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SOL: Exodus By the year 2500, Earth had become toxic and unsafe for human life. Pollution and overpopulation had ravaged the planet, forcing humanity to the stars. Colonies and settlements soon sprung up across the solar system, but man had not left its thirst for war behind. Then, they learned their sun was dying, and everything changed. Only when faced with threat greater than each other did the nations of man finally come together. The United Colonies of SOL (UCS) was born, its first and only mission: to locate a new home for mankind, safely beyond the doomed borders of our solar system.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 59 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1568
Genre Action, Simulation, General, Space, Combat
Company / Developer
Seamless Entertainment, Inc. / Seamless Entertainment, Inc.

SOL: Exodus reviews ( 7 )

Orionsbelt, Jul 19, 2012

Has great support from the indie developers. They brought in joystick support which I applaud and they brought in a **** They plan to bring in more as they keep on patching. For the developers first game, I am impressed.

SpaceGodzilla, Aug 14, 2012

I am a huge fan of Decent Free-space and I am also now a huge fan of Sol Exodus. Very good content, although it was short the missions had great variety. I got this in a bundle and it was entirely worth the 5 dollars i paid. More like a 20 dollar value i would say. Very fun game-play, awesome space story, totally awesome space combat. I gave this 10/10 because the average score is too low on this great story driven action space sim. Had some issues with sound effects, but otherwise flawless performance for a small time indie developer! Need more Free-space style games!!!

Unkemptwolf, Feb 2, 2012

Absolutely loving it. While it doesn't necessarily evoke the feeling of any particular predecessor (such as my beloved Freespace 12), it has its own feel in the best possible way. The action is fast and frenetic, the ship is easy to control and most importantly the game is FUN. I've played with both the mouse and keyboard and with a joystick (my preference). I found both control schemes easy to use, and fun to play. My only complaint would be that the radar can be hard to understand sometimes. The developers seem to be listening and responding to community complaints though, and I believe they are planning on releasing a patch to address that. All in all, this game is a blast, especially for $10. If you're like me and have been longing for a space shooter, you'd be crazy not to check this out!

RexxRacerX, Jan 26, 2012

Not having much fun with this as of yet. For a game that was made by an indie developer wanting to stress the "fun", I have to say that it's not what I was looking or hoping for. Playing the game doesn't feel like a spiritual successor to any of the previous titles in the genre that I loved... XWing, Tie Fighter, Wing Commander, Freelancer, Star Lancer, et al. It feels more like a spiritual successor to descent in the controls and I haven't quite put my finger on why it's not "fun" yet.I think it's two fold, and have been said on forums on steam already... missions that you fail, albeit only a few, and having to restart without a checkpoint option is one... the text box interface for communication, and lack of a **** or third person view is another.The thing I do have to say positively is kudos to Seamless, you 6 guys trying to resurrect a dead genre, I applaud you for the effort. You made a great looking product, and controls are simplistic enough to not scare away those that do not want to get into a full fledged simulation.I'll write more up later as I get a chance to play more, and I'm hoping I have a Eureka moment that will either immerse me or "click" as to why I'm not feeling the fun factor.

Darkin20, Nov 17, 2013

I really wanted to like this game more but the controls for both the controller and keyboard/mouse are very hard to use. I remapped them half a dozen times to try and fix it but it just would not play nice. Graphics are ok. Plot is simple. RPG elements are next to non existent with one simple upgrade system of only three items. They might have more options later but I played a few levels and that seemed to be it. There does seem to be a bit of depth to this game but since it doesn't explain how half of the systems work, you don't know what you are doing half of the time until it is too late.

Jadetiger, Oct 18, 2013

It is nice to see a modern space sim. It has been a long time, and there is a nostalgia factor here for great games like freelancer or dark star one. The combat is decent enough. The biggest downside is that the game only takes you through a series of scripted missions, with no freedom or open world to explore. I'd say the game may be worth the low price a few minutes of fun, but will not replace some of the older, more complex freeform space sims of the past.

SoulSurgeon, Feb 5, 2012

Played for 10 minutes. YAWN. Not fun at all....feel of spaceships was bad....felt like homemade. I wanted to watch Band of Brothers but all I got was a high school level film.