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Skyshine's Bedlam Skyshine's BEDLAM is a strategic rogue-like turn-based RPG. You are the Mechanic, in charge of commanding your crew in battles, managing your resources, improving your Dozer, interacting with various characters, and protecting your passengers while navigating through the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1407
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General
Company / Developer
Skyshine Games / Skyshine Games

Skyshine's Bedlam reviews ( 7 )

Tiqueu, Sep 23, 2015

While not unique in any way, Bedlam’s art is just scrumptious, its story-line is addictive and game mechanics are infuriatingly fun. Skyshine’s Bedlam is like XCOM meets FTL meets Fallout meets Mad Max. You and your immense APC, simply dubbed Dozer, have to traverse the desert riddled with Mutant, Cyborg, Marauders and Rogue A.I. cities. If your foes won’t be your end, then the lack of crude, meat and power cells will surely make a dent in your quest. Your goal is to reach Aztec City where, rumors have it, a sanctuary can be found – a new hope for life. It's clearly a rogue-like game that takes inspiration from Oregon Trail, XCOM and FTL with a little bit of Mad Max and Fallout sprinkled on top. I don't get why everyone is bashing the combat system - it's supposed to be this hard. You have to think to win a fight. There are so many dumbed down games nowadays that don't require any strategy whatsoever. Unfortunately, shallow titles have cemented themselves as the gaming industry's standard. It has to be incredible easy to play, filled with tutorials so everyone can jump on it and of course, have a safety net just in case you don't quite get the mechanics - aka a ton of checkpoints and the possibility to Save Game. Well, this is not the case with Skyshine's Bedlam. It stands tall with its middle finger pointed at the status quo. Combat is fun and enjoyable - if you spend time to actually learn it. The story unravels as you play. If you just go straight to Aztec City you'll be missing out on the fantastic lore made by John Mueller and his team. Sure, it can feel lackluster if you don't pay any attention to details, if you don't immerse yourself into Bedlam's universe. But who's fault is that? Try it out on Steam, it's totally worth it.

OutlawJapple, Dec 26, 2015

I've been following this game since Kickstarter. I have to say while it was rough around the edges upon release, the devs have been listening and have made major updates to this game. So all the review below are actually invalid as they pertain to version 1.5 and under. You have to try version 2.5 - they added a new tactics mode for combat!! All my other issues, like wonky boring events are also being addressed.

Mikimax, Sep 20, 2015

Interesting rogue like/indie/fallout/banner saga game with nice graphics, art style, music, characters and concept. Bad sides: I was expecting to be able to fight with Dozer, upgrade it even more. Fights are ok, but not deep enough. They should have used the XCOM style turn based fights. 2 moves are just not enough. Game needs more depth, mainly unit battles and Dozer battles.

ComandanteCobra, Jan 20, 2016

Not so good I'm afraid. Visual style, theme and game concept are really very good, I compliment the character design....but gameplay is not. Combat is very light from a tactical point of view, very few option to choose from during turns, no option in character development (equipment, role, ability ...nothing is changeable), convoy management also very sadly get boring very quickly. It's more like an Android game than a pc one. I would suggest seeing gameplay video before purchase

Sjalka, Oct 15, 2015

Hmm - when i first heard of the game (watched some alpha preview on youtube) - i was kind of hyped based on the art and design. Now that the game is out - my enthusiasm is significantly lowered. It looks very good. Although i am not exactly a fan of low resolution pixels - the design is still great. However ... the meat of the game, decisions, random encounters - and most of all ... combat - is not .. well... very good. Especially the combat mechanics ... suck. I would like to use another word to describe it - but this word pretty much fits it. Just too often ... avoiding the death of a character simply is impossible. - there is no way to really protect team members - ... and before the latest patch ... even the starting locations were so random that more often than not - enemies were placed right next to my ranged fighters. The patch indeed improved a lot of things - but for some reason ... its just not as enjoyable as similar titles (like FTL) The combat is the core of the game - and it is neither tactical, nor enjoyable. And that is a shame for a game that offers such a great art style. (kind of fits in the theory that many great looking games lack gameplay designers, while many well designed games are ugly as sin and need art designers - but somehow those two rarely get together to make something that looks good - and also plays good) in its current state ... it is merely average at best - and there are many better alternatives out there.

blade01, Oct 11, 2015

Wow what an overhyped game.I saw some payed promos on YT and was a bit hyped.After some hours into the nothing but disappointment remains.Lets look into the details: Visuals:Yes the game got a unique look.Or maybe not unique but you dont see this style not that often.Its a futuristic/cyberpunk-artstyle.Looks ok.But for the most part the game looks not that great.Especially in the fights it looks kinda bad.I played a lot of the classic PS2 strategic-RPGs like Stellar Deus.They looked more unique and they hold up to this day.When i compare Bedlam to these games i think the devs did an ok job but is this enough? Sound:Wow, really nothing shines here.The weaponsounds suck.They are generic and dont have any impact.Is there a theme, a backround music?I dont think so.I demand more when a game sucks when it comes to visuals.You can do so much things with the sound to make the player forget that everything else suckz.But here?Nothing! Gameplay:Ok, visuals suck, sound suck, what about the core mechanics?In 2015/2016 i demand more compared to the old PS2 strategic titles of this genre.Even on PC the genre evolved quite a bit.You have games like Jagged Alliance on the throne of the genre and here comes a game that looks not great with a bad sound assets and......a shallow gameplay.That describes the gameplay pretty accurate, its shallow.You cant equip weapons, different armor or do research.You start out with **** soldiers, cant equip anything.You cant adapt your own play because of the very limited supply of fighters.The healing takes FOREVER and everyone dies far too quickly.And here comes the cavalry, the fanboys, i know you guys.You say "but it is meant to be a hard game".Yes, a hard game, not a stupid one.The enemy will rush you cause hey, hey have nothing to lose.They die, no one cares while your healing takes weeks and you will encounter enemys every 1-3 days.The enemy will often dont use cover, instead the braindead AI will rush you, often instakill 1 guy per fight.Sometimes you awayteam will start the map seperated.Think about that.You start your mission and 1 or 2 guys stand in the other corner of the map and between your 2 groups are enemys.This is unfair, youll lose guys in this situation because the devs made it so so you have a feeling of "wow this is hard".Nope, not hard, unfair.A big disapointment are the encounters.You can choose what to do but wow, youll get no infos about what is going on.It will say "you found X, what will you do" and you can choose options.That is so random and its not appealing to me, im sorry. Conclusion:From a technical point this game is ok at best.THe gameplay is shallow and unfair.No customization and soldiers that die in a second and you are not interested in them.Wow, what a boring game, i had fun for 5 minutes.The only upside:No bugs.A game that bores me so quickly deserves a 4.You can compare this game to FTL.That was much more fun with more customization.Buy that, not Bedlam or how i call it:Badlame.

Mrki93, Sep 27, 2015

People keep saying it has something to do with Fallout. Ha!! Apart from post apocalyptic theme it has nothing in common with it.I hated Banner Saga, but this is worse. Saga at least had nice drawings and nicely told story with distinct characters, this has nothing of the sort. Graphically obsolete, mechanically shallow (combat is just WTF?!), tutorial is non existent (or it's buried somewhere hard to find), interface is counter intuitive... the list goes on. I have to give my thanks to CODEX for saving me money on this piece of **** game. Uninstalled it 15 minutes after installing it, so minimal time lost. P.S. Please stop making ****ty games.