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Sins of a Solar Empire Sins of a Solar Empire represents the birth of the RT4X genre, seamlessly blending spectacular tactical combat with grand-scale space strategy. Players must conquer worlds, engage in diplomacy and trade with other civilizations, and use the resources at their disposal to enhance their economy, develop new technology and increase military power. They must then test their mettle on a 3D tactical battlefield, where their ships will fight it out in stunning visual glory. [Stardock]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2723
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General
Players 10 Online
Company / Developer
Stardock / Ironclad Games

Sins of a Solar Empire reviews ( 6 )

superecnate, Feb 6, 2012

How is it possible not to like this game?! Well, maybe multiplayer junkies. Epic space battles, uber campaings (sure they are technicly skirmish games, just get over it!). Who doesn't like an uber battles between multi-hundred ship super-fleets?! This game lives up to its discription. EPIC!!!

JonathanW., Feb 7, 2008

A little bit of a learning curve is involved, but once you get past that you'll be rewarded with an excellent RTS/turn-based 4X hybrid. The scaling system like that used in 'Supreme Commander' is well suited here, and makes a potentially cumbersome game work great! Definitely worth the time and money.

JohnN., Sep 27, 2008

This game is the perfect mix between Galactic Civ and Homeworld. Its slower pacing (compared to recent RTS games) and more thoughtful gameplay make for a renewed, fresh experience. It is also surprisingly scalable and will work on almost any machine, even slow laptops which struggle with playing Solitaire. The depth of this epic creation will most likely keep you and your friends awake deep into the night... And if that wasn't enough, Stardock and Ironclad are supporting this game like I've never seen before! Oh and, this game is just about DRM free, which is a real treat. Makes for a change in this "security"-ridden modern world.

AugustZ., Feb 8, 2008

Outstanding. Stardock proves again that they have their finger on the pulse of strategy gamers. Combining the best elements of Galactic Civs 2 and RTS, they have crafted a unique, immensely enjoyable game that fans of either will be able to lose themselves in for hours.

MatthewW, Mar 3, 2008

A absolutly charming title. I can't remember a game in recent history that makes me look up at the clock and wonder where the last 8 hrs have gone. The game blends the RTS and 4X genres beautifully. It's both accesible and dumbed down enough to make the RTS elements extremely fun and just challenging enough (namely no ship design or really intense planet micromanagement that defines a lot of 4X titles) and with multiple difficulty settings this is a game anyone can get into, RIZAK who commented below is just daft obviously, any gamer who can't pick up this game and have a blast should go play halo.

Elc1247, Aug 24, 2011

fun game to play every once in a while, but the thing that really kills it, is the fact that there is no story mode or single player campaign at all. this is especially important since the game has an opening sequence that seems to hint at an epic story, and then you get to the main menu and find out that theres absolutely nothing...