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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division Choose from four ultra powerful transforming Mobile Combat Armor suits, each with its own advantages and strengths. Find tons of powerups and enhancements to improve your MCA's performance. In addition to piloting your MCA through deadly outdoor, underground, and city missions, you will be able to dock in certain areas and strike out on foot to complete objectives. There may even be a surprise or two in store... Shogo: Mobile Armor Division uses Monolith?s LithTech - one of the most advanced next-generation 3D engines in gaming. [Monolilth]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1469
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Monolith Productions / Monolith Productions

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division reviews ( 4 )

AnonymousMC, Nov 11, 2008

This game is very highly intuitive to play. The voice acting is decent, at least, and going around in giant robots is extremely fun. It has a couple flaws, such as a lack of any first party matchmaking built-in (Gamespy fixes this, somewhat, but there are NO GAMES AVAILABLE, EVER). However, this is overwritten by the fact that you can find it in some places bundled with Septerra Core for $1. Travel the USA if you must, JUST GET THIS GAME.

Heisenberg93, Oct 4, 2015

This was the first shooter game I've ever played. And I'll never forget it. Surely it was one of the best games of its time. I remember with some offers, in those years, many PC were sold with Shogo bundled. The plot of Shogo was beautiful, articulate and with great sci-fi implementation. Considering that the game was released back in 1998, probably along with Half-Life was one of the first shooter to have a rooted and complex plot, and this isn't little. Among other things, the plot had more than one available ending, and this did nothing but made it a game quite advanced for its era. The gameplay Shogo was certainly not a joke. In fact, in addition to using the human protagonist, you can also use a battle-mecha, similar to those seen in the Patlabor anime. The shooter structure is made impeccably and feedback of weapons is excellent. There is an high cure and you really feel the difference between using pistols, or an assault rifle or a shotgun. Weapons are a dozen, several and beautiful, especially those used with mecha. You can also play Shogo as a third person shooter, but is rather awkward and cumbersome as method. Obviously, like any classic shooter, you have to keep life and armor in constant consideration; and the difficulty of the game is rather good also thanks to the good enemy AI, moving often and hit hard. The amount of violence is simply incredible and splatter, with arts splashing from all sides, based of type of damage received or inflicted. The maps and environment of the game ranging from labyrinthine stations or cities to wide open spaces in which to operate with maximum freedom. The frequency in using the human protagonist and the mecha is very well balanced and difficult to get bored of playing more with one than with another. The graphics of the game is simply stunning, one of the best of the time. I believe that, at its time, Shogo couldn't work on console because of its abundance and this why it is a game designed for PC hardware, and it is good. You can feel in the game an artistic achievement similar to japanese anime, both while playing and in cut-scenes; an aim surely reached by developers. The soundtrack is really beautiful, and intro's song is simply unforgettable. Shogo: Mobile Armor Division is a real piece of history for shooter games and especially for PC games. A must-have classic that, in my opinion, is still worth playing today.

wchar_t, Apr 21, 2015

Probably one of the best games of its time. I loved it for its pace, gameplay, and sheer fun factor. If you like mechs, first person shooters, and fast paced fun, pick this up and try it.

tarekmallo, Apr 19, 2012

Shogo is an efficient, brutal and compelling action shooter that balances storytelling with ultimate carnage. A classic back then and a classic now. I recommend it for every nostalgia fan.