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Space Siege Space Siege takes place in the confines of the Armstrong, one of the few remaining colonization ships carrying the last bastions of human civilization after a devastating attack on Earth from an unknown alien race. Players take the role of Seth Walker, a cybernetics engineer suddenly thrust into a struggle to save humanity from extermination. As the adventure progresses Seth is offered opportunities to sacrifice pieces of his humanity for cybernetic upgrades that will assist him in his mission to preserve the human race. But what price will he pay to save his own humanity? Only the player can decide Seth’s ultimate fate. Incorporating innovative cybernetic augmentations into its storyline, Space Siege explores the dilemmas faced while keeping one's humanity in the face of adversity. Cybernetic augmentations can be performed on every part of Seth’s body. On the extreme end, players are able to outfit Seth with cybernetic upgrades that leave little or none of his original humanity intact. But this choice comes with the risk of alienating Seth from the people he's trying to save. Players can also insist on preserving Seth’s humanity by not using upgrades, instead forging ahead clearing the Armstrong of its alien invaders with natural human ingenuity and strength. Such a decision increases the difficulty of completing his mission of uncovering and eliminating the alien menace that’s bent on destroying the human race. [Sega]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2002
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Players 4 Online
Company / Developer
Sega / Gas Powered Games

Space Siege reviews ( 7 )

Onasaki, May 14, 2011

To be fair, 90% of these reviews I've read, don't give an honest opinion on the game. At least half of them seem to be outright trolling the game without real reason. They say the graphics are bad, they say the controls are bad, they say the gameplay is bad. They don't really give a true, honest reason behind half of it. it's like they played the game for 20 minutes and said "Yeah, this sucks." Well, let me be one of the first to say, no, this game does not suck. The graphics are pretty decent for the time, remember kiddies, this game was released a few years ago. I mean, with the carnage, the ragdoll effects. The graphics aren't that bad, I think the negative reviewers simply got this game in hopes of playing a Mass Effect-style Action RPG. Which this is not. This is essentially a straight out, third-person action RPG, much like the old point and click games, such as Diablo. And it's made by a company who has been successful in the past with the Dungeon Siege Series, though, those games themselves are pretty under-rated and generally obscure these days. Now, onto plot, and gameplay. As I said, the gameplay is pretty simple point and click, and is an aquired taste by nostalgic gamers, such as myself. The skills and such, are numerous and hard to juggle, but once you have a decent strategy in mind, and most of them unlocked, it gets simpler to control. My only qualm is the control of your side-kick, a robot, named HR-V, which can honestly be compared to the control of pets on the popular MMORPGs, though using the F-keys is a bit annoying.Otherwise, the combat, and the gameplay are pretty good. And I can only hope that Gas Powered Games use what they learned here, in future games, and better themselves.The graphics, as I stated prior, are pretty decent for the time. Bloody. Gorey. With the Ragdoll effect for items, and most dead bodies that aren't the human corpses lying around in the backdrop. The backgrounds and such could use some work, but they fit the theme. I mean, if you're surviving on a ship, you don't want to see catacombs, or whatnot. Though the lack of blinky lights, and such leave a somewhat wanting feeling, but again, the game takes place 7.5 weeks after the main enemy attacks, so the ship wouldn't be rusted, or falling apart, either.As for the storyline, it's a general run of the mill type thing you see in most sci-fi movies that take place on a ship, though for reviewing sake, I won't spoil anything. Though, if you're like me, you will find it at least amusing at the most, even if it's not groundbreaking, or filled with so many thrilling twists. It's a good story, nonetheless. A nice take on the general theme, in my opinion.As for combat, and such? Like I said, it's point and click. The skills are numerous, and hard to juggle, but it's easy to get the handle on for casual gamers.In closing, this game isn't horrible. It's not amazing, but it's not horrible either. It's on par with what they were trying to do, and actually quite enjoyable if you play it for longer then twenty minutes. The cybernetic implants were an interesting way to go in terms of a 'moral' slider, and the quick way you can swap between a gun and a laser-sword is always fun when you get surrounded by a horde of evil space-crabs. And the music and voice acting are actually quite good, for a game that's so under-rated. All I can say, is don't judge it by appearance, give it a try and really explore the features before shrugging it off. And you might be surprised.

rwh1, Oct 12, 2011

This game came up on sale recently on Steam. After reading the reviews, I came close to walking away from the purchase but decided in the end to give it a chance and I am happy I did. This is a fun game, with plenty of action and environments to explore. The combat action is very fast, but nothing that cannot be mastered and I found the game both entertaining as well as engrossing. I do agree with some of the reviewers that said the controls could have been handled a little better, but they do work. One of my favorite parts of the game is the flexibility of the upgrade system that allows you to spend the points you have gathered during your adventure to improve weapons, armor as well as your robot sidekick. I do not get why so many folks gave this game such low marks, when it deserved better. While I agree is might not be on the same scale as ME2, for what it provides it is still fun to play. I would recommend this game for any gamer that is simply looking for a change of pace.

DerekR, Dec 22, 2008

I thought the games had some flaws but overall. Enjoyed it very much... No Control setting adjustments.. or quick saves.. But if you look in the manual there is or was a quick save key but is does not work. The addition of W,A,S,D, and the ability to run and shoot could have made this a great game. There were plenty of save stations and the sound was excellent. The graphics and weapon affects damn good.. Shadow Ground was OK but the atmosphere, sounds, and graphics were not as good as Space Siege. You Super Gamers try to have some fun and don't expect everything.

LeeB., Aug 23, 2008

This game is very similar to Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor but not as good as either. I'm really dissapointed by Space Siege. The concept is cool. The weapons are cool and fun to use. The graphics are great. BUT it has one huge problem. I can't run and shoot at the same time! SG and SGS (both can buy through Steam as well) are so fluid and quick and fun to play. This game could be the same but you can't run and shoot at the same time. Basically you run run run, STOP shooooooooooooot while the baddies are shooooooting at you and running at you. If I could run and shoot at the same time I would have given this game 8/10. Oh also it doesn't have waypoints/minimap so you can't see where you need to go for objectives so you run around in circles getting lost a lot. Buy shadowgrounds and shadowgrounds survivor - MUCH better games

Dibdabs, Mar 28, 2009

Awful. Worst camera view in the history of computer gaming - you're basically unable to look up, ans see a bit of floor in front of you! Utterly linear gameplay. No replay value whatsoever. Lame weapon and armour system. Good for insomnia.

KajetanP., Aug 18, 2008

FAIL! I don't know, what this game wants to be. It is NOT a RPG, neither it is an action game. For an RPG, it's way too shallow, bland and simple. There are RPG elements, but it really does not matter, if you upgrade your special abilities or not. You don't care for the character you're playing. You don't care to listen to mission descriptions and the story. You just right click on any adversary until he's dead and keep on crawling through uninteresting, bland halls and corridors. For an action game, the controls are HORRIBLY bad. While they work in games like Dungeon Siege, which require sometimes some strategy to win, in Space Siege combat and gameplay does not fit to this kind of control scheme. It's simply annoying! Space Siege does not even look good or interesting, so that you can show off with your new power hardware. Space Siege is a complete failure. It does not achieve anything in any part of it. The RPG part is useless, the action part suffers from bad controls and the visuals are boring, even if you have a decent machine for maximum settings. I don't know, what this game was supposed to be, but compared to the Dungeon Siege games, its just forgettable crap!

DirkD., Dec 22, 2008

Chris Taylor and his cronies can bribe as many reviewers as they want -it still won't turn this steaming pile of crap into an actual game. There is not a single redeeming quality in this title. Avoid it even in the bargain bin. If somebody offers you money to take this game from them, strongly consider how much your time is worth before making your decision.