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Special Forces: Team X Special Forces: Team X is a stylized, team centric 3rd Person Shooter, featuring brutal firefights between elite squads of Special Forces operatives. Special Forces: Team X introduces a brand new take on multiplayer map creation, giving the players the chance to create their own battle arenas. The game supports two, three, and four teams during matches, so staying with your team has never been more important as players that stick together will be richly awarded in the game. Special Forces: Team X will be available for download this fall.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 50 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1643
Genre Action, Shooter, General, Third-Person, Modern
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Zombie Studios
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Special Forces: Team X reviews ( 7 )

ReviewZone212, Feb 7, 2013

Every game has got Issues, but this one is almost perfect, is like if Team fortress 2, Borderlands, Call of duty and Battlefield were mixed together and created a really good game

bananagrams, Feb 11, 2013

Great Game! The third person cover aspect brings a fresh experience to the PC. The bullets register very well even in east coast servers, and there are sound effects and damage indicators to let you know if you are burst-firing correctly. This game is extremely fast paced and rewarding, with some of the most fun to use grenades I've ever experienced in a FPS. There are a few bugs, but their team is working on fixing them as we speak. The only thing this game lacks is more players. Yet I've had no problem finding a populated west coast server. Bottom line? It's not pay-to-win and the guns are very balanced, allowing level 1's to easily compete against someone level 40.

Angrychicken, Feb 7, 2013

If the word spreads like I believe it will, this game will be the next Counter Strike. The only option it seems to be missing is the out of box Esports setup, that I am sure will be created. The map generation is amazing and offers many map combinations. I have read that custom map editing tools are/will be available. I see the community taking the ball and running with it. The action is CS fluid minus the akward moments (bunny hopping). Moving in and out of cover feels natural. At first glance it feels spray and pray however much like CS, headshots is a developed skill. In my opinion, this game is the best FPS since CS and if the community gets on board...I see this game being better with the same life span. Buy this game and tell your friends! FYI: This game is 3rd person however u do go 1st person when zoomed. It works perfectly

Snirt, Dec 23, 2013

Very enjoyable and well put together 3rd person-cover shooter. The only downfall is the massive lack of players probably due to all of the untrue and misleading ratings. This game is wonderful at what it does. Sadly, at this stage there is no point in buying it because no one is there to play it with you. Yet another game ruined by rating systems.

karmasleeper, Feb 12, 2013

Good game. Unless the player base grows, small issues are fixed, and new content is added, however, this game will have no staying power. Coolest feature about the game is that sticking close to your team mates earns you an XP multiplier. The longer you stay close to your team, the more it grows and the more XP you get for kills and support actions. Never before have I played an online shooter where strangers cared about sticking together and working together this system works. Additionally, active skills provide short term bonuses to those currently in your "team" when activated. Another neat feature is the ability to "build" the map in the pre-game lobby. Once you select your gear, an overview of the map comes up divided into three sections. Players vote on which prefab assets they want to occupy each of the three slots. Awesome concept, but the small amount of assets to choose from and the lack of diversity between them means you WILL play the same map twice. Other than that, this is your standard progression based online shooter with a third person cover mechanic and there is nothing wrong with that. This game deserves more attention than it is getting and I hope more people give it a chance so the developers continue to support it.

Rogyapa, Feb 25, 2013

Pros: buttery smooth controls very fast paced for a 3rd person shooter neat map concept (3 different tiles gives you some variation) some great animations (any of the melee kills/ headshots) sound design is quite nice Cons: Attack dog is glitchy, spawns are glitchy (you'll spawn in the middle of fights sometimes) -Not many people playing it -Customization is relatively minimal compared to games like Black Ops 2 or Ghost Recon Future Soldier (comparable to Battlefield 3 though) with 3 attachment categories: optics, silencers, and magazines. *not all weapons have all 3 categories available* Other things to note: Hipfire is not nearly as useful in this game as others (Gears of War, Ghost recon Online) so don't rely on it. The reticule for most weapons blooms A LOT, so you'd better burst fire the weapon for better accuracy

saifkhay, Dec 24, 2017

I created an account just to leave this review me and hundreds of others were ripped off by this game and reason was so stupid this had the potential to be a solid game, but the servers were shaky and the devs were literally too lazy to add in AI offline bots for off-hours its so crazy how much potential and money were wasted by this trainwreck of a project Zobies studios proved they should never be trusted, for the love of ddecency stay away from Blacklight and Daylight (even the names arent original) no wonder this **** company FAILED