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Snake Pass Slither, coil and climb your way to the top of Haven Tor in this one of a kind physics based, puzzle platform adventure from award winning independent studio Sumo Digital!
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1437
Genre Action Adventure, Puzzle, Action, General
Company / Developer
Sumo Digital / Sumo Digital
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Snake Pass reviews ( 7 )

krayzkrok, Apr 10, 2017

I think Snake Pass is my favourite game of 2017 so far. I knew it would be fun, but I didn't realise how much it would grab me. The main appeal is mastering the movement of your character, a happy snake that moves and behaves - physically - like a snake. It's not just a novelty, it's core to the why the game works. Climbing a bamboo frame, hanging over a precipitous drop to collect that coin is hair-raising stuff, especially as you have to safely make your way back to land again before it really counts (there's a checkpointing system). It's compelling! It does take a while to master the snake's more challenging movement, no doubt, but once you do the entire game opens up and feels hugely satisfying in a way that traditional platformers do not. With 16 levels of increasing size and difficulty, plus lots of non-essential collectibles to grab, the game will keep you going for many hours. Oh, and the music by David Wise is worth the asking price alone.

KittyFiend, Apr 4, 2017

The movement is challenging but rewarding once you get the hang of it. It is really what makes the game. The collectibles are fun and a good portion of them are hard to reach or hidden. Each "world" adds a new element to the game which was enough to keep it fresh. Feels good to be a snake once you master the controls. The graphics are bright and pleasing to look, music is also really nice. I love feel good games like this!

Tales19, Apr 4, 2017

This game has just about every good thing you would want in a 3d-platformer: Engaging puzzles, plenty of well-hidden and entirely optional collectables, difficulty that isn't OVERLY punishing, graphics that look amazing, a unique idea, and most importantly: Your a snek.

meizcom, Apr 29, 2017

Addicting. If you want something simple to play or to waste a few hours, look no further. Perfect for the price if you care to perfect the game. I can understand how some say it's not worth it if you don't care to collect everything but if you don't then this was never the game for you in the first place. I can't say I've played a game quite like this before and it's welcomed whole heartedly. A challenge but one which you enjoy every second of.

SuperkenGaming, Mar 28, 2017

Snake Pass Testing your patience Ever think what it would be like to be a snake? Turns out it’s pretty frustrating. Snake Pass is a puzzle platformer snake simulator… You play as noodle accompanied by a bird companion Your only task is to collect the 3 gems spread across the different levels… only problem is it’s a level of posts.. and you gotta get your snake on to climb them… This game doesn’t seem to challenging at first… It isn’t until the 2nd world out of 4 that your realize this games gonna have you throwing things… There are 15 levels total that will all take a variety of different times depending on luck and how quickly you adapt to being a snake… I ultimately never did adapt… Your main mechanics are move forward... go side to side for speed, lift your head up to climb, and grip.. that’s it… The rest Is up to you and physics… The game took me a little less than 4 and a half hours to get through… Each of the worlds are themed after the different elements… earth, which is the intro… here you’ll just be climbing posts.. collecting the blue orbs and gold coins around… Water, which I felts was the hardest of the elements… will introduce the ability to swim under water, this is also where switches are introduced… you’ll be over the collectibles by then because of how frustrating climbing the poles that are now moving becomes with hazards such as spikes underneath… and the punishment of going over the same obstacles when you fall… Fire which is where you have to deal with lava.. A decently quick chapter… And finally air... youre dealing with the wind blowing, ultra frustrating, and this is when your bird friend comes in handy flying you across the different sections… An after you complete all of the levels for a section you unlock a time trial mode for the levels… I personally have no interest in the time trial mode, but the actual campaign is a great challenge that tested my patience for sure… Ultimately I did feel like most deaths were my fault… The camera doesn’t follow you automatically though… So most is the keyword here.. The camera is an issue at times when you can’t see where you snake is pointed thankfully there’s a decent amount of checkpoints around to make it less painful… and you’ll need them. I give Snake Pass a 7.5/10

TitaniumDragon, Feb 12, 2018

Snake Pass is a highly unique 3D platforming game. You play as Noodle the Snake, and the twist of this game is that you need to move like a snake – slithering around, wrapping yourself around stuff to climb, and, most importantly, completely lacking the ability to jump. Assisting you is Doodle the Hummingbird, whose contribution is primarily lifting your tail on command. This is a very unique game – the lack of ability to jump and the ability to slither around obstacles is very interesting, but it is also something which comes with a bit of a learning curve. Rather than the left joystick controlling your direction of movement, instead it controls the direction your head is turning, with a shoulder button used to push yourself forward. This is unintuitive at first, but is necessary for overcoming the various challenges in the game. You have the ability to lift your head (gravity will lower it on its own, though there is a dedicated dive button for the obligatory water sections), grip more tightly to what you’re clinging to (slowing your movement speed and helping you slither more tightly around the many thin poles strewing the levels), and the ability to have your hummingbird companion lift your tail when it is dangling off inconveniently into space. Being a snake, rather than moving in a straight line on the ground (or in the water), you instead move at the highest rate of speed by slithering your head back and forth. Despite the novel control scheme, the game itself is pretty straightforward – it starts out simple in terms of obstacles, but then adds increasingly more complex and dangerous obstacles along the way, ranging from switches and moving platforms to blowing wind and ever more difficult to slither around platforming sections. There are no living enemies in any of the levels; it is only the environment, and the many bottomless pits, pits of coal, and spikes that can “kill” you. However, death is only a minor setback, putting you back at the last checkpoint, which you can manually run over to re-activate – a handy thing, considering that collectibles grabbed since the last checkpoint go away, to prevent kamikaze runs on collectibles – you have to collect that coin hanging way out in empty air and *survive* to keep it. The primary objective in each level is to collect three colored crystals, which unlock the gate, each of which is located in some prominent but hard-to-reach location, with a convenient colored skybeam indicating what direction you’re supposed to go in. There are also secondary collectibles in each level, in the form of 20 blue orbs (mostly in pretty obvious locations) and 5 much more hidden coins (which are sometimes hard to see, and other times simply very hard to get to safely). Navigating the levels is the lowest level of challenge, with collecting all the collectibles the thing that will really tax your skills. It isn’t a terribly long game – 15 levels in all, with the whole game taking perhaps six hours to beat, or twice that to 100% the game. The core gameplay isn’t hugely difficult at first, but it ramps up over time, with the final level being much, much harder than the first. However, because you are learning the control scheme early on, the early parts will seem harder than they actually are, while the later levels, despite their added difficulty, won’t feel too bad. The biggest hump in the game is mastering the control scheme – once you understand how to control Noodle, the game becomes much less frustrating, and is much more of a set up for some fairly unique 3D platforming. Aesthetically, this game reminds me very heavily of the N64 era – while the graphics are much higher fidelity, the characters are cute animals and the levels have music reminiscent of that era. While the background music was passable, it wasn’t anything particularly memorable, and I’d say that about the aesthetics in general – it feels like many other games Rare made, even though it wasn’t made by Rare. The game’s levels are split up by a level select screen rather than a hubworld, which gives the game a slightly barebones feel – something reinforced by the very bare bones story, which is essentially nonexistent and anticlimactic. But let’s face it – your real goal in this game is to collect the shinies, not to care about the plot. This is not a game for everyone. But it is a game for people who are interested in 3D platformers, but who would like to see something very different out of one of them. This is a very unique game, and the control scheme is likely unlike anything you’ve ever played before. As such, I’d say this is worth playing if you’re into 3D platformer games, but it isn’t really something that people who aren’t already into that genre are likely to appreciate.

mirg, Apr 1, 2017

The game seemed interesting at first but after sometime playing the game, I found the flaws and prevalent issues with the game. Yet, that's not the reason why I given it the rating which I did. The reason why I've given it such a low rating is simply due to the fact that. Well, I just found the game boring, it's a simple as that. Now as for those who compare this to Banjo and Kazooie. I see where there going but it's just not the same experience nor is it as entertaining as that masterpiece. It's fine if you like it but I just can't find the entertainment in the game. It was just boring to me.