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Silence of the Sleep Assume the role of a man called Jacob Reeves. A man who has lost his reason to live. He throws himself into a blackness to end his misery, but instead of it being the end he wakes up without a memory of his life before.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 911
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Jesse Makkonen / Jesse Makkonen

Silence of the Sleep reviews ( 6 )

Ddbizkit, Oct 28, 2014

Its amazing how just one person can make a game this good, if you like a good puzzle game mixed with horror and sense of loneliness, this is your game, the music also plays a big part in here, giving that noir style, with an history that will get you hooked till the end.

FallacyEpiphany, Jan 17, 2015

I highly recommend this masterpiece to all horror-psycho-adventure gamers out there. It is just beautiful made with a deep story, horror moments and a fascinating end. I hope the creator will make more of these games!

BlossomingFlowe, Apr 5, 2016

It's a deep adventure into yourself, a dating with your most frightening fears, a torture of your consciousness and conscience. This game forces you into the exploration of the inner world of Jacob Reeves and imagine what is waiting for you in the darkest corners of yourself. What would you do if one day you wake up being dead literally inside of your very own mind? 9 of 10. Excellent experience.

MoshedPluvio, Oct 27, 2014

(I made this review when i only played 10 minutes but i have played full game on another computer so dont pay attention to the hours played.) What makes the game unique is how the game is a combination of a side scroller, horror, and one of the most astounding story lines I have ever experienced and I really feel like I connect with the characters. What I really noticed was not only the obvious silhouettes of all the people you come in contact with or the simple side scroll mechanics but also the very simple features that most people might let slip over their head like it is nothing special for example: No voice acting. No emotions of the characters in the dialogue boxes. Soundtrack. Slow paced menu opening. Slow paced transitions. Cut Scenes. To me, these features are what really struck me even emotionally to further emphasize Jacob's life and adventures. The fact that no voice acting or facial expressions are used are a BIG plus to me because like many of Mark Twain's books, you have the freedom to create and guess what each characters facial expressions and emotions are only based on stance or previous events. The detail and atmosphere of surrounding areas really shows and expresses what jacob is feeling and what his situation is. It makes it seem like Jacob and the walls are talking to me, telling me what I must do and what I need to accomplish to find the truth. The slow paced menu opening and game transitions make overall gameplay really slow and virtually never rushed making the player take their time to explore and gather their own thoughts on the situation and Jacob's situation. Lastly the cut scenes can be quite sudden emphasizing what Jacob has gone through or has experienced in his past life. The only downside is that sometimes the keyboard keys are unresponsive causing my head to be ripped of by a monster. Aside from all of these GREAT qualities, my favorite feature was the story and the way it was presented. The story line is without a doubt....the best story line i have EVER experienced in this genre of game. The fact that the beginning is representing the "beginning of the end" and you are playing through his supposed afterlife with other "ghosts" or apparitions was a GREAT way to fold out the story line and develop it. With a storyline as fluent and complex as it was, I could only IMAGINE how it must of been organized to properly tell and present the story and situations of Jacob. Just figuring out what order the story should go in would have made me have a mental break down. Overall, I think making the storyline not take the chronological order route made it more mysterious and relatable and was the correct choice to make. Before I end my review, (I don't know if he will read it but..) Jesse Makkonen.... GREAT JOB DUDE!! For a one man game i am astounded and i hope to see you continue your passion and your dream and make more indulging games. This might sound weird and creepy but for some reason...i get the feeling that Jacob represents you in some way and you use the game to express yourself but even if you didn't, GREAT JOB MAN! The game was really indulging and emotional for me and i hope to see you express your talent to more people in the future! Cheers!

DanGR, Mar 17, 2016

I finished the gamne only a few days ago and I find it very entertaining. The sounds and music were on the spot and the graphics, although simple, are really good for what the game wants to present. The gameplay is solid but it'll not be loved by everyone. All in all, I say to give it a chance because it is a very good story the creator wanted to tell.

podzorama, Oct 4, 2014

It is because I loved The Cat Lady that I took a punt on this title. Same premise, starts with an attempted suicide, but it is a mistake to compare the two. The Silence of Sleep has two main forms of gameplay: puzzles and "hiding" from Monsters. The puzzles are the most rewarding, challenging but not too obscure that can't be solved with a bit of logic or exploration, the main issue I have with the game is when we enter the "darker" side and have to progress through levels hiding and running from Monsters prowling the hallways. What makes this so frustrating is that although what we have here is a 2D side scrolling game, a 3rd dimension is added, and although this can be a bonus in some situations, means that unless you are facing the correct way makes negotiating around cumbersome and unless you are precisely positioned and orientated can result in many infuriating deaths or missing out on useful items. That having been said, there are some good ideas in here, some nice art and sound direction, and a reasonable enough story to get you playing to the end. If you liked the sympathetic characters, darkly comic story line and bleak surrealism of The Cat Lady you will not find all of that here, but then again why would you want a remake of The cat Lady "'ve always been the caretaker Mr Torrance"