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SiN Episodes: Emergence SiN Episodes features the highly anticipated return of Elexis Sinclaire, the world’s most dangerous and seductive biochemist, and the only man who stands in her way, John R. Blade. The sworn enemies face off in Freeport City, a near-future mixture of San Francisco, Tokyo and New York, all set inside the unrestricted SiN universe. SiN Episodes expands on the role of Colonel John R. Blade, a battle worn hero in charge of HardCorps, an elite strike force with a long history of conflict with SinTEK, a powerful multibillion dollar empire headed up by Elexis Sinclaire, a beautiful, brilliant, and ruthless scientist who is out to remake humanity according to her own twisted vision. Joining Blade on his mission are JC, a HardCorps hacker with a secret to keep, and Jessica Cannon, a fiery rookie who can find her way into any secure facility. SiN Episodes: Emergence features never before seen weapons, characters and environments along with a host of interactive options, paying homage to its predecessors, SiN and its expansion pack, Wages of SiN, which set a new bar for interactivity. [Ritual Entertainment]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4252
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Ritual Entertainment , Electronic Arts / Ritual Entertainment
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SiN Episodes: Emergence reviews ( 5 )

rudinzoto, Sep 28, 2013


JasonG., Jul 4, 2008

I just love this game! It might not be the greatest FPS for those entrenched in the genre but the story and game is allot of fun. High testosterone, high Intensity, pulpy fiction, sci-fi, are all words that can be used to describe what this game is about. If the idea of playing the role of "Blade" a hero tough guy super cop in a cyber punk setting while battling the corporate SinTEK minions of your Evil arch nemesis (who happens to be a voluptuous super sexy babe named "Elexis Sinclaire") sounds like a fun concept then Sin might be just what you need! There are only 4 weapons to collect in game. The good news is that each of the 4 is useful from start to finish. Each weapon is a different distinct tool. The 3 guns have alternate ammo fire and are unique from one another, even though there are only 3 gun ( +grenades) to pick from they do give you allot of possibilities. Even during final level I was still choosing the magnum at times for certain shots. Sin uses a modified "Source engine" and as a result feel allot like HL2. The games atmosphere and setting by contrast might remind you of Deus Ex (only it has much more crisper and intense action scenes but with less detective work and puzzles. I feel it's a shame Ritual was bought out and will not be making an episode 2 in the near future... I do hope however that the new company might pick it up again sometime before people forget the story or at least sell the rights to someone else who is interested in continuing the project because I really can't tell you how much fun I have had playing this short, immature, macho action hero, Sci-fi ,pulp fiction episode.

AmiraliM, Jan 26, 2009

While the first episode isn't that bad, it seems only to serve as a teaser for more to come from the boys at Ritual. Though, I've recently heard that Ritual have sold themselves to mumbo-jumbo since they were probably financially crippled. this is quite a shame since they gave their best performance on this one. I have to admit, before buying this product, I attempted to do a reaserch of my own. I was very disapointed with the story and I still am, since Ritual cannot create a good plot and some acceptable dialogue. I can already predict exactly what would happen at the end, though I am still currrently waiting for Ritual to release their source codes or give permissions to Garry Newman so I can spawn the ragdolls and reinact the ending and voice them over in a humerous way. The art department certainly did a very well job on creating some interesting eye candy, but unfortunantly that is as far as the characters can go because of the flawed plot and bad script. While it is sadly true that this game has less guns that your average c-grade source mod, the lternative fire modes attempt to fill the empty seats. It depends what kind of a gamer you are, weather you would be satisfied by this arsenal or not. The game can be fun as a standalone product, but you may notice its shortcomings when you compare it with other games of the same genre or even the original Sin. The characters failed to impress me, though at least they were good looking and well designed. Though, Ritual took the story too seriously and changed the comic book like tone of the original sin into a more serious one. For example, John R. Blade (yeah, he sure doesn't sound like a porn star) has only three or four highly insignificant lines of dialogue and most of the time he is mute. HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO SYMPATHISE/EMPATHISE WITH THIS GUY? If his only reactions are from his co-workers, then how can I know what HE is thinkinng? Or lets look at Jessica Cannon (no, I'm serious. Stop laughing. These guys are seriously not porn stars). She seem to have no goal of her own and she is overly dedicated not to the corps, but to John. Why, is she not human? Heven't the guys at Ritual ever gotten laid?...Actually, the answer for that is obvious. The villians also quite unconvincing. They are more like middle aged fashion models. Sorry guys, you have failed to scare me. The future for these episodes are very bleak, but if a miracle does occur and if Ritual get suddenly rich from blowing their socks, I hope they improve on their concept and find a good writer. [To Ritual] As for the humor guys, please don't include those memes of the old. Lurk moar around the Internet or jus try Encyclopedia Dramatica. I'm sure you can gather more material for more jokes on future episodes.

Quartoggiaro, Jul 1, 2007

Sin is back, anyway this is not its best appearence. The game has some problems like the original (it's very slow on my P4), the story is not great (Radek and the new girl are useless chars) and it can be completed in five hours.... Bad bad bad! It must be saved from the oblivion of the bad games because it includes the original Sin which is a bit hard to find and still fun.

MattK., May 14, 2006

Okay, i know the zero is a _little_ bit harsh, but come on!!! I have played numerous games (litterally more than a hundred, alot more) and i have GOT to say that this is the worst. That is why i gave this game a zero... It is literally the worst game i have EVER ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever played... Please don't buy it and encourage the people at Ritual Games [TM] ( but seriously Ritual Games.... ALL of your games suck.... i'm sorry, but they do. Your best game deserves maybe a four.... try making some quality games that people won't buy simply because they are on a sweet engine {congrats to valve for creating Source [TM]}