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Silverfall Set in a world of fantasy dominated by the great, opposing powers of technology and nature, Silverfall gamers must choose between these forces in order to conquer all forthcoming quests and save the principal city from falling. Two companions will accompany them on their journey through the fascinating world of Nelwë. Decision-making is key throughout the game, as players’ choices impact both storyline and accumulation of skills. Features a vast, open fantasy universe offering complete freedom, from the flying zeppelin city of Cloudworks to the mage volcano of Brazer. 150+ creatures and bosses. Ability to create your own character from a choice of four races and release your inner beast by transforming into a fearsome, flesh rending were-beast. Capability of building your team of two from a choice of eight companions. Each of them has their own story, background, abilities and can endow you with quests. The way you treat them will alter their loyalties – they can become your friend for life or even a lover. Manage your character's evolution by choosing from 130+ skills and spells. Create precisely the character you want to play and adapt it to your style of play. Two multiplayer modes – the first allows the player to connect to any party, compose their team and play in co-op or PVP (up to eight players); the second sees the player compose a team at the beginning and play through the entire story together. [Atari]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1514
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
Atari , Focus Home Interactive / Monte Cristo Multimedia, Monte Cristo
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Silverfall reviews ( 6 )

DRiVER_helsinki, Dec 27, 2014

cant compare to games of present time. Once you get the tutorial out of the way, get over the few bugs in controlling. if you go to wrong area or come across the wrong mob in this game your dead.but it has great character development and looks great for its age and is extremly fun to play..highly recommended if your an action rpg fan, or just need game with beautiful feeling and story.

JaredA., Mar 26, 2007

This game is did exactly what it was suppose to. Give u a ton of mobs to kill, and a ton of loot to get, all while you improve your character. Nothing innovative about it really but it doesn't matter. There doesn't need to be. The formula the diablo used was good then, and is good now. This is basically a more open world version of diablo, very similar to sacred if you have played that. Great fun, I've been at it for 2 straight days without stopping. There are a few down points. No way to to remap controls makes it kinda hard to get used to, and the first few hours of the game have a steep learning curve. Really its just due to how weak your character is, then a learning curve. The game doesn't really scale back the size of the encounters, and until you have good crowd control or AOE abilities, its rough. But that changes come aroudn lvl 10 or so and it realy gets fun. If your liked diablo, sacred, titan quest, etc, you will LOVE silverfall. Its hack n slash RPG at its best.

Dziver, Mar 5, 2012

Good sides: Basic gameplay mechanics like crafting/enchanting/skills are great, item stats vary and hunting better gear feels fun. If you liked Titan Quest, Diablo, Torchlight or other similiar RPGs you might also like this. Bad sides: Bad voice acting, mediocre dialogue, mediocre story, uninteresting world, multiplayer does not work over internet and lan is buggy, lots of invisible walls, level-scaling takes away the feeling of progress, enemies can only do basic attacks, dumb companion AI and no means to command them(especially annoying if you play ranged - they won't attack enemies that are not within ~3 meters), WAY too high potion drop rate, quest won't give much experience(just about as much as killing 1-2 enemies). world map doesn't show anything except quick travel points and there's no minimap. Don't worry it's not as bad as it sounds, I'm just better at complaining, lol.

WilT., Mar 27, 2007

It seems alright at first, but the worlds see very bladn and empty and repetitive. The skills don't really add any sort of strategy to the game, just spam fireball at them until they die. Graphics are good, but due to lack of color and atmosphere it gets really repetitive very fast. Also the way trees and such objects blocking your path disappear off the screen to allow you to see through them is in theory a good idea, but nothing is more annoying than trying to shoot projectiles and having them hit invisible trees that you don't know are there. Another annoying thing is the lack of some basic controls found in other games in this genre. For example, there is no way to just stop and attack the enemy or shoot arrows or throw magic, you do actually have to click on the enemy, so for enemies that run around it ends up with a lot of clicking resulting in running around when you would rather be attacking. Then once you start to get engaged if you click somewhere not on an enemy to get away you just sit there and keep attacking, makes it hard to hit and run with some of the ranged classes. Mind you probably won't need to run the way enemies are quite weak compared to your magic and NPC party members. With this said, it does do a decent job of keeping you interested for a bit. My last problem is with the tech/nature trees. So some of the quests you follow either give you affinity to tech/nature which allow you to use items of different trees. Essentialy both tech and nature items are the same items with different names and changed pictures (or with slight stat differences). Just not enough in this game to recommend it over other great games in the genre like Titan Quest Immortal Throne.

JimmusM., Mar 22, 2007

I wanted to like this one, considering there have not been any Diablo challengers in a long time besides maybe Titan Quest. PROS: Decent graphics, adequate quest direction, generous variety of weapons, equipment and class options. CONS: Horrible lag even on the lowest settings with constant disk loads, targeting controls are imprecise and cause you to click on something you didn't intend, monsters are all in groups and respawn in the same areas again and again, French to English translation is still somewhat comical. (Anyone remember Darkstone? THAT was a great French-developed game!) Oh, and by the way, what's up with the 9.2 GIGABYTE install-size? It's larger than World of Warcraft and Oblivion. So disappointing, overall. Taking it back to store.

Mr.Moo, Jun 3, 2007

this is the kinda game that you wait a few months (hell even a year) for the price to come down, at least by that time the game will have patches and updates to fix all its down falls and actually be worth the 20$ you pay for it....maybe.