have the right character with you??� Thankfully these puzzles are easy, but still a bit annoying??� Other than solving puzzles which are few and far between, you??�ll be going to a point on the map in the various locations you visit and try to avoid or defeat every enemy in your way to level up??� The combat system though much like the entire game takes some getting used to and definitely lacks a bit of polish??� You can parry attacks, block them, roll, kick and punch??� use disciplines you unlock from shops, chests and defeating enemies for in battle perks or unlocking magic attacks that use one of the 4 shi elements??� It??�s easy enough to spam ranged attacks, though some enemies are immune to certain magic and there is a certain amount of shi you can use before you go to a save point and restock.. But each battle takes place in a dome that changes colors, and your character is able to concentrate to refill needed shi during battle and get a boost of regeneration if the elements match??� And eventually you??�ll be able to do a hyper moves which pauses the battle and lets you quickly put in the right button combination on screen and pull off a power move that usually take away about half of an enemies health??� The problem with this though is that it gets a little old watching the scene playout each time??� You are able to skip the animation, but I found doing so will sometimes cause the game to not read any damage done to your opponent, but still depletes your hyper meter??� So in tough fights I advise not taking the chance by skipping And speaking of bugs and unpolish??� You are able to able to switch between any of the 4 characters in your party anytime during battle as well as map commands such as heal with enemy and ally stipulations.. But the switching isn??�t the most responsive system in the world??� I found myself mashing the swap button to make sure my character didn??�t die??� And occasionally you??�ll kind of be forced to swap when your character gets stuck midair.. which was rare, but did happen a few times??� I also ran into a bug after a certain boss about 10 hours into the game that after defeating them my character got stuck behind an invisible wall??� Which are everywhere??� in places that they shouldn??�t be so that if it does happen players can hop back into the map instead of being stuck and having to quit the game, reload and fight the boss all over again like I did??� and after defeating them the 2nd time.. My character was standing on air again... but thankfully I could jump forward to stop it from happening again??� Shiness: The Lighting Kingdom is an enjoyable journey??� I had fun??� I enjoyed swapping the disciplines, learning new combos for my characters, swapping the gear in my party and I loved the fact that non active party members leveled up with the rest of my crew??� But a lack of polish definitely hold this good game back from being great??� I give Shiness: The Lighting Kingdom a 7.0/10