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Sokobond Sokobond sets players in oddly shaped rooms, where they must move a single atom, designated by a dashed outline, to form a molecule. Elements have been strategically placed throughout the area, and every atom must be bonded to the player’s own to successfully solve the puzzle.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1184
Genre Miscellaneous, Puzzle, Action
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Alan Hazelden & Harry Lee / Alan Hazelden & Harry Lee

Sokobond reviews ( 4 )

InsertNumbers, Nov 14, 2013

It's about time Metacritic listed this game! If you haven't seen Northernlion's "Let's Look At" for this game (it demonstrates the game much better than I could explain it), Sokobond is a puzzle game where the goal is to form a chemical compound with the elements (hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen) on the level. Each element is capable of forming a different number of bonds. You play as an atom of one of the elements, and if you move next to another element, the two elements will bond together if both have any remaining bonds. Once elements are bonded together, they start moving as one object. The difficulty comes from that if you form your molecule improperly, you may not be able to navigate around the level properly in order to form bonds with the atoms. Fortunately, each level has unlimited undos and can be reset easily, so a small mistake will not cause frustration. Upon completion, each level provides an interesting fact about the molecule you just formed. The level map plays an important role in progression in this game. Once a level is completed, the levels adjacent to the level you completed are unlocked. The game is divided into sections, and many of them introduce new mechanics. There is no order in which you must complete the levels; if you are stuck on one section, you can always attempt levels in a different section. There is an option to unlock all levels from the start, but I don't recommend using it unless you have been absolutely stumped on all of the available levels for hours. The game constantly mixes things up by providing new mechanics that add depth and complexity to the puzzles. Some levels have spaces that allow you to split bonds. Some levels have spaces that allow you to form double and triple bonds. Some levels have spaces that allow parts of your molecule to turn around corners. All of these mechanics are used in interesting ways. So far I have been talking on and on about how the game works and not about what I actually think of the game. So, what do I think of the game? I think this game is absolutely brilliant. The puzzles are quite difficult, but that makes them all the more satisfying when you solve them. There is also a huge variety in the puzzles; each puzzle is solved in a completely different way from the others. If I had to think of a complaint, it would be the lack of a level editor, but 144 puzzles is already quite a lot given the quality of the puzzles, and I don't think anybody could create puzzles as high quality as the ones created by the developers. All in all, a must-buy for any puzzle game fan.

mrnice, Sep 11, 2014

The design is so elegant and minimalistic you'd think every level was similar. But even 80 puzzles into the game, I still have to get new ideas at every other puzzle. It's possible to go trial-and-error on the game, but eureka moments are often required, which is for me the mark of puzzle excellence. Blend the best puzzle games and you might end up with a mess... it takes gourmet puzzle making to cook something like Sokobond. ;-)

Oain, Sep 7, 2014

A fun and challenging puzzle game similar to a sliding puzzle except a lot more advanced. It has an interesting, non-linear, layout which unlocks several levels after completing one so if you get stuck on one puzzle it's not game over.

aditya1101, Oct 5, 2017

Pretty cool and innovative puzzle game - I've put waaaaay too much time into this game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------