SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest Crack With Activator 2021

SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest Three years after the Purity Wars, Nortander is on the cusp of a new era.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 108
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Tactics
Players Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
THQ Nordic / Grimlore Games
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SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest reviews ( 7 )

Suspect0, Jun7, 2019

I specifically created an account on Metacritic to rate this game. It's pure awesomeness and worth every penny. The amount of content devs put into this "expansion" is so big that it could be actually a stand-alone title. THQ showed its class with Soul Harvest and is a example for the whole industry for how expansions should be made. They stand in pair with CDP Red when it comes to showing how real standards look like - not this rubbish day-one dlcs etc. Kudos for you and I'll definitely buy another Spellforce when it's released! One sad thing which comes to my mind is how the RPS genre is underrated and forgotten... Warcraft 3.....nothing else....Spellforce... It's my no. 1 type of games which I'll always support as much as I can so let's all appreciate what they did with this game!

Sbiritou, Aug 13, 2019

SpellForce is a criminally underrated franchise, mostly due to the decline in quality in the 2nd title DLCs and numerous stand alone subpar games. SpellForce 3 set the record straight by a return to form with packed action and good writing, and Soul Harvest improves on the formula with a larger scope, an amazing amount of content for an expansion, and some of the best writing in the gaming industry. This is a very entertaining game, on its way to be remembered as a classic.

Farlon, Jun 13, 2019

Created an account just to review this little unknown gem. Even people on the official spellforce discord have somehow missed the release of this game. As for my actual review: The game is beautiful, stable and almost bug-less, The RTS and RPG parts are both highly improved over the base game and the story is just great. Also, we can't forget the beautiful music which was always the best part of the series. In my honest opinion, it's at least on par with Spellforce 1 which I consider the best game ever (but that might be nostalgia speaking).

Prometheus1241, Jan 19, 2020

This expansion brings everything, that should have done the main game good. Convenient inventory? Checked. Convenient skill's interface? Checked Good plot and characters? Checked( yet it has been in the main game) As i heard, developers are going to add all the improvements to the main game, and after that it shall become awesome.

Joewashere, Aug 14, 2019

Soul Harvest is a very satisfying gaming experience, considering it's labeled an expansion. This game offers great additional factions, the 2 new one being a blast to play, much superior gameplay and writing than SpeelForce 3 main campaign, and a great improvement in the RTS mechanics. My only gripe is that the RTS part is heavy compared to the RPG aspects, where stats and inventory could have used a bit more love from the THQ Nordic. Probably my SpellForce 1 nostalgia speaking, but the much the game resemble its glorious predecessor the better, and this expansion is the best game in the franchise yet since The Order of Dawn. The last couple patches squashed any bug I experienced at release, so if you plan on getting a great RTS game with interesting RPG bits, or if you're a fan of SpellForce, now is a good time as any to buy this gem.

Flotsch, Jun 26, 2019

I too have created an account here just for this game. I just finished the campaign and it blew me away with its story and complex characters. The atmosphere is just great and I love the writers for their jobs. Katras and Yria are my favourites. The gameplay mix of RTS and RPG works better as in Spellforce 3. The units have been reworked and many have special abilities. I just have played dwarfs, humans and dark elves, but they really play differently from each other. Dark elves have to collect souls from defeated foes, to get their real powerful units and can upgrade all their buildings. Dwarfs just can build up a solid economy rapidly and have more conservative units and lack healers (so do dark elves, but they just ressurrect half of a battleground during a fight in that regard.) The spellmenu has been reworked, to be more accessible. All in all it was just a blast to play through the game Please give this one a shot - it is a really great and lacks multiplayer participants. (yes, you can play the entire campagin Coop. But I want to find more people to play some skirmishes.)

Vasot, May 31, 2019

This expansion is overall better from the original game the developers seems to have learned from their mistakes. The game from what i have played so far seems way more polished and the campaign is way more interesting also the gameplay feels more fluid with a better AI and less annoyances and there are some positive changes that were made based from gamers feedback. If the RTS/RPG genre is your thing you should give this game a try