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Sniper Elite III Sniper Elite 3 continues the story of elite OSS sniper Karl Fairburne during World War II. The title takes players to the unforgiving yet exotic terrain of WWII’s North Africa conflict in a battle against a deadly new foe.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4231
Genre Shooter, Historic, Action, Third-Person, Tactical
Company / Developer
Rebellion / Rebellion

Sniper Elite III reviews ( 7 )

SlaveOfSelf, Dec 11, 2014

When i first saw title i thought, "gad! another crapy shooter for kids." As i played it, I stood corrected and surprised. Play it on authentic that disables most of hud and no saving through whole mission, no regeneration, only bandages and meds. It gets real then, and u rly pay attention to what u do. And those xray kills are always a eye candy for me :) Easier difficulties are a joke for kids. Overexcesive hud, enemy tags and simplified balistics kills this game.

Indeep, Feb 8, 2015

No se por qué le ponen tan mala nota. Se merece mas de lo que han puntuado por aquí ya que el juego es por lo menos divertido y no se hace pesado. Los Graficos no son nada del otro jueves pero cumple.

Jodle, Dec 1, 2015

fun game even better than V2 and more opend i like it :) ., ........................... . .

ericchrishoover, Apr 17, 2015

The game's pretty interesting with how the developer's tried to refine bullet physics, which I don't think any other game series has done before. However, the game's entire appeal is a sense of realism. And all that goes out the **** window when the enemies aren't hindered by getting shot anywhere there isn't a vital organ. I swear to god, I shot somebody in their foot, and when they gave up looking for me, he was walking around like all the other AI. It would make the game so much better if when you were using your rifle, all the AI would either die or become incapacitated in one shot. You might say that's unfair, or too easy, but I also think the player should die in one to two shots.

orctown-troll, Jun 28, 2014

After an enjoyable romp through Sniper Elite V2 we now have Sniper Elite 3. A good game. An improved product. levels are bigger and more interesting. Game play is less linear and gives the player far more sense of control. It's visually beautiful. Shooting compute based enemies in the nuts never gets old. Despite that I have to shave some score points of as a protest at the pricing of the day 1 DLC. $10 to get Hitler. $10 to open up a couple of different characters. Pretty rich for day 1. The game has a great engine. It makes sense then to wait a while and offer expansion-sized DLC, with new maps that EXPAND the core game. Instead Rebellion went down the path of cutting out core content to be resold with the rort of being a 'pre-order bonus'. It's a putrid idea and it is pretty silly to be doing that right in the middle of the Steam summer sale. Orctowngrot

ionutantonesei, Jul 20, 2014

Firstly,this game is not about sniper is about knife and silencer pistol.It's about stealth-ing and spying.Even objectives are not indicated for a sniper.To destroy tanks or to steal intelligence.Secondly,the maps are not make for sniping and it's very costly to snipe.For every bullet you will be penalized with a lot of troops on your zone.All the guns are a waste of time you need to fire on some zone of the head.Graphic this game is almost same like V2 but with more illuminated effects.At all if you don't like splinter cell or hitman don't try this game becose will be a ache in your head and a waste of time and money.

BarryHussein, Jul 8, 2014

Garbage, bug filled, lack of content crap . The Day 1 DLC is absolutely disgusting considering how little content is there for the asking price. Bugs! Bugs! and more Bugs! The game is a bug filled mess! Only the truly stupid would ever support this developer after this release. It spits in the pc gamers face and shows just how little respect this company has for it's customers.