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Space Run Space Run is a real-time spaceship construction strategy game. Space Run takes the well-known Tower Defense-style gameplay and twists it, challenging you to manage and protect a spaceship and its cargo against the hazards of deep space.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1060
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General, Defense
Company / Developer
Focus Home Interactive / Passtech Games

Space Run reviews ( 7 )

MetaviraVet, Jul 24, 2014

This deserves much more attention - a suprising new take on the whole tower defense idea, and very well executed. The encounters are fun and never too long, upgrading you ship is straightforward but provides quite the mental challenge further on, and in-between missions you can buy improvements for the various turrets, shield generators and engines you can put on your ship. Definitely worth a try, and a lot fo the annoying little things mentioned in other reviews have already been fixed.

Emilio, Jun 16, 2014

Weaw, all I can say is that the voice of Robert Clotworthy, a.k.a. Jim Raynor in SC2 WoL, will sell, it will sell very good. And the game seems to be very good and nice.

GameFans, Jun 17, 2014

This is a good mix of tower defense, RTS and space ship management. Surprisingly, the voice acting and art design are great as well. The idea of cargo delivery in space is really a fresh idea, never think of a game can be executed in such manner with such extent of tactics and micro-management.

Fritzworth, Sep 8, 2014

Very happy with this game. Good casual tower-defense variant with significant replay value, since you can go back and try to get better scores/reputation results on previously completed runs with more advanced tech items. Bought it on a weekend deal on Steam -- felt I got more than my money's worth out of it.

Gzhindra, Jun 17, 2014

Space run is overall a very good tower defense. Good mechanics, challenging and pretty neat with nice voice acting and a nice polish. Your missions are rated with stars (5 per missions) and the number of stars you have in total give you access to better equipment and upgrades. You pay for these equipments with cash earned after each missions. While the number of stars is limited to 5 per missions you can replay the mission as many time as you want to grind for cash. This grinding is the only fault I find to this game as I would have prefer a limit to the cash provided by each mission than having to do the same mission over and over whether it was perfected or not. It tends to be heavy on micromanagement at first since their is no pause button but not so much later in the game with the most advance equipment.

blade01, Jun 20, 2014

The game is fun at first.It has some flaws in its design that keeps it from a better rating.For example:In some level you can only get a higher rating through equipment that you unlock later.There is no chance to do a delivery faster without the better engine for example(that you unlock later in the game).Thats not realy rewarding cause you cant beat the clock(the rating depends on you time you need through the level).It depends only on better equipment, not skill.Visuals are ok and the voiceacting is cool.All in all the game is fun.

Nerves82, Jul 2, 2014

Almost a good game, but there are a few very annoying nuances that keep it from being bun. First off, there is a fair amount of micro-managing your defense, which is great and fun, IF I have the opportunity to pause the game, decide what needs to be done, fiddle with the clumsy controls and then un-pause and watch my tactical cleverness win the day. Instead I expected to micro manage the direction my guns are facing, on the fly, to fend off attacks that come from all directions. Even more annoying is the fact that most guns can only shoot one direction and their field of fire is very limited making it nearly impossible to defend all situations that come at you. I love tower defense and I love strategy and this game gets close to pulling it off, but after a few hours of restarting in frustration because my guns just barely could not hit the baddie, I called it quits. I wish steam had a satisfaction guarantee the way origin did, because I would like to return this game.