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Sonic Generations Set across three defining eras from 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog video game history, the instantly recognisable environments of Sonic Generations have been re-built in stunning HD and are now playable in both classic side scrolling 2D from 1991, as well as modern 3D style found in Sonic's most recent adventures. Each incarnation of Sonic in Sonic Generations comes complete with his trademark special move, Spin Dash and Spin Attack for Classic Sonic, and Homing Attack and Sonic Boost for Modern Sonic. An innovative new interactive menu system allows for complete immersion in Sonic's universe with favourite characters and hidden treasures gradually being revealed throughout the game.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4240
Genre Action, Platformer, 3D
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Sega / Sega
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Sonic Generations reviews ( 7 )

Bodor, Nov 3, 2011

Seriously, best sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2 for me. I've played Sonic games my whole life, and after their new direction with the secret rings, and shadow the hedgehog's own game, I sadly had to stop wasting money on sonic teams garbage. But I'm happy to say this game rocks! And this version on steam is so much cheaper. Currently you can purchase this game for $30, which is quite a bargain for so much fun. I'd also like to chime in that the modern sonic portions are strangely more fun than I would have thought. The boost mechanic really takes some skill in order to master. If you don't believe me, just youtube modern sonic green hill speed run. Oh, and screw Joystiq!

JamesJoker, Jul 21, 2012

This is a great sonic title. For those who played Sonic already on the Mega Drive (because the old sonic i included with modern graphics and 3d-effects) and for kids between us.

Vescosein, Nov 4, 2011

Best sonic game yet. Sega takes years of lessons of trial and errors from the series and makes the best sonic game since anyone can remember. I felt like a little kid again staying up all night playing my genesis and grabbing those rings and spin dashing into the sky. The PC port is insanely good and I'm proud of Sega for doing such wonderful work.I, for one, happily welcome the return of the blue blurs dominance in games.

tirelessdriver, Oct 17, 2013

Great game, fantastic mix of classic sonic games and new 3D series, wonderful stages full of color and details, wild and frantic pace that makes you be always focused and use your reflexes as no other platform game does ¡love it!.

andrewcap, Jun 23, 2012

This game is a fantastic mix between classic Sonic and Sonic Adventure 2 (my personal favourite). The game is vivid, the dynamics are fast, and most importantly it's fun with high replay value. A great game for any gamer!

Mariokata, Dec 1, 2013

SONIC IS BACK !!!!! Sonic Generations is the best sonic game to date. The game blends 2D with 3D gameplay and the result is a blast. The game is fast, challenging, beautiful and it’s the sonic that we remember from the Sega genesis “mega drive” era. The story is also very good and it creates nostalgia. The music score it’s also awesome and it has some old school music from the old games. Also there are lots of unlockables and secrets here. Each level also offers alternative routs and you can explore and find various secrets. Seriously if you are a sonic fun you will need to buy this. Pros: Awesome levels, Nice Presentation, Looks great in motion, excellent level design, 2D and 3D blends perfectly, the 3d levels are fast as hell, voice acting is good, mods are available and you can play levels created by the community, high replayability Cons: some minor bugs and some slow downs, some boss fights are boring FINAL SCORE: 08/10 I RECOMMEND TO PLAY WITH A GAMEPAD

iAMsoBEAST1, Jul 26, 2012

Does not pick up embedded nvidia graphics cards in laptop for some reason. I can get the game to force run off of it but It crashes for some reason right after I launch it. Just a heads up to everyone with gaming laptops