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Ship Simulator 2008 Ship Simulator 2008 includes the following new features: Dynamic ocean waves, with realistic ship motions. Long distance travels , open ocean voyages between ports. Visible damage system. Thirty new complex and challenging missions. Extensive day, night, and weather systems. Three new environments: San Francisco, Southampton/Cowes/Solent, and Marseille. Six new ships, each with walkthrough functionality and interactive bridge controls. Controllable container crane. Advanced vector graphic sea chart based on realistic 3D seabed models, with full-screen display option, transparency setting, and level-of-detail on text & depth readings. Advanced damage system showing dents and holes in the ships after severe collisions. Free-roam mode where players can choose a ship, an environment, set all weather, day & time parameters and get sailing. Realistic bow splash water, with support from an advanced physics simulation model. Extensive mapping options for keys and joystick buttons. Advanced rope system, which allows you to connect and disconnect player ships to other ships or mooring boulders at will (anchoring is now also possible). Addition of icebergs which cause damage when you collide with them. [Lighthouse Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1267
Genre Simulation, Ship, Marine, Civilian
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Lighthouse Interactive / VSTEP
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Ship Simulator 2008 reviews ( 2 )

ivarswe, Oct 20, 2015

Ship simulator 2008 is old now but is still a very good game and a great improvement over ship simulator 2006. This game is easier to learn than ship simulator extremes and if all the updates and free ship dlc:s are installed you have a very good simulator with much content and good missions.

CihanU., Aug 9, 2007

I like this game because Ship Simulator 2008 is a huge improvement over Ship Simulator 2006.Ships are developed.Control of ships are good.There are bad things in this game too.Sometimes Ship getting out of control.In the game there are graphic bugs.I thing they fixed in first update.I recommend to everyone.