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Sid Meier's Civilization VI Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 8654
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, 4X
Company / Developer
2K Games / Firaxis Games

Sid Meier's Civilization VI reviews ( 6 )

Framar123, Oct 21, 2016

This game Is honestly beautiful, at first I was a bit worried about how the new cartoonish style would flow in the game. Honestly it grows on you quite quickly and it fits the game well, for a launch i would say this lives up to its predecessors, we already see a lot of features and there is a lot to do in this game without spoiling too much. The game flows great, costume game is fun as always with lots of options and factions to pick from. In conclusion I love it!

gl5net, Oct 28, 2016

Civ 6 introduces new gameplay that keeps the franchise fresh. Districts, builders, a religious victory. It has been fun exploring this new game and learning its nuances. I look forward to new civs being added and the possibility of a diplomatic victory in future dlc and expansions.

GoldenKing95, Feb 13, 2018

I must say, the new improvements are really great. The developers said that they started from scratch, and it does feel like a new civilization. Yet it still uses some of the great mechanics from earlier civilization games, and why wouldn't you. Civilization 5 was a masterpiece after all. So should you buy it? Of course you should, especially if you liked the earlier installments of this franchise. Or even when you are new to this franchise, it will be a good time consumer.

gordonbays, Oct 24, 2016

For all those bored of the past civ (Civilization) games, this version is perfect. Civilization 6 introduces new mechanics, new resources and much more. One of the greatest things that was upgraded is the screen panels. Taking the religion panel as example, now it shows how many followers you got and much more. The foes leaders interaction screen looks gorgeous now and more helpful. I felt the strategy more balanced and harder to create a snowball economy, witch is great. The main screen music is amazing, just like the new UI (user interface). Overall the game keeps its well polished concept, with decent graphics and perfomace. Im surprised that after several hours playing i didn't had any crashes. The dark side of Civ 6 Although its very personal, i didn't like the new cartoon art concept, it makes me feel playing a cheap tablet game. Some new screens are confusing, poluted and the icons don't help the player figure out at a glance whats going on. The new leader interaction screen is very anoying, there is a long talk and the options take ages to fade on. Of course you can bypass this mess hiting ESC key but if you do this on a incorrect timing you close the whole screen. One change that shows the new face of civilizations its the promotion screen. Instead of a simple panel with butons like previous versions we have now a screen that obliterates all your vision and show less promotions than before. More cliks, less resources and all for sake of a better looking UI. Final conclusion The game went to a next level, thats sure, althoug i don,t like the new concept. The new mechanics are decent, and some old ones received great improvements. My biggest concern is about gameplay. There is way too much resources in this game made just for a better looking and tablet users instead of being quick and simple for desktop players. And a lot more clicks needed to do same tasks. The units, techs and strategic resources are reduced to a level that i never saw before. I hope that modding comunity and dlcs bring more content to the game and fix all the anoyances. Untill then im strugling to give it a score of 7 out 10.

TsukasaHiiragi, Nov 15, 2016

Civilization games are properly reviewed after putting hundreds of hours in, not a merely a few dozen that obviously some of the reviewers, and even critic reviews are obviously not played enough to see the glaring issues that Civ 6 has, don't get me wrong here in the fact I do like Civilization 6 its just >right now The problems with Civilization 6 are numerous, from limited options - to bland and highly predictable A.I and unfortunately, the god awful cheating scripts are back on higher difficulties to fake increased difficulty. So, lets start - Barbarians need better options, currently its off or 'rampage mode' since they all have a high spawn rate, they need a more options. Next up is the slow paced gameplay, standard modes pacing is very odd, at times it feels like a Marathon game then quickly speeds up then slows down..the pacing feels all over the place, and because of that - the A.I which tends to follow the date is terms of advancement can suffer too, a classic example of this would be; Player increases research and lets say enters industrial period, the date per turn will usually increase/decrease depending on the date, lets say its 1500AD, the DpT will increase for a while until its more in-line with the era, for some reason that seems to give the A.I huge buffs and they'll rapidly increase in research and power sometimes, heck - I've seen them jump from renaissance period to modern period extremely fast defying all logic, but since I've seen England get Ironclads as early as the 1200AD...honestly it doesn't surprise me since the pacing is definitely way off the mark. A.I is stupid, obvious and stupidly good, the latter is the problem because it will attack with better strategies than the previous games, however the major problems is that alot of the times its rather obvious what its trying to do - such as Sumeria spawning 20 war wagons and then slowly moving them to your civilization to launch a surprise attack...well *I'm* surprised the A.I did that - wow! Another problem is the fact the AI hates human players, to a point there isn't any reason to be nice to them, they'll break every single promise you make with them, they'll attack you relentlessly and the diplomacy is plain weird to a point it just feels broken, don't get me started on how broken the warmonger system is - essentially by late game the world threatre is pretty much everyone hates everyone and denouncing is just rife. Another major problem is the fact that the game feels so slow paced compared to previous games, districts take way to long to build, especially late in game where its not uncommon for it to take 30+ turns for one district, because of the pacing issues, making spawling and large civilizations is nearly impossible to do now. I could go on and on here about all the issues, from nitpicking about special ability balance such as Electronics Factory, or how the game suffers from strange bugs that cause input lag, especially late game so I'll just close with this statement again; Civilization 6 right now, is no way near as good as Civilization 5 at this present time. With patches and some expansion packs it could be great - but Firaxis needs to fix alot of the mechanics and do some balancing.

yrcrazy, Oct 23, 2016

Utterly laughable that the developers saw fit to leave Persia, one of the greatest, widest spanning and most important civilizations in the history of mankind out of the basic game. Whats more is that for obvious reasons of political correctness they then include the Kongolese.