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Space Colony Space the final frontier... not anymore. In Space Colony you will explore and colonize new worlds with the same sense of familiarity of popping in your local coffee shop for a skinny decaf latte. Space Colony is best described as a People Sim meets a City Builder. The player manages and nurtures a group of dysfunctional space dwellers colonizing the most unearthly corners of the galaxy. Make no mistake, none of the 20 colonists you'll meet were ever on a NASA shortlist. Ahhh, welcome to life beyond the stars. It's everything the brochure said. So what if half the staff are brawling, the Harvester Robot is chain sawing its way through the oxygen supply and small furry aliens have taken over the disco? This is home! Space Colony comes from Firefly Studios, the creative force behind the million selling Stronghold series. Creating the pressure cooker environment with emotions flying around, where else could you find a Norwegian biker who can't live without disco, a gym instructor operating a nuclear reactor and a geriatric in charge of base defence? [Gathering of Developers]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1497
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General
Company / Developer
Gathering / FireFly Studios

Space Colony reviews ( 6 )

AdamT., Aug 29, 2007

I Frequently play this, and would recommend buying the full game to anyone! It's not like sims, It's more intelligent and requires stratigy. I'm campaigning for an SDK to be released, a patch and even submitting Space Colony 2 Ideas to the Developers! The Demo does not compare to the full game! The Full game is so much better!

PeterU., May 12, 2006

With The Sims you have to do every day the same thing. Wash, eet, work, play, eet, sleep. Space colony is very diffrent, peeps are smarter and there is more action going on. It's to mutch to explain so just play the demo. if you play the demo you'll know exacly what the game is like.

JasonW., Oct 4, 2003

If you like The Sims you will feel right at home with this game. Its perhaps a little hard on some missions trying to keep a hold on all of your peeps, but its a challenge and a fun one to boot. I like the comments and phrases the characters come out with depending on the situation. Its an interesting game and if you like this type of genre you should at least check out the demo and give it a try, you may be pleasently supprised. ;)

bryantjudoman, Apr 21, 2014

This is one of my favorite games to date. It has a neat mix of sims style game play with space building and exploration. the aliens you face are a nuisance and a blast to contend with. I think this is really a hidden gem and did not get the fans nor attention it deserved.

RussellF., Nov 15, 2003

There was a previous comment that identified space colony to Utopia, an old Atari ST game, and that is exactly what it is Utopia 2003 and a damn good game (demo) as well. When I first started playing the demo I though it mediocre but after a while it sort of snags you and you find yourself going back to it. I am definitely getting a full copy. It has that "I'll just go a bit longer" factor.

KayleighM., Oct 27, 2003

Once you build things there is nothing to do after that but just keep the game going by working on the electricity and oxygen so overall an averege game.