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Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Life between myths. Lead your clan into legend or obscurity. Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is a storybook strategy game, immersing you in a land of old gods and magic.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 48
Genre Strategy, General
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Kitfox Games / A Sharp
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Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind reviews ( 3 )

Cerberus_tm, Oct 20, 2019

Six Ages is a great game. It is basically a streamlined version of King of Dragon Pass with various new systems and all new stories and events. You have to manage your clan, make sure people are fed and happy, please the gods, explore lands close and distant, negotiate with other clans, practice magic, fight, etc. etc. I have heard people compare it to the Banner Saga, which I have not played yet, but I think the gameplay is fairly different. In Six Ages, you do all of the actions above by picking options in the various screens and events, not by e.g. positioning armies or walking around places. There are many, many events, which are beautifully painted scenes with text, where you have to make interesting choices that will effect the management of your clan and the world. There is really no other game quite like it; the genre is unique.

decourcy, Oct 18, 2019

This game is using a refined form of the same basic systems as King of Dragon Pass, but in a new time and place and with a new story. While the story is a bit shorter than KoDP, it is better in my opinion. You will start out thinking, hmm, where is this going and then, bam, things happen. To avoid spoilers. I have no technical issues and this release is more professional than the re-release of KoDP onto Steam. For those who have not played KoDP you are essentially the guiding hand behind a clan of horse hereders, you make their decisions, war, grazing, magic, your gods, threats from all sides. There is a great deal of story but there are battle events you play through and management of your lands and herds. The artwork is, as usual for A sharp, fantastic.

Ayreos, Dec 16, 2019

More of King of Dragon Pass(would have been more successful calling it a prequel, since it's basically the same exact game), but: Less interesting mechanics (no defeating clans and taking their lands, no management of traders.) More completely unnecessary mechanics that ruin the game straight out (spirits take exploration time and regular game time for mostly outrageously useless rewards and the families mechanic doesn't allow to make the circle you want or play with the bonuses that fit your playstyle.) Far less imaginative stories and events unless focusing heavily on exploration (Oh look, an **** leader wants to get killed for the 5th time, nothing as interesting as the ducks.) Combat requires some reading about since the game's tutorials barely cover it, causing many i've talked to to experience random outcomes and frustration. Less inspired writing in general (For instance: Weaponthanes -> Swords, Tula -> Village/Clan. Way to trash the low-hanging fruits of charm and style!) Game can be lost pretty easily by not pursuing a seemingly normal event in a specific direction, clearly by design. In conclusion: we need more imaginative games like this that have a solid and well-thought setting, but sadly it doesn't live up to the game it so obviously copies a decade later... even at best it's just more of the same. Very disappointed. If they release sequels (which are planned) without some real innovations or narrative oomph they will see their sales fall. Very disappointed the original wasn't brought to new heights.