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Sorcerer King Your Kingdom is the final hope against the malevolent Sorcerer King's quest to become a god and destroy the world in this asymmetrical 4X fantasy strategy title.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1262
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Stardock / Stardock
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Sorcerer King reviews ( 7 )

Czar, Jul 16, 2015

I love the turn based 4x style game. I have played all of the stardock variations. And this one is simply brilliant. You have lost the war, now it is time to ensure you don't cease to exist. While the Sorcerer King is busy trying to destroy the shards in order to ascend to godhood you have to build your rag tag empire up out of the muck and not only prevent it happening but take him down. This game has the "just-one-more-turn" factor in spades. I have spent over 60 hours on it already and most of that was during beta development. If you enjoy fantasy 4x games then this is a must-get game. It is not difficult to get into it but the replay value is enormous and each time the game feels different. Different adversaries, different heroes and magic all make sure that the game has a great deal of variation.

Sakuravoid, Aug 11, 2015

This game is fantastic. Learning how to play, and surviving under the pressure of sorcerer king is a different kind of fun at first place. The quests have humors, and the choices are tricky. I like the part that the troops can only get stronger by surviving. Thanks.

tommybiznas, Jul 21, 2015

Had a lot of fun even though this is not my normal go to game type. I don't normally like turned based strategy but am a huge fantasy fan and this game hit the spot.

thvaz, Jul 21, 2015

Good concept but (like most of the recent Stardock titles) failed execution. You can see the reused assets from Fallen Enchantress...even the glitches are still there. It is a very boring 4x fantasy game, even inferior to Fallen Enchantress as they removed what made that game interesting for the sake of streamlined gameplay. Tactical combat is devoid of any tactics, and the strategy element is devoid of any strategy. You just go from quest to quest collecting loot and leveling your champions (the only thing remotely interesting in this game) and pressing NEXT turn after turn. I fell asleep many times while playing the game, expecting something interesting to happen. I have no expectations the game will be better by the launch, such is the state it is now.

littleduckie, Jul 18, 2015

(This review based on the 1.0 release day version) The game is designed to give you a great initial impression in the opening acts, but after beating the game for the first time and having figured out how the game works, issues like the narrow scope, lack of replayability the many balance issues and iffy design choices will become apparent. Somehow, Stardock has managed to produce a game that ends up feeling lesser than its predecessors (Fallen Enchantress/Legendary Heroes) despite the fresh coat of paint over what is fundamentally the same base game.

Yosa, Jul 16, 2015

I gave it less time than I normally would a 4x game as they are not a very good game format; legendary heroes changed my mind on that last and I had hoped this would be a continuation on the work, it has some familiar options and other mimickery, but dissapointed me rather quick. This game adopts most aspects of civilization in reguards to city building and turns, it has a main character and as such makes use of rpg elements; the main game is simplified and the ui is more limited, the loot system imediatly turned me off. The grafix are undetailed, mediocre and bland unmemorable thing. I enjoy legendary heroes now and then, this game I will give a good go one more time to be fair, mabey I played too little to see it properly, some effort went into it, just seemed watered down.

jclaiborne2007, Sep 29, 2015

I saw 3 minutes of this and knew exactly what this is. Its a redo of Fallen Enchantress because the moron that runs Stardock is incapable of hiring anyone that is creative or knows anything about AI. Shame on you Stardock and my vow to keep you out of my wallet forever more still stands strong!