Space Rangers HD: A War Apart Crack/Patch

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart Space Rangers HD takes place in 3300AD. Our galaxy is invaded by the Dominators, combat robots that come under the influence of an alien technology. The player finds themselves in a living, breathing world where they can engage multiple activities: fight in space and hyperspace, buy and sell goods, accomplish government missions, liberate planets from the Dominators in 3D RTS battles and complete text adventures leading to unique plot twists and rewards. The game ending is not set and players may find a victory of either side at the end. Everything depends on the actions taken in this developing world where anybody can live the life of a pirate as well as that of a hero.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2180
Genre Role-Playing, General
Company / Developer
1C-Softclub / CHK-Games Ltd

Space Rangers HD: A War Apart reviews ( 6 )

kirsu, Mar 30, 2015

Absolute masterpiece, brilliant mixture of so many different genres. Easily (or should I say at least) more than 100hours of gameplay. Loved the original and while this isn't too different, it's better suited for fullhd screens.

Talgin, Oct 21, 2013

Really cool sandbox gameplay. Fantastic! Couldn't take off from that game so many hours. Difficulty could be tuned up to very challenging level. 10 from 10.

DandyFrontline, Aug 12, 2014

One of my favourite games ever. If you dont mind about modern graphics and want a game with 'soul' - this game is for you. But if you are fan of modern games with super graphics and also dont like to read - this game is defiantly not for you

IvanGamaz, Oct 24, 2013

Good old game with new cool features, ships, chatacters and in HD quality! New story is great and intresting. Easter eggs is so cool and cute somwhere.

Vayra, Dec 19, 2013

Welcome to Space Rangers, the most expansive 2D space sandbox-RPG you have ever encountered. Space Rangers is a unique game that attempts to merge multiple genres into a single, satisfying experience. Players get served with a set of (mini-) games throughout the game, such as old school top-down strategy to conquer and defend planets, old school text-based RPG's to simulate special events in your life (such as going to prison, or carrying out special assignments) and an arcade-sim racer in 2D. The bulk of the gameplay on offer is however a 2D-space sim in which you fly your craft through the galaxy, having fun in the sandbox and by carrying out missions for different species. These activities and the mini-games themselves offer rewards that can be used to upgrade and customize your ship. Hundreds of stations and planets with their own questlines, upgrades and special ship hulls can be explored, while each species is also a faction in the galaxy and can turn friend or foe depending on your actions. Even though the engine is incredibly outdated and the 'HD' in its title means nothing more than a resolution upgrade for the most part, this game has such a wealth of content, such a massive amount of things to do and such a well constructed sandbox that it simply cannot be missed. Think 2D-Freespace, throw in a decent amount of RPG elements and customization, add a narrative that you can shape as you see fit, then add a healthy dose of arcade and RTS to the mix. Each of the mini-games stand out on their own as feature-complete, although somewhat unbalanced, and will guarantee dozens of hours of gameplay on their own. Space Rangers has no trouble taking up most, if not all of your free time for a couple hundred hours to come you have been warned!

Type4101, Jan 9, 2015

NOTE: Review for English version only (probably a better game in Russian). A great game in concept and mostly in execution, the worst English translation I have ever seen in a game makes a huge portion unplayable, and holds back what could be a classic. This game has complex text adventures--often involving math--and absolutely requires an accurate, sensible translation to play properly. A War Apart is the opposite of that, and the text adventures simply can not be played, because they are not in English. Still, even minus a third of the game, the rest is quite good. Would be in the "9" range if the translation didn't ruin the game. You would think a company that has released three versions of the same game in English would have fixed the translation by now...but nope. It is horrible.