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Snapshot Snapshot is the tale of a lone robot lost in an abandoned world. Armed with only his trusty camera, Pic sets forth on his great adventure. A camera might not seem like enough for a puzzle platforming adventure, but this camera is different from most: It has the ability to capture and remove from the world the very objects that it photographs. Not only that, but it can also use its powers to paste the photos it took back into the environment! Everything that the camera captures is perfectly preserved, and when the photos are restored the objects are restored with it. On top of all of that, this amazing camera can also rotate the photos before they're pasted. Take a picture of an incoming fireball, rotate it and paste it to send it flying into a wall of heavy boxes to knock it out of the way. See what kind of crazy things can happen to Pic with his awesome (and probably magical) camera during the adventure of his life!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1380
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Retro Affect / Retro Affect

Snapshot reviews ( 3 )

Benoit529, Jan 2, 2013

A remarkably well-created, imaginative and unique game - it combines the arcade feel of an early platformer with artistic elements and smooth physics engines. The snapshot system that provides the crux for the puzzles could have gone disastrously wrong, but superb execution made sure this wasn't the case. What I especially like is how all the puzzles have a friendly nature and first-appearance easiness in difficulty to appeal to casual gamers, while those seeking a challenge can aim to complete time trials and find the hidden items of each level. All in all, it's worth every penny - it'll have you hooked and beaming at its own ingenuity.

MrHinchey, Sep 4, 2012

Snapshot, from developers at Retro Affect, really impressed me. I have spent over 11 hours on the game and still feel like I have not seen anywhere near all this game has to offer. The visuals are crisp, and fill the screen with a nice 2-D colorful environment. At a $9.99 price tag ($8.99 if you purchase it on steam this week!) its really hard to go wrong here. The music is phenomenal (beware of how catchy and addictive the main theme song is). The sound is also great. The game, like many puzzle-based games, continues to challenge the gamer. Snapshot really, really does this well. Starting off feels very easy, but just you wait. It demands open-minded thinking from the gamer and it really wants you to use every resource at your disposal to beat the more advanced levels. Simply put, Snapshot is a great game. One that deserves both your time and money. Hearing that this game offers 20+ hours of gameplay makes it all the better. Go get this game. You will not regret it!

RainFall, Dec 21, 2012

Edited REview: This game is amazing, intuitive, and entertaining. I'd give it a higher score, but there are a few annoying flaws.. When you taking pictures and want to flip through them, it's not very intuitive. When you want to take pictures of the landscape, it's more trial and error than precision. Additionally, when you walk close to ledges, the game seems to want to throw you off at times for unknown reasons. This is only the beginning. There's all sorts of glitches where you have to restart the level if you do 1 thing wrong and you if you jump towards the top of the screen, it actually knocks you down in a dumb way that i thought Mario taught us not to design games in that way. This game, if tweaked, could have easily gotten a 9 or a 10, but i think an 6 is a reasonable score, as it stands.