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Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth sends players on an expedition from Earth to lead their people into a new frontier to explore and colonize an alien planet, and create a new civilization.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 8978
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Sci-Fi, General, 4X
Company / Developer
2K Games / Firaxis Games

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth reviews ( 7 )

Garet1218, Oct 24, 2014

A great throwback for Alpha Centauri fans! The new mechanics and atmosphere really separate it from other Civ titles, and really the themes remind me a lot more of Alpha centauri. I feel like if this had come out and Civ 5 was not a thing, it would had been held as revolutionary. I think far too many will group it with Civ 5 for using the same engine. They are two quite different games though. I say this as a long time fan. I for one love that they made culture more useful in a game play sense, they made espionage what it use to be back in the old days... Awesome.. The tech web is probably my favorites system, I have always been a large science player.. The web and technologies they have change everything. I find myself conflicted far more often than in civ, not to mention it can be very situation based. The affinity system is awesome, and I like how it mixes. Here is my wishlish for the G&K sized expansion that should be coming -More mixed affinity unit upgrades or units, more units for pure routes to compensate. additional Planet ecosystem types. -A couple more sponsors -A scenario with a sentient planet. -A few more wonders

Muro, Oct 24, 2014

Different enough from Civ 5 to not feel like an add-on, but still similar enough to make it feel familiar to Civ gamers. So with that in mind if you like Civ 5 you will probably like this, and if you don't then you probably won't. I won't list every change and the things I think are better or worse in this game but here are just a few. And I will be comparing this to both Civ 5 and Alpha Centauri, you have been warned. Tech Web feels fun to explore. In Civ 5 by the end you had everything, all the techs fell in to place. In Beyond they don't. You have to make hard choices about what tech you want and what you don't. I feel this gave more flavour to my civilisation. Alien Life Forms are and aren't barbarians at the same time. In Civ 5 Barbarians were an aggressive annoyance, they turned up and tried to kidnap your workers and wreck your tile improvements. In Beyond the aliens are the dominant species, you are the aggressive annoyance turning up trying to steal the resources from their nests. And how you treat these native inhabitants determines if they decide to try and crush you out of existence. Units I felt were a bit weak in terms of their variety. I knew that I wasn't going to get an Alpha Centauri level of customising but I still feel more could have been done. Quests are enjoyable as they give some sense of your civilisation making decisions and shaping the way it wants to be. However sometimes I felt that these decisions came a little to often. Apart from that, Virtues are the new Social policies, Affinities are the new ideology, and the orbital layer works a bit like great people providing buffs to whole areas or temporary enhancements. Overall I am loving this game, it's not perfect, but I am sure I will once again sink hundreds of hours in to a Civilization game.

gaynorvader, Oct 29, 2014

Disappointing, but still good. I've played a lot of Sid Meier over the years and love 4x games. Recently however, the games have been extremely lackluster before their expansions. First I'd like to address the ridiculous point that it's "just" a Civ 5 expansion. Yes, it uses the same engine, so looks and plays in a fairly similar fashion. The amount of difference in just about every concept of the game make it much more than an expansion though. New terrain features, new tech tree, new unit upgrade system, quest system, new barbarian ai, no natural wonders, orbital layer, and so on. -The good -The new tech web means you can't just dominate scientifically and collect all the wonders, coasting to an easy culture victory. -The quest system gives you constant mini-objectives which help new players learn without a long tutorial and provide nice little boosts for more experienced players to take advantage of. -Trading is quite a bit more meaningful, particularly between your own and independent cities(stations) -Aliens are a serious menace to expansion early on as opposed to the slight irritation barbarians were. -Explorers are useful, in place of natural wonders are excavation sites which can yield some great bonuses -It's fun. The choices you make are all small at the time, but have a huge effect on your late game. Particularly after building a new building. Some of them are pointless as one is obviously better, but most are well balanced. -The bad -AI is about the same as Civ 5, no real improvement -Units are set, AC fans will be disappointed they can't customise their units the way they wish. -Unit upgrades are forced upon you, if you reach level 4 in Unity, but want to give your unit the level 12 supremacy upgrade, you can't, you have to reach level 12 in supremacy first. -Lack of diplomacy options. Sometimes you'll be trading with a station and the AI will swoop in and destroy it, harming your economy. There's no way you can tell them to stop, the only solution is to declare war and destroy their units -Way too easy. The 3 affinity victory conditions are far to simple to pull off, you just research a small enough amount of tech and build something next to your capital and not lose for a few turns and you'll win. You can disable these, but then you are left with domination as the only recourse (I don't think having all the remaining players as allies even counts as a win). -Too much impassible terrain. On every setting, there seems to be a large portion of the map covered in mountains or chasms which are largely impassable. -Aliens rule the seas. Your ships always suck at melee battles and the aliens excel in it. They also seem to ignore the AI and focus every alien on the planet on your ships or troop transports. -It could have much more character. The techs and factions never seem to be all that different. The changes according to their affinity choices are quite subtle and when ever you research a new tech or build a wonder it doesn't have the little description, quote and/or video that made Alpha Centauri such a rewarding game to play. It's a fun game in and of itself, but fails to live up to its predecessors. I've sunk a good few hours into it already and enjoyed them immensely. Though I think it works better on marathon mode as opposed to quick or standard.

tomasdee, Oct 29, 2014

I really looked fwd to playing this game and shelled out the premium to do so on release day (i normally avoid that now days). Not sure what i was expecting but in the end Beyond Earth feels the same as Civ 5, its just one big endless grind..... It feels like whether you win or lose comes down to luck - whether you get a good start point, whether the other civs are aggressive to you or not, whether the aliens hate you or ignore you. For me, i think beyond earth will suffer the same fate as Civ 5 - 'are you sure you wish to uninstall this program?' 'yes'.

Sergiohs, Nov 4, 2014

The game is worse than previous civs... It should had been sold as one expansion/mod theres almost no new mechanics. Also there is a huge resolution / full screen bug which is preventing alot of people from playing the game correctly (me included).

faelinn, Nov 30, 2014

Once again, extremely disappointed. Game is a cash grab. It has new art, and new music. With a tech tree that makes 0 sense, wonders that do not have ANY benefit to any victory and 95% of the military units are useless. I strongly advise you stick to Civ 5. This game was undoubtedly a project from a junior producer. Stay very far away

Derringer, Jun 28, 2015

So from now on, after playing this one and Civilization V, I will consider Sid Meier's and their new games as . very good example of money leeches (like a lot of other videogaming companies). They give up any attempt to make a good deep game.They're recycling any good idea they had in the past and they are doing it wrong they are killing the very essence of Sid Meiers. only after the money now. Huge dissapointment. Instead you should save your bucks and play again Alpha Centaury or Civilization II.