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SkyDrift Admire the amazingly detailed dynamic terrains and incredible vistas, from a desert canyon to a tropical island to arctic glaciers based on the most spectacular and exotic locations all over the planet. The breathtaking landscape includes monumental rocks, volcanic lava flows, scenic rivers and ice fields that provide a memorable experience in incredible graphics rarely seen in digital-only titles.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1561
Genre Driving, Racing, Arcade, Automobile
Company / Developer
Digital Reality / Digital Reality
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SkyDrift reviews ( 7 )

gyachup, Jul 4, 2014

This is a beautiful game graphically, and the gameplay is a very refreshing change from all the cart racers that flood the market. The steering is very precise, and allows for a new dimension to the game that makes the game quite fun. The gameplay is intense, and every mistake you make is because of your own inability, not the game. When you get good at it, the game is fun, intense and beautiful. The tracks are varied and good, and the DLC adds very fun, new stuff to the game. Highly recommended.

Nerdsinc, Nov 22, 2012

Skydrift is one of those classic games that are just plain addictive. Combining elements of arcade flight simulators and racing games like "Hydro Thunder" and "Rush", Skydrift is just one of those games that you play to just have fun. From the powerups to the insanely fun "Dog-fight-racing", Skydrift is a must-buy for people who enjoyed cheesy but fun racing games like "Mario Cart" or "Hydro Thunder". One minor complaint if the lack of diversity in powerups, but aside from the lack of insanely outrageous powerups, this game is awesomely awesome.

DOSfan, Nov 23, 2011

wow, bought this randomly and it amazed me. a mix of mario kart style powerups, and hydro thunder / jet moto racing. a LOT of fun, really intense races. my only complaint so far is that not enough people own the game yet, there's no forum for it on steam to spread the word. it has deathmatch, racing, this game is so full of potential, already a DLC pack on the way. let's hope the company promotes it.two thumbs up if you love flight / racing

Captain_Chaos, Jun 22, 2016

12/31/2011: SkyDrift reminds me strongly of racing games of yore. It rings of everything from Slipstream 5000 to the air combat segments of Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier. It delivers tight controls, fast action, beautiful environments and some of the coolest planes I've seen since Crimson Skies. A physics-light combat racing game with plenty of speed, stunts and destruction, SkyDrift would have been right at home on the old home consoles. It should come as no surprise then that I often hear it compared to Plane Crazy, a Playstation game. I've not played it, but if SkyDrift is anything like it, then its of an air racing pedigree and faithful to its roots. A worthy purchase.

Tubey, Oct 28, 2013

Much better than I expected. This is an aerial racer that you can pick up and play but is hard to master. The keyboard controls are OK, but it'd clearly respond better to a control pad as the edge turns and the requirement for quick changes in momentum are a challenge for even the most experienced PC gamer. Visually, it's very good. It's not going for a photo-realistic flight racer look; instead, it's gone for bright colours and jarring environments. What stops the score being higher is that it's not exactly jam-packed with content. Don't go in expecting to be playing this title for 20-30 hours, but you will come back to it time and time again for the odd 30 minute burst of solid racing action. Currently priced at £6.99 on Steam, I'd say that's close to being on the money for what you get here. A good, solid addition to any gamers racing library.

Darkin20, Apr 5, 2014

Initially it feels a lot like diddy kong racing but there is no pacing for the power ups so at times it can turn into a cluster mess. Also, there does not seem to be much online multiplayer going on right now.

iddd, Nov 24, 2011

May be this is good game for console but for PC this is **** Disgusting sound, graphic, without any story. Just finished this game and deleted.One more moment! You will need a Xbox 360 Controller, play on the keyboard sick.