Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Crack/Patch

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Sonic and the All-Stars cast battle for supremacy across land, water and air in transforming vehicles that change from cars to boats to planes mid-race.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2611
Genre Driving, Racing, Arcade, Kart, Other
Company / Developer
Sega / Sumo Digital

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed reviews ( 7 )

Amiganoid, Feb 8, 2013

First off, i want to thank Sega for bringing this brilliant and extremely fun game to Pc I was looking forward to this game for a long time, as for i really enjoyed the first one, and (fluid) race and kart games in general. I first played the demo for Ps3, but the frame rate ruined it for me. I always wanted to buy the Pc game on release, but the Pc version was delayed, and at my local game shop they told me it was cancelled. I still had hopes the Pc version would still be released, and to back that feeling up, i bought the Ps3 version, knowing i wasn't going to like it, but the main reason was, to back Sega up on this one. I installed the Ps3 version played it once, and put it on my shelf. But then there was February the first, I bought the game through steam, at a little discount, but still felt i was ripping Sega of, because i truly love this game Its awesome (I do have to say i owned the Master System through to the 32X, so you know, there's a little bit of nostalgic reasons here) I like every aspect of the game, it runs incredibly smooth on my system, the frame rate is buttery smooth, (I just had to use this saying once) the graphics sharp and crisp, (turn blur off) the sound great, music really fitting and uplifting. Games like this make me truly happy, and thankful for the fact i can still play games like this. I really laugh and smile allot when playing this game, but once i putt down my controller, my grumpy face sacks back, and my depressions kick back in again :D Times are hard... I Really would like to say to the Pc community, please buy this game If you like race and or kart games, it's brilliant I know there's allot of pirating in the Pc community, i did it allot my self, and probably will do it again, if they lock the next generation up as they are planning. This generation though, i bought EVERYTHING for my Wii, Ps3, and Pc, if you want to try it, download it, but please buy it if you like it Games like this should be supported, and i know this game will probably sell like S**t, but it DOES NOT deserve that. It's absolutely great on Pc The only thing i dislike about Pc gaming since i went back to it in 2011, after, well... about 13 years, are the damn cheaters. I don't care about offline cheating, i actually like to see what people can do, and how they can alter the game, but please don't cheat online. I well... i think i can say, pretty much suck online, but i don't cheat, i do seem to be pretty good at racing games online though, i think about average, butt i hate it when i suck online, and then lose a lot by cheaters, i don't care if i lose a lot against people who play fair, so please keep the Pc version clean online, so it can be great for everyone. Well... All and all this game rocks, it's recommended to play this game on your tv, with a controller tough, if you have the possibility to do so. I have a 120hz full hd syncmaster, but play the game on my 720p tv at 60fps, on my attic. Gonna play some more now. Game on And once more, Thanks Sega You gave me fond child hood memories. O yeah... one more thing, it's the name of the game... It's probably about marketing technical reasons, that they called the first one: Sonic and Sega All Stars racing, and the next one, Sonic and All stars racing transformed, i know the Sonic name sells, but why not call it Sega All Stars Racing 1 and 2, and just put Sonic on the cover for marketing technical reasons. Just saying... Well now i'm really gonna play some more Peace out

Sonic931, Apr 8, 2015

Here's my proper review Game: Racing with Sega characters through tracks from franchises! How good is this game? Very good for DLC like Yogscast and more, I thought this is a kids game! I don't understand why Team Fortress is in this game but this is a kids game not a teens game! Is it me or Sonic said Dangit? When you crash with Sonic it sounds like hes saying Dangit Overall: 10/10 Even my plushies like it!

Gamer147, Jul 5, 2013

OH GOD, this game is seriously perfection! It's SO MUCH FUN I can't even begin to describe the thrill of getting 2nd place, (haven't gotten 1st yet, it's harder than it looks!) Featuring stuff that I haven't seen anywhere before (Flight and boat modes! Allstar mode) This game is seriously one of the funnest games I played in the past two years, it doesn't try to be something it's not, no crappy plot nobody reads and no stuff that just doesn't belng, THIS GAME IS A RACING GAME with some great new ideas, FANTASTIC MAPS, GRAPHICS AND DESIGN, they just put it all together with the music and I'm just short of orgasming on the screen. Seriously, GO BUY IT NOW, YOU'LL HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE :D

GimmickMusik, Aug 28, 2013

I want to start by saying that I haven't enjoyed playing a racing game like this in a long time. Yes, Mario Kart is fun, but you don't feel like you are going fast. This game is by far worth every penny that it costs. The graphics are great for the game. What I mean for this is that nothing looks out of place in the game. I have played many games where some graphics look outstanding, but then you have those low quality textures and meshes for all of the objects that are in the background. It subtracts from the game in a major way in my opinion. The audio design for this game is deserving of an "A" grade as well. There aren't any sounds that don't seem to belong in the game, there is no clipping, or sound clips drowning out others. Now that I have covered the typical graphics and audio aspects lets move on to game play. The game play controls are so simple that you could pick up the game and just play. This is a great thing seeing as some games just have to many things to do. As for the other aspects of game play I felt this game really delivered. Whether you are flying a plane or driving a car or boat the game holds it's fun and entertainment. Now for content. The game has 21 different tracks, which in my opinion is awesome, but it still doesn't compare to Nintendo releasing around 20 new tracks, and twenty old ones in every Mario Kart Game. This means that in every Mario Kart game there are roughly 40 tracks. I also felt that the amount of variation between characters was not optimized, as well as the console mods. The mods could have had much more of an effect in the game. I understand that things must remain balanced, but some of the mods don't really make the character play the way you would think they should. I also felt like there was a lack of characters. Not in the sense of quantity, but in the sense of variety. Obviously Sega wants to include Sonic & Friends, but I felt that Sega shouldn't have had three characters from one game series, and left it at that. Sega has released many other games besides Sonic the Hedgehog, Jet Set Radio, and Space Channel 5. In fact I would have loved to see them bring back more characters from games that came out around the same time that Golden Axe and Shinobi did such as: Phantasy Star, Kid Chameleon, Shinning Force, Vectorman, and maybe even Comix Zone. All of these would have made awesome additions to the game. All-in-all though the game is still superb. I know I may have made it seem like the characters and where a huge deal to me, but they aren't enough to sway me below a 9 out of 10. This game is till truly fantastic.

SuperKurzacz, Oct 6, 2013

Great Game! i like all of the controls the levels and EVEN the music! i give this game a 9 out of 10 because it is definitely better that the other one but a lot harder you should check this out SonicRacing fans!!

Keychain, Nov 1, 2013

A pretty solid racing game. It's a lot more like Diddy Kong Racing than it is Mario Kart. It's really fun and tense, with extremely huge and colorful race tracks. From Sonic, to House of the Dead, to Burning Rangers, a lot of the levels are just extremely creative and fun to drive through. There are tons of mini-game missions as well, including versus mode and all those fun things.

sinadoom, Dec 8, 2013

Absolute trash. The controls are horrible and binding don't work properly sometimes. Graphics are PATHETICLY BAD. Soundtrack? I'd rather kill myself than listen to that drivel. Then there's the actual driving: I like all types of racing games from Blur, Gran Turismo and everything in between. But this is just not acceptable. There is literally NO DEPTH to it AT ALL! The drift mechanic is completely broken, since you accelerate AND brake at the same time and it will automatically drive for you! The only credit I can give this game is for the number of modes there are and custom games. Everything else about this game is totally terrible. If you have never played a racing game, have an IQ of 55 and are below the age of 6, you might enjoy this. Otherwise, avoid at all costs.