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Someday You'll Return Someday You'll Return is a story-driven psychological horror game about a desperate search for a missing daughter deep in the woods where you swore you'd never return, brought to you by the creative duo behind J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 98
Genre Adventure, General
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
CBE software / CBE software
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Someday You'll Return reviews ( 5 )

DreadStorm, May 16, 2020

Это вот то как надо делать хоррор-бродилки!!! Здесь есть всё что давненько не было сотнях подобных! Диалоги, звуки, музыка на высоте! (Ну кроме криков бабских) Графоний - четкий почти без изъянов - природа, подземелья, бункер. Визуальная составляющая убеждает. Единственные минусы это: Много мелочей для разгадок которые валяются где-то в лесу с неудобной навигацией! Но в остальном игра любителям бродилок типа "vanishing of ethan carter" - зайдет! 8-10

savvym, May8, 2020

Someday You'll Return is story adventure in first person, realistic forests with unnatural and horror features, puzzles and other activities. Story 5/5 Gameplay 4/5 Replay value 4/5 Graphics 4/5 Music and sounds 4.5/5 Hardware requirements? Mid and High Gaming. How difficult? Normal. Hard. How many hours? 15-25. Similar games to SYR? Gameplay: What Becomes of Edith Finch, Gone Home, Return of the Obra Dinn, J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars, Metro 2033 Grafically: Bioshock: Infinite Verdict 9/10 Name of game “Someday You'll Return” comes from what Daniel said once, never to return here. Why - we find that out close to the end and slowly get to know why and what place Stela ran off to and why our character is such a nerve-strain. It is maybe quite usual story, relationship between father and daughter? World is opening up in parts while previous ones are closing up. There are parts where is stealth, running, climbing, swimming. Puzzles are solved with help of found notes. Reality intersects with supernatural. When we end up in danger, we are defenseless to some extent. Crafting of more complicated items is made by blueprint and every item which can be dismantled and combined is labelled with icon. Game linearity makes progression easier but takes away possibility of acquiring all not found collectibles that are plenty in this game. Outside of main storyline, we can read about history of places which we visit, and that will clear up even what we experienced. Exceptional atmosphere is underlined by great music together with newly introduced locations. Beautiful nature is not the only thing that history of forest is hiding. Game is not without its issues, the prominent one and maybe negligible is fluctuation of video smoothness. Environment is stunning at maxed out details but we will prefer quick video responsiveness in many moments. That is why it is good to expect lagging. Story is extensive and it is possible we will not know what and where to, but all we need to know is hidden somewhere, or it just needs to be understood. I was delighted that psychological horror can fulfil my curious questions at the end and pass my expectations.

tdl, Jun 26, 2020

See the variation in critic reviews when there's no incentives? This game was very well made and had lots of interesting mechanics introduced to you throughout the game. The map is huge and very beautiful and the way in which it is presented is very clear. This game was made by 2 people by the way and this is the result. A underrated game in my opinion as I rarely finish games to their completion unless the story is one i still want to progress and this one I finished to the end! Hard to fault this but if i had to criticize something i would say the phone becomes pretty useless a quarter way through the game and after that is only good for receiving calls to progress the storyline. Also i have no idea what the power saving feature on the phone does as it never went off. Well worth a buy if you are into games like Ethan Carter, Dear Esther, Everybodys Gone to the Rapture type experiences interspersed with tense moments of stealth.

SuperkenGaming, May6, 2020

Someday You’ll Return Too much of a good thing. Someday you’ll Return is a 15 hour long psychologocial horror game where you play as Daniel who goes to the forest.. a very specific forest.. to search for his daughter.. as a horror game, of course things start going crazy and your phone starts acting up.. right off the bat, someday youll return is visually impressive… the world building is some of the best ive seen in games.. there is so muh attention to detail in this hand crafted forest, from the tees to the rocks, everything feels as though it was hand placed and serves a purpose rather than random or filler.. and this is the thing I appreciate most of someday youll return… the first half of the game is great, infact its one of my favorite experiences of the year… exploring, solving light adventure puzzels such as repairing a ladder, going on a hunt for a doll with a hand drawn map.. these moments are what bring the world of someday youll return to life, it makes the game feel alive.. like a real place.. really immersing you… and then… the second half of the game happens… really only 5 hours of this 15 hour game is great.. these are the moments youre exploring the forest, climbing mountians, crafting potions to interact with different things in the environment… but the game starts to fall apart the moment you get to camp.. youre smacked with a puzzl that can only be solved if you find a certain object what feels like forever away, and even after being told what I was looking for by the dev team I oculdnt find it.. so there will actually be patches for certain puzzels to give a bit better hints… though moments like this only happen maybe 3 or 4 times… Someday youll return’s biggest problem is its obnoxiously long… This is a horror game, no one wants to play a horror game longer than 6 hours let alone 15… especially not one that doesn’t do anything new beyond hour 6… someday youll return after such a strong start throughs you into maze after maze, where its feeling your way around in the dark, finding items and combinging them until you’ve pulled enough levers to move on… its so repetitive and feels padded out, recycle,d and completely unnecessary to tell this games story or deliver the experience it sets out to deliver, with its super natural items and characters… half of this game could’ve easily been cut out and not a single soul would miss it or feel cheated when the credits rolled… every chapter felt like surely this is the end.. this has to be the end.. only for the game to drag this out even longer.. heres another maze that looks exactly like the one you did 2 hours ago except now were going to make you play with the annoying over used rock climbing macanic around every corner until you hate it… a mechanic that I actually really likd and felt added to the immersion during the first 6 or so hours… someday youll return started out as one of my favorite games of the year, but it just doesn’t stop hitting you with things until you don’t like it anymore… that being said, I cant overlook all of the goodthat it does, the attention to detail withing the first half of the game, its attempt to tell a chilling storey and create memorable characters… someday youll return has such great and even amazing aspects to it, it’s a shame that such a great game is watered down by the menotony of horror game tropes, sure I ran into annoying bugs that forced me to reload later saves but if I had to chose fixing bugs or trimming the fat that is the constant mazes this game throws at you, ill gladly take the great bug filled experience … That being said the first 6 hours of Someday Youll Return alone makes it worth picking up, even if that’s where your journey ends.. I give Somedya Youll Return a 7.5/10

Vojs745, May 11, 2020

First 5hours is awesome and very enjoyable gameplay.Then game just starts repeating annoying sequences, and want you to find a path in very bad and ugly level design. Also story starts as interesting mystery you should solve, but at end its all thrawn away and game ends.