Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World Crack/Patch

Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World The second expansion for Sid Meier's Civilization V, Brave New World, introduces nine new civilizations, international trade, and victory through cultural dominance.

Download Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World Crack/Patch

Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6411
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Historic, 4X
Company / Developer
2K Games / Firaxis Games

Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World reviews ( 7 )

Quissah, Sep 4, 2014

My experiences with the Civilization series begin in my childhood. For Christmas one year I received Civilization: Revolution for the DS. At this point in my life I was generally ignorant to the videogaming world so all of my decisions on games were based solely on what other kids in my school already had. I can attribute Civ: Rev to being the game that changed that forever. Civilization: Brave New World completes what is probably one of the most influential games I have ever played. Civilization V as a whole will always be what I consider my favorite strategy game and with Brave New World, I can happily say that every dollar of the $130 I spent on this game were very much worth it. From the new Ideologies to the expanded trade systems to the new Civs. This expansion really just made the game for me and for that, I will always hold the names Sid Meier and Firaxis to the highest reverence.

DeathBySmiley, Jul 14, 2013

Absolutely fantastic expansion. Pretty much every complaint from Civilization is addressed. Boring late game? Gone. Invisible trade? Gone. Basically mandatory for anyone playing Civilization. Try Zulu with mass Impi rush. You'll thank me later.

ThormodSkald, Oct 31, 2013

WOW is this a much-needed boost for Civ 5 which was not terrible but also not very engaging either. Tourism, World Congress, new ways to use spies, some use for city-states and archaeologists really transform a mediocre game into a fun one. If you gave up on Civ 5 then this will turn it around for you. If you have not bought Civ 5 then buy this with it or you will regret it later!

WillBoston, Jul 9, 2013

A great update to a game in need of an ending. The generalization that Gods & Kings addressed the first half the game while Brave New World fixes the second half is somewhat true. The new civs also offer dramatically different play styles, which makes this expansion more than a mere evolution but less than a full sequel (say, Civ VI). Worth buying, 100%!

jonzes, Jul 26, 2013

I have logged maaaany hours in Civ V and many, many more in other Civ games (thousands?) and this expansion finally makes V an interesting experience through the ages. Only problem is it does not address the biggest weakness of Civ V: The combat AI. On emperor difficulty I try to get a culture or science victory and just barely hang on the entire game, but if I get attacked it is soooo easy to take enemy cities even when they have major tech advantages only my own desire to not win by domination stops me from steamrolling the AI. The REALLY need to focus the next expansion on the very difficult problem of combat AI. Then V could be one of the best games ever.

Morfiss, Aug 3, 2013

Great Gameplay - Great Characters - Plenty of Options - Nice Cartoon Look - Plenty of Options to Win - Good AI - Stable Game - Teaches Historical People, Places, Ideologies and Cultures - Good Voice acting

karenaga, Nov 29, 2014

It was my favorite game ,until the patch was issued on 27.10.2014 and multiplayer was broken.There was no any apologize from Firaxis and 2K and no even published approximate date of recovery.So my score is the worst possible!!!