Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Crack + Keygen

Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues A fantasy RPG that combines a single player narrative with a sandbox MMO. It is being created by a team that includes: Richard “Lord British” Garriott (Ultima), Starr Long (Ultima Online), and Tracy Hickman (Dragonlance).
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 59 / 100
User rating
Downloads 70
Genre General, Role-Playing
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Portalarium / Portalarium
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Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues reviews ( 7 )

kranbro, Jul 31, 2019

Games great theres a TON of things to do, the only issue i had is getting through the initial quests. They're very easy to skip over but once i read the handbook that the game provided things made more sense plus i met a group of players who helped explain things as well. The game has this cool oracle that you visit and he informs you about the virtues. You can end up being good or evil in the game based on choices made which is really cool. The emote system is the best ive ever seen in a game, the fighting system is smooth and very fun. The class diversity is so cool you can really fine tune your character like you can be a mage specializing in fire or you can specialize in life which makes u a great healer or u can be an expert swordsman with magic mixed in or u can be a combo archer/ swordsman/ mage. Same thing with crafting the crafting system is very deep and you won't become a gm blacksmith overnight thats for sure. Also the game has tons of cool items that you can hang in a home literally everything u can think of and you can build a dungeon in the basement of your home and fully customize it with monsters down there and everything! so awsome. Take care everyone and happy playing :)

marromc0, Apr 23, 2018

I have now played Shroud of the Avatar for about 200 hours. my impression of the game continues to grow better as i get more familiar with it's nuances. I have never tried the single player mode, so far i only have gone online with everybody else. The combat system is still an unknown to me as i only use the locked version thus far. I have not tried PVP yet. I am still not strong enough to go after any areas above a T-3 with reasonable confidence of success. I have only gotten to the basic materials in crafting save teleport, recall scrolls and heal/focus potions I have not yet been to about 70% of the towns on the map. I have met a bunch of very helpful people in game and I really have yet to come across "that player" ( you know who i mean) Point is I have realized that even 200 hours later, I have only scratched the surface of what this game might have to offer. that is a deep , complex and a rich environment to be sure. If you seek a quick hack and slash this one will not suit you. If you want an immersive world where your whim has room to get depleted then jump in.

Torc, May 22, 2018

All I play now. Too hard for some, it has a steep learning curve but if you can get past it you might be hooked. Crafting like crazy. The best gear in the game comes from players. Over 1000 recipes and patterns on top of that. Sell gear to an NPC and it ends up in the loot tables. Use your brain for puzzles. Seriously, if you want to be led by the hand and taken care of, then you're not ready for the quests or the puzzles here. The housing is cool, and in loot drops. Decorate, throw parties, run a store, make quests for others. If you are tired of dumb games designed to hold you by the hand, then you could be in for a treat. Stuff that needs work: The interface, and the FPS. Those keep getting better though, and don't stop me from spending all my game time here. Try the free trial if you think you're up for it.

Braunfelt, Dec5, 2018

Been Playing this for many months now and found it to be one of the more interesting MMO Sandbox games out there with a lot of features. It has a true system of be what you want to be. Mix and match the skills. Crafting is crazy, everything in the game can be used for something or just sold as is. It has a lot of lore and many dungeons and instanced zones to check out which are ever evolving. Random events, weather, and instances that show up on the world. housing system that allows you to decorate it with everything you make and or Store items. Has fishing, hunting, trophies and many other things to do. World Puzzles, buff shrine, player made dungeons (not 100% implemented yet only the start of this system), as well PVP. Only weakness I see is still needs a lot more optimizations, as well new quest system which is coming Ep2. which hopefully will make questing better all round. look forward to seeing this sleeper keep expanding.

Carewolf, Apr 12, 2018

Disappointing. I was an original backer from 2013, and this game just doesn't deliver much of anything. The game on release is still very buggy, still has placeholder text and names, and stuff that in game states it is not done yet. On top of that the missions and world are super boring and lazy implemented, the controls are slugish and bad, the graphics is 10 years dated and music and sound design seems to be absent.

Weins201, Apr 24, 2019

Do not Pay for this Game. Play it please, enjoy it, what there is and meet the Community. The players are all that can be said positive anymore. I was backing since day 1 and backed a lot. I did a lot and put in effort to try and help them along. Time goes on and they just continue to make the same stupid mistake. They introduce more and more yet there is way to much unfinished and broken. They advertise soo much yet only deliver less than 30%. There is about 80 hours of true game play. After that it is nothing but Grind to accomplish very little. ALL OF THIS CAN BE DONE FOR FREEE. after that then decide if you think they needs your backing. Just remember that what they say is not what you will get. They failed on more than one thing to produce and or deliver. Read their forums sure but remember they make sure that it is only good things you see. Also remember that they have a very solid base of sycophants who will defend the game until the plug is pulled. Soo in the end go for it but be smart, PLAY for FREEEE, give it time, keep at it and after a month or two make a financial decision. You are so informed.

GamerLadyJules, Jul 17, 2020

Not a successor by any means. Firstly it??�s in the hands of an incompetent dev who will never hand this game over to someone that might actually be able to salvage it and make it shine. He regularly goes on the offensive and just can??�t handle criticism. Seems he only cares about how much money lines his pockets.His ???community manager??� (fanboi) silences any negativity and bans anyone with an opinion. There are a multitude of fake positive reviews on steam. Everyone gloats about the community being great, but they are fanbois that will white knight and gaslight. The game itself is a mess. It??�s not going anywhere fast and has evolved into a barbie sims second life housing and fishing simulator with hot tubs and DJ dance parties, players grinding on each other, garish neon night clubs, floppy hats and stilettos. The run down:- The PvP is run with a carebear approach- Exploits and bugs galore (pink textures anyone)- No real death penalties - No item degradation or gold sink- Crafting is pointless- Adventuring is pointless- Loot rewards are rubbish- Grinding is worthless- No end game- Lacklustre story- No coherence or back history between areas of the game- No coherence in the theme (Darth Vader Samurai steam punk sims medieval Star Wars)- Pets are useless- Poor balancing in skills and items- Broken economy - No auction house or even seller search system- Dungeons attach to player house don??�t even function properly- No originality in models used- Same set of creatures encountered in nearly every area of the game with no proper ai added- Stiff animations, bad textures and poor optimisations drag even the beefiest machines to 5fps- Couldn??�t even fit a physical reward book in a box to send out to backers- Excuses, broken promises, shady business practices, and poor management of users personal dataThey are working on the second ???episode??? and so far the first priority has been implementing housing on a tiny set of islands before any actual gameplay is even live. That??�s right, instead of releasing it once it??�s a completely finished second game/DLC(what ever it??�s trying to be), it??�s being released live in an unfinished untested state just to please the big spenders who have (for some insane reason) spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars to move to this new area. Wait isn??�t this meant to be a free to play game? /sAnd btw that??�s how they work in general. Make money first always. Updates and bug fixes barely brush past the test server before being pushed to live. Test server bugs still make it to live constantly. Half implemented systems pushed to live and then forgotten or stated as ???working as intended??�. Development shown live on twitch as if its still in alpha state. The work ethos is ???whatever??�. Honestly not even indie, just bad.Every update ???release??� is 80% items to make money, 10% game content and fixing, 10% unrelated Richard Garriott self promotion. Money is their main concern, once they have it, they cease caring. If your looking for a UO successor or an RPG with rich story and good gameplay that takes itself seriously, this is NOT it.