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Slay the Spire We fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Slay the Spire!
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 65
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Card Battle
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Mega Crit Games / Mega Crit Games
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Slay the Spire reviews ( 7 )

TurboK, Jan 23, 2019

I've never liked rouge-like games, but I can't put down slay the spire. Fantastic game play combined with clever card design, makes it a perfect pick up and play game, but also hard to put away!

rxgamer, Jan 27, 2019

Normally hate turn-based and all card games in general. However, I loved how this game starts simple as you build your deck. Keeps it from getting overwhelming, where similar games fail. Sometimes game brutally unfair though where it's not possible to win.

ElSven, May 27, 2019

Best rogue likecardgame ever!!! You will play it over and over again and never get enough. Highly replay value because every time you start, its an complete different run. My favorite game 2019!!!

Spurdoo, Jun 28, 2020

Лучший кки-рогалик 19 года. За день провёл в ней больше, чем думе и прочих ААААААА проектах за последние пол года.

Ydun79, Aug 14, 2019

What an amazing game. It seems very basic and simple but is anything but. You are always kept on your toes and there are many ways to victory. Great game for those who like card - and strategy games.

MrSpoof, Apr 27, 2019

This is an excellent game, an elegant mash-up of deckbuilding and rogue-like mechanics. There is plenty of strategy to be found, but because of its dungeon-crawling format its easy to just dive right in. My only complaint and the only reason I didn't give this a 10/10 is that there isn't enough content yet. There are three floors to crawl through but it feels like there should be more. It's also a pity this is only out on PC at the moment, I think it would be an excellent candidate for mobile. Regardless the gameplay is excellent and I highly recommend this if you like either card games or rouge-likes!

Ughduty, Aug 10, 2019

Its all fake! Everything in this game is predetermined! I can prove it to you. At the start of a battle remember your cards. Force quit the game and reload it. The next draw will always be the same which could never occur if the cards were drawn randomly. So unfortunately its all fake! I expect a card game to be random. By that I mean that cards should be drawn randomly. Not in this game, you either get cards drawn preselected by the developers or their random card drawer is extremely bad implemented. I had a deck of 50 cards and one of the cards I had five times in the deck. Next draw I get 4 of those 5 cards onto my hand! Do you know how low the odds are for that to happen?! And this did not happen only once, it happens all the time. After this the game became unplayable for me.