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Signal Ops In Signal Ops, you guide agents from the relative safety of a control room. Complete daring missions to plant evidence, steal secrets, assassinate targets, and perform sabotage. Take advantage of multiple simultaneous first person views to stealthily evade enemies or get the drop on them.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 948
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation / Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation
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Signal Ops reviews ( 2 )

zwedizhfizh, Sep 11, 2014

Sadistic puzzles, ridiculous controls, sluggishness all around. The game is fun at times and the story is definitely interesting, but the difficulty here lies in the generally unpolished feeling of the game. Strategy is worthless because there's really only two ways to play: stealthy or warfaring. Very little is explained and switching screens is a major pain and gives the player a headache very fast. Otherwise, concept is solid and would be so much better with a polished and more complete everything to it.

Mykwon, Dec 20, 2014

Half baked product. Controls are annoying and clunky, advertises full controller support but half of the commands are not mapped/not available (can't even go through tutorial), camera movements made me sick, crashes miserably if you try high resolutions. Sluggishness drains your willingness to accomplish anything and you quickly feel you should invest your time playing something else. I gave a 3 for the concept but the disastrous execution should make this game get a 0.