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Sonic Forces Join an epic high-speed fight to save a world decimated by Dr. Eggman and a mysterious villain in the newest game from the team that made Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. Experience fast-paced action as Modern Sonic, catapult past perilous platforms as Classic Sonic, and use powerful new gadgets as your very own Custom Hero Character. In Eggman's greatest victory to-date, the evil doctor has conquered much of the world with a mysterious new power. A resistance comprised of Sonic's friends is formed to fi ght back, and in the midst of the chaos and destruction, an unlikely hero will rise up to help Modern and Classic Sonic take back their world. Even these three heroes may have their work cut out for them, as Dr. Eggman has a new ally of his own...

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 58 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2274
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Sega / Sonic Team

Sonic Forces reviews ( 7 )

Arranmc182, Jan 28, 2018

I loved this game was glued to it, yes its not a good as generations but it still a fantastic game and I find most the people who don't like it tend to have an issue with all 3D sonic games

riddick, Feb 8, 2018

Dear Sonic Forces developers. Dont listen this primitive PC haters who got a negative score to you amazing Game. Its my first review on Metacritic and i was so impressed by SF that try to wrote this wolds to cheer you up! SONIC FORCES, for me, its first game after Sonic Adventure 2 that has that old 16 bit spirit of Sonic games on Mega Drive.

MaNameIzJeff, Nov 7, 2017

this game is awesome and follows the boost formula perfectly from unleashed and generations and colors if you really enjoy playing the previous boost games i recommend you to play this one as well dont care about the biased ratings it doesn't make any sense that they gave colors and generations such good ratings while forces is getting more hate than positive ratings forces is a mix of an improved sonic colors and generations

HatiK2, Nov 7, 2017

Played only the main story so far and gotta say that this game actually turned out better than expected for me. I recommend you ignoring most bad reviews as they have bad reasoning and i know some of them have not even played the game. The story is good. I enjoyed it. Not as childish as previous. The finally kinda disappointed me a bit though. Graphics look very nice especially shadows. I think this game is on the same level as unleashed. Music is as expected awesome. I'm glad that they brought back vocals which have been missing since sonic colors (remakes don't count). Some of the best one's are Fist bump, Infinite's theme, light of hope, Lost valley, Zavok theme, classic green hill zone, casino forest, eggman boss battle and etc. And finally the gameplay and level design. Lets start of with level design which is mostly 2d and linear. But the 2d sections are one of the best in the series (excluding classic games) and there are some stages that have a very very good branching level design like Null space and mortar canyon and heck they are also fully 3d. The controls are preety bad specially in some 3d sections but i got used to it. The game is also pretty hard. I died a lot of times though i completed games like generations with ease. Thats a good thing in my book cause playing a fair hard game is more fun than playing a easy game. So yeah the game is pretty good i would say. Not as good as generations but better than Lost World.

LucasKidd, Nov 8, 2017

After fullly playing this game it was a train wreck and the gameplay felt strict with movemonet. Overall the game is good and has a nice story. Buy at your own risk. Pros : Good Story Good soundtrack (Sonic stages) Beautiful graphics Nice level designs Cons : Controls feel so strict with movement Trying to turn is like trying to turn while boosting So much button delay (not because of lag) A broken game when released Avatar stages DO NOT fit for 2d sections the controls feel so strict while trying to move in air Recycled stages and stages that could have been left in mania Classic sonic has no use to be in the game Avatar soundtracks are nothing but Dupstep , Nightcore music (not that bad but the vocals need to go) theres NO DRIFTING IN THIS GAME which makes the gameplay feel even more stiff even for curves Homing attack system has been nerfed and delays A LOT This game was made for the whiny oc fans Cutscenes are bugged and you can only watch them at 20fps No idle animation (which fans somehow complain about this) Going through the red hoops or any hoops makes sonic/avatar keep spinning while in air Boost is still uncontrollable especially for curving Boring boss fights Hard difficulty feels too easy The physics with modern 2D stages are broken and really bad platforming Stages are way too short Overall still a fun game but just needs a big patch to get rid of these bugs and improve the gameplay.

ccateni, Nov 8, 2017

I've been a sonic fan since I played the Sonic Games on the GameCube, Sonic Unleashed and a lot of the games after it was some well done 3d sonic games and are some of the game are in my top 10 favorite games of all time. So when I heard that Sonic Forces was going to be a game like sonic unleashed, a dark story, a new engine, a boost to win title on next-gen consoles, and a fresh coat a paint for the series, I couldn't wait for it! Unfortunately, this game didn't live up to the previous games released along with sonic mania. Heres my review! Plot: No spoilers for obvious reasons, but to sum things up. Sonic is defeated and apparently "tortured" for 6 months, in that time frame, Eggman takes over 99% of the world, which causes sonic's friends along with your custom character (called Avatar or Rookie) to create a resistance (star wars much?) to stop Eggman and defeat his new creation, Infinite. They later meet back up with tails and classic sonic, coming back from Sonic Mania to complete its story or something? Though this story is interesting, its execution is horrible, and the later parts of the story suck due to the villains being dumb as rocks and a force message about teamwork or something. Not a good way to do a "dark" story, oh and sonic wasn't tortured if he is still happy and go lucky. 3/10 Gameplay: It's split up into three sections, Modern Sonic, Avatar, and Classic Sonic. Modern Sonic is the same boost to win formula as the previous games since sonic unleashed. It's well done, and nice to see again, but I wish it were more of a different take on speedy 3d platforming. The avatar gameplay is decent, you get to make your character and uses his wisp power to get through the level somewhat like the Modern Sonic stages. They're alright, not much, but nice to play. Then we get Classic Sonic... Sigh. Boy, was Classic Sonic wasted. Its just CS from Generations again, and the stages are kinda dull, and it controls awful. They should have removed him and had more stages with the Avatar and Modern Sonic. Speaking of Modern Sonic and Avatar, they have some stages where you play as both trying to get to the end of the level, using double boost at least once during the stage, they're better, but nothing special again. It seems like Sonic Team played it safe with this game, and it backfired severely in they're faces. They should have done a new gameplay style like Sonic Lost World or Mario Oddsey, the boost to win formula should have been retired before this game because it's not 100% fun anymore like Generations or Unleashed. It was still fun, but not as fun as I would have liked. 5/10 Audio: The soundtrack is one of the best in the Sonic series, it's more cinematic, but its also filled with more sonic like music like fist bump and infinite's themes. More songs would be nice though, but still high quality. 9/10 Bosses: Disappointing as well, the mini-bosses are way too easy, and the FInal Boss is also a joke. Take one look at the final boss (if you completed the game) and tell me it's not like the one from Colors and Lost World! 3/10 Summary: Sonic Forces is a huge disappointment for me. The boost to win gameplay is fun, and so is the avatar and double gameplay. The soundtrack is fantastic and is one of the best sonic soundtracks along with sonic mania. However, the story, while it has a good idea, it's not well executed and a huge disappointment, it's not even that dark! Not to mention the Classic Sonic gameplay is pointless and can be removed from the game, and nothing would change. I wish this could have been the game to bring 3d sonic to the next gen, but instead, it has me wishing for more, and for someone else to give this series some justice just like Sonic Mania did. Sega, if you're listening to this, please let someone else make a sonic game, enough of the hedgehog engine, enough of Denuvo DRM and crashes, please have it open world or whatever with no DRM, and something that's not 2d again and helps gives the franchise some new life. Also, P.S. DON'T RUSH IT! 5/10 = 2.5 Stars

borsh1k, Jan 24, 2018

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