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Space Run Galaxy Space Run Galaxy is the sequel to Space Run, the game from one-man studio Passtech, which seduced hundreds of thousands of players with its dynamic and original gameplay. By twisting the tower-defense game style, Space Run offered an addictive real-time spaceship construction strategy experience.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1316
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Defense
Company / Developer
Focus Home Interactive / Passtech Games
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Space Run Galaxy reviews ( 7 )

EmilyD, Jun 30, 2016

Space Run was so awesome, I couldn't think it could get better. Then Space Run Galaxy came out! Campain is so hard but it will keep you all along on the edge of your seat ! It will forever be in my mind as one of my favorite game

kmas, Oct 19, 2016

Space Run Galaxy is a nice, sometimes not so easy, Tower-Defence style game in which you place turrets and support equipment on your configurable ship and try to transport cargo from space port to space port. On your travel you have to defend your - sometimes questionable - cargo against asteroids, space pirates and other creatures.

Tower, Nov 15, 2016

Space Run Galaxy can best be described as a tower-defence game on a conveyor belt. Improvements on the original Space Run include new weapons and modules, but the main difference is the opening up of trading networks. The strategy part of the game is played on a galactic map with specific routes between planets. You get to choose contracts from corporations and shady groups, and you can now also accept contracts from other players or make them yourself. Unlike the first game, you get resources as well as credits as rewards for doing missions. Resources can be traded or used for crafting upgrade modules. You have to transport resources to locations where they can be used, or create a contract for another player to do it for you. You play as an unnamed 'spacerunner' with a female android called Evve-36 as your assistant. Buck Mann is now just your employer. All the original characters from the first game are back, including the pirate captains. You can now buy ships with different floorplans and expand the floorplans with extra hexes. Choosing which ship to use adds an extra level of strategy, as does the fact that waves of enemies and asteroids are no longer as predictable as they were before. Now they come at you from different sides in reaction to how you deploy your weapons and there is an element of randomness to it. All in all, an excellent and quite unique game, highly recommended, especially if you enjoy tower-defence type games. It has good voice acting, nice graphics, well-balanced gameplay, and is deeper than other games of its type. One thing to note is that it requires a persistent internet connection to play. If you lose connection, the game crashes.

haiontop, Jul 3, 2016

The game is not hard as others have suggested, but you need to buy only what you need, otherwise you need to replay routes to earn more. It's all about utilizing upgrade modules, engines, and modules' ability. But it does get repetitive fast. The ability could use some smart cast system (as in just mouse over and hit keyboard shortcut) especially in later game when enemies come from all directions.

yosa1, Jun 18, 2016

This game is about running a cargo delivery service through the galaxy and having to defend your ship while doing so. As you progress through a run you receive coins for killing things so as to add defenses to you ship modules, upon completion of a mission you will receive cash and components depending on how quickly you completed and volume of cargo left. This game is fun in concept, the idea of open ended exploration is always a positive; its not so open ended, which can be negated through game play but the game play here is stiff, the missions are prohibitively hard soon into the game. -great concept, good game play; persistence in the game environment is a great improvement over the previous game. - the missions in this suffer unreasonable and unwinnable spikes, there some RNG and a lot of scripted bull situations in there, its a drawback both to the gameplay and to the enjoyment. I wont say anything else on the game as I believe that this is a game that you will like or not like.

Patches, Jun 21, 2016

Usually for a game like this, you'd hear "If you like Space Run, you'll like this one." But it's not that easy... Of course they have made improvements like: - No longer the ship you'll use is fixed. Now you can buy new ship templates, add hexes (limited amount for each ship though, but get 2 new hexes and you can put them in every ships you own) and use any ship you want for a run. - You can put color on each hexes of your ship. So you can visually remember the spots you're planning to reserve for the thrusters, the weapons, etc. - You can play the same run multiple times. And if there's a contract on that run, you'll get payed each time you're successfully do it. A good way to get the few thousand credits you lack to progress, for example... But they also made some debatable decisions: - If you were hoping for a choice of difficulty (easy, medium, hard for example) this time, forget about it, especially now with multiplayer. Like Space Run, there are one difficulty and you have to live with it. - You have a limited pool of each modules you can put on your ship. You put a laser and en route it is destroyed and you don't have anymore in reserve, too bad no more laser to defend you for the rest of the run. - You can craft new modules (or more of the old ones) with the material you are given as a reward for a successful run, but the material is stuck on the planet you finished the run. If the Mechanic on that planet is too low level, or don't work on module of the color you've got then you can't do anything with the material. - And here comes the third problem. What can you do with unused material? Well, you can sell them to the merchant for credit or you have to make a run for yourself to a planet that can craft said material (1 material = 1 hex taken on your ship). And if what you want crafted is 3 planets away, you have to make 3 runs to carry your material to the destination, assuming you can put everything in your ship or else it's 6 run that is needed. Or 9, or 12. If you play Offline you must do it yourself, if you play Online you can gives a contract to another player to carry your material for you. They create this mess to include a multiplayer part to the game, but this mechanic is clunky at best. -The first Space Run was scripted, so you know what ship you had and where and when the enemies would come. Not anymore. Bits of randomness in each run gives more longevity to the game but also make it more difficult. - And now the Elephant in the Room: Of course, you still need to manually collect nuts and turning turrets making the game artificially more difficult than it should be without any satisfying reasons to do it. And with the developper unexplainable insistance to not add a slomo or a pause that lets you makes change then unpause, the game is not only more difficult, but more hectic as you progress through the game. In the end, more so than the first one, this game is too difficult to please everyone.

MyStupidName22, Jun 26, 2016

This game is currently at 2.5 and that's a bit too high. While the developer "fixed" the network issues, users have a ton of issues with constant crashing. If you liked Space Run the Original, which I did, you're still probably not going to like this game. The tutorial is sketchy, the menu system is inefficient. So many clicks of the mouse to do basic things. After a mission, you might get four or five rewards which you need to click on each one to clear as well as all the other clicks you need that feel like they're for no reason. It feels like a game made by a developer that is so proud of itself, it forces you to pat them on the back every two seconds. The game play is lackluster. Lots of grinding and artificial difficulty for what feels like absolutely no reason. The game is just not enjoyable.