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Soldiers of Anarchy It's 2013. 10 years ago, a fanatical cult caused a near apocalypse on the Earth. To survive, you and a group of military veterans went underground. Now, you emerge to a world enslaved by the cult. You must free humanity from its new oppressors. Controlling a fully customizable squad of up to 12 soldiers, you work your way through a scarred landscape. Starting with only a pistol, your squad must locate and recapture the weapons of modern warcraft and do battle. But be careful because all weapons and vehicles can also be commandeered by the enemy, even in mid-battle-and used against you, too.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 988
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Simon & Schuster / Silver Style

Soldiers of Anarchy reviews ( 3 )

DetoxRAF, Apr 7, 2003

I love the game but admit it's for hard-core folks only... People who can use one hand to control the camera and the other to control the whole squad... (like me :-P )

JohnI., Aug 25, 2006

Another game where the patch would raise percentages by at least 10-20%, so this game is worthy of a 9.0 to me now, with the patch vastly improving pathfinding and much more importanly allowing commands to be given during pause. This makes the game much more enjoyable. Also, with PC's having caught up in the last couple of years, everybody should be able to play this, like me, at 1280x1024 with full detail! It's really is, even today(2006), one of the nicest looking RTS's out there! It is a hardcore tactical game though A mix between Fallout, Commando's and a 2D Operation Flashpoint! :) So read the reviews, discount the negative comments that have been fixed by the patch and remeber, User Reviews are where it's at with older games that have been patched. Game magazine/web reviews are always going to be based on 1.0 versions and are not going to be re-written when a patch solves all the problems! So write user reviews! You'll be doing all gamers a service!

iseeall, Dec 14, 2015

A nice RTS game where you control a squad of soldiers in real-time. Your soldiers can drive vehicles (tanks, trucks, hummers, artillery) and helicopters. The levels are huge and take hours to solve, especially because the difficulty is pretty high and you may find yourself re-loading at every small pack of enemies. Soldiers die easily, and in all levels you face enemies with superior weapons or vehicles. For example, you'll have to fight 2 tanks while you have just 2 hummers and so on. In earlier levels you may need to learn the patrol routes of enemy vehicles and place land mines on their way. Starting from mission 4 or 5, you get to control mostly vehicles, and here the terrible pathfinding makes the game unplayable. The developers did publish a patch to fix pathfinding though, but I guess most players were so annoyed already that hardly anyone even saw the end of the game. There is a mission editor included where you can appreciate the sheer amount of content this game offers. The patch also introduced the so much needed ability to give orders in pause. It's a pity that the bugs and one missing feature at release didn't let the community appreciate this game as much as it deserved.