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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Go behind enemy lines with the ultimate modern military shooter. Choose your missions across an unforgiven open world. Stay low and leave no traces in this third game of the tactical shooter franchise. Set in a modern day conflict based in Eastern Europe, players in Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will be thrust into the role of a sniper caught between three warring factions, played out in a realistic and immersive environment. Dig deep into the Ghost Warrior DNA as you choose between taking out your targets up close or from a distance, while at the same time focusing on your survival through evasion and stealth. Non-linear, sandbox-style gameplay on large open-ended maps gives players the flexibility to play and replay the missions in a number of different ways. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will offer intriguing challenges for tactically-minded gamers, while still remaining accessible to first-person shooter fans.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2627
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical, Modern
Company / Developer
City Interactive / City Interactive
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 reviews ( 7 )

karollan87, Apr 25, 2017

I have played SGW3 for 6 houres. I havan't noticed bugs and and lags. There is a lot of fun with play. Snier mode is more advanced then Snaiper Elite 4. Wepens are more realistic then Sniper Recon. CI Games could work on sound and music. There could be more game mode like multi or more maps but summary game is very good. I have no idea why game have a lot of negative revious. I feel strong 8/10 is good score.

Thomasfrill, May 1, 2017

Thos game is awesome! City cleraly evolved and trying hard! The gameplay is fun, and sniping feels real! There are a few performance issues, but nothing serious. I highly recomend this game if you are into far cry or sniper elite!

klieberung, May 6, 2017

I dont understand low press critical response to this game. Porbably CI have not much money to buy journalists. dont leave that negative opinions stop you to try this one, expecially if you like sniping, infiltration game ecc. there is a lot of stuff here that will make you happy. Not all gold yes, there are some issues but are not so dramatic as someone say. Best CI title ever for me.

SuperkenGaming, Apr 26, 2017

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 A great game held back by performance Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a first person shooter that takes place in Georgia, the country You play as American Marine Captain Jon North attempting to prevent another cold war??� The story sounds pretty generic, but things do start getting interested, and I did care for these character despite how generic they actually are.. one of them is basically elana fisher with longer hair and an accent.. Despite the game being called sniper, this isn??�t a sniper simulator??� The words ghost and warrior hint at options??� and that??�s exactly what you get here This is an open world game with a base that you use to buy new weapons you unclock from completing missions or picking up off of enemies, as well as buy ammo and gear and choose your next mission??� But this open world isn??�t vast, it isn??�t connected??� it just exists??� it??�s a world to put missions into and nothing else.. You have a buggy to drive around, but there are no other vehicles on the road and the ones off road are all locked??� There are points of interest around the map though if you are into the ubisoft style clean up??� Or you can stick to the 11 hour campaign The campaign is fun to get through, and challenging??� Its satisfying scoping out the place with your drone, sniping out enemies from a distance and then going in for the objective, or being a ghost, sneaking in, taking enemues out silently while you try not to alert anyone or be caught on camera.. and then theres the warrior option of just going in guns blazing??� There are mandatory do not get detection sections of the game, but for the most part.. youre free to tackle a mission any way youd like.. You can even mix your play style up like I did??� This means youre going to be unlocking perks in all 3 skill trees for sniper ghost and warrior, but if you prefer one play style then that means of course youll be more decked out for that style with the skill tree.. Missions are what youd expect??� Get a point on the map to go to and complete the objective.. nothing more.. And despite the missions structure being the same throughout, the missions all felt unique thanks to the great level design this game has??� The game felt fresh throughout??� However the performance of this game brings all of the great parts down??� For starts the load times??� Theyre painful??� Some missions take place on different sections of the map.. and to get to these sectiosn you have to deal with the games initial load screen.. Which is 4 minutes long, I wish I was kidding, but the load time for this game is longer than this review??� Its painful??� The game also froze trying to load in 2 times??�. And the game would freeze and crash mid shot probably 3 or 4 times??�. its just not reliable??� and its only made worse by again the 4 minute load time to get back into the game and the fact that checkpoints in missions are so awful??� Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is enjoyable, The calculating, the scouting, the turning the dials of your scope to adjust to a targets distance.. All of this makes the campaign so satisfying to get through??� But the freezes, the crashes, the load times??� Theyre going to annoy??� so be prepared??� I Give Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 a 7.0/10

KittyWhisky, Jun 24, 2017

Polish shooter is a long separate genre. GHOST WARRIOR 3 is clearly aiming at the new Far Cry. And games are really remotely similar, but GHOST WARRIOR 3 is not Far Cry, it's not even Wildland. I got more pleasure from Wildland. But these games are different budgets. City Interactive tried, but the game is not optimized out and boring. We used to interesting worlds Ubisoft, GHOST WARRIOR 3, the world is completely empty and not interesting. You don't want to learn it, and just ride from job to job. Georgia they came out beautiful, but it's too grey landscapes that you depressing. In the same Far Cry 4 was much petee ride and admire the scenery. Here everything is gray and dull. In this game we can quietly kill enemies with a sniper rifle or loudly barge in and kill all of the machine. Sniper gameplay I like, we need to calculate the distance to the target, but if hit in the head, pluchery slowmo when the bullet in slow motion pierces the skull of an enemy. Ballistics in the game are normal. Here, the weapons felt. The plot of the game is. Developers sometimes even try to present a drama or reveal the relationship of the protagonist and his girlfriend. But the game has no really interesting characters, and silently kill enemies from a sniper rifle or noisy machine can be in the same Far Cry. GHOST WARRIOR 3 loses creature Ubisof in all respects, and I just don't see the point to play GHOST WARRIOR 3, if you have Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. Even if you played these games, that GHOST WARRIOR 3 will be a poor substitute - you will quickly get bored. If you want to buy up to the 75% discount, it is not longer necessary. In addition to ballistics and sniper rifles I liked the animation. When the hero karapetsas, realistic touches, klogd edit in the car includes the ignition key and so on. The game has such nice things, but it's boring and not optimized.

lhmtgame, May 9, 2017

SGW3 is not good compare to other Open World games. Environment Graphics and Characters Graphics Design look terrible (worse than Crysis 1 graphics). Sound and Music are disappointed because they use something like "Russian song" for the game. Maps get glitch when pointing Mouse Cursor to any icon on it. I don't like the way they set AntiAliasing as the default and there is no way to turn it off. That's cause laggy and choppy. Loading time is too long while Game graphics is terrible. I played SGW2, it's bad. And SGW3 even worse.

viseniv, May 14, 2017

this game crashes everywhere. I one primary mission i can't pass the **** tunnel beacuse the game always crash. This is after the 2 hours So i can't refund it on Steam. My score is 0 beacuse i can't play