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SpellForce 3 SpellForce 3 - A blend between RTS and RPG. SpellForce 3 goes back to the roots of the SpellForce saga and combines the RTS and RPG genre in a unique way - all in real time. Explore the world of Eo and become a true legend.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2155
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Tactics
Company / Developer
Nordic Games Publishing / Grimlore Games

SpellForce 3 reviews ( 7 )

Aceor, Dec 12, 2017

Never played first or second one but man what a great story, graphics beautiful and love the rts/rpg element. For the bugs haven't seen many and devs fix asap whit updates.

Scritty, Dec 8, 2017

There are a few bugs for sure and multiplayer is not particularly well implemented (yet) There is also confusion over character customization - which is not revealed until after the first two missions. This lack of transparency has lead to some angry reviews from many who think the customization does not exist (that's how important being able to personalise an experience is these days). The initial missions are not taxing and don't showcase the game as well as they might either. But... Once you get through that - the game is very very good indeed. I don't play multiplayer but have some sympathy for those who want to use it, but as a single player experience the game really is A1 quality. Just play through the first couple of missions - they are there for noobs and the game opens up nicely after that

KingsmanAgent, Dec 7, 2017

Amazing game, nothing like Wacraft 3 or Age of Empires level of amazing but still insanely good. A consistent RTS with some little RPG bult in, it offers awesome soundtracks and gorgeous graphics. Top notch quality right here

Syrona, Dec 8, 2017

This game is MEEEEEEHHH... It's not bad, but really for 50$ it's not worth it. The interface is really really bad and the graphics are average. Didn't really find anything making me want to continue past the 2 hours mark for Steam refund.

raadoo, Dec 10, 2017

i think i spent about 20 hours in the game, the save game says it's 12,5 h, but i had to replay some things. so... the game is ok. the story seems ok, i want to continue playing, rpg "part" is well done, but.. the rts is really not well thought out. first of all, the controls suck, no active pause with so many units to control while you have to target your abilities is just nuts, placing buildings, controlling workers and everything else requires way too much map scrolling and clicking. secondly, there is no time to grow and prepare, everything happens very fast, with more sectors under control it's practically impossible to keep track of everything and react, yet it seems the only way to go is to expand quickly. and i guess i could forgive all of this, even the fact, that i had to replay one part of the story, because an event did not trigger and it was impossible to finish a quest, or that a fishing hut next to a river full of fish is idle and does not produce food, but when suddenly my base just blows up, while i'm not even attacked and i have no idea what the hell is going on it's a bit too much. i've been replaying this rts mission for half a day, and when i finally thought i developed a sound strategy... my base just blows up with no explanation. is there a time limit? did the other faction develop a nuke? what the hell? i'm not even sure if it's a bug or if it's intended. also, the tutorial does not really explain much in terms of the rts part and you have to learn by trial and error, clicking and checking... so... needs some bug fixing, but i guess it won't help the rts part much, because it seems just badly designed in terms of gameplay and ui. it's a pity, because the rpg part is quite fun, and i would like to continue playing. so it's 8 for the rpg part, but bugs, ui problems and rts part make it a 6.

Lordgrey, Dec 12, 2017

Its too bugged, too simplified, too casual, camera is ugly, just a few heroes spells and have no any individuality in game races. Any way you still can play it and have some fun, but it didnt worth 50$, it more compare to 15-20$ indie project

Yosa, Dec 14, 2017

The developers spent there time devoted to scenery and little beyond that, there is a story an RTS element and an RPG aspect but all are fleshed out in a bland and tedious(sometimes asinine) manner. Story- is your general dialog driven slog with no interesting angles to explore, no relevant dialog options and no tie ins to dialog checks for different outcomes that you may see in other games, it is linear and poorly done; the characters are lifeless and npcs are only thereto drive the next piece of dialog forward rather than provide any depth to the game. RTS- This is just ridiculous in every way. - AI does its normal infinite resources spam units at your base style rush that it acquires at a remarkably fast pace, tying you to your defense points rather being able to focus on base and expansion. -Base Building, HQ starts in a predefined spot giving you little choice of where it is best to set up, the build areas are blocked at every angle by a mess of map assets, roads and other unusable terrain making choice of placement impossible. There is a limited worker system in place instead of letting you build a work force, artificially forcing you to juggle which resources to focus on; your supplies are not centralized and when an outpost is lacking it prompts worker carts to start supply runs pulling from one outpost and moving around the chain of linked outpost, its tedious and time consuming and does not balance at all with the AI ability to forgo all that and just spam rush your base. Defense towers are not very defensible and again are manned by your workers making them limited, if you can place them properly at all. RPG- I really despise the way character building is done in this game, it is very limited and seems like a half baked job. There are skill sets, stats and gear as is with many RPG types. You will have little choice in the skill sets you acquire on you main, other heroes come predefined, of those skills many seem redundant or useless , most are combat oriented and will provide no lateral game play, timers on timed skills are pitifully thought out; instead of a tool bar and hotkeys, each hero will get only 3 slots to put skills onto for use, this includes persistent aura skills(but not passive skills), the whole skill system misses the mark and is a let down. Stats are required to equip better gear and are responsible for enhancing the damage of different stat based weapons,except intelligence, all intelligence does is enhance certain spells. Stats cap at 10(not including gear). Con increases life, Will increases focus, that's about it. Gear is absurdly bland, you will find countless stashes and acquire dozens of weapons and armor in the first few maps only to see they are much the same things. Because most of your weapon damage is tied to stats it makes much of what you find irrelevant, it will also for the most part make shops irrelevant. As for rare gear and items, they provide better bonuses but are largely as irrelevant. Bugs- There are many campaign and game breaking bugs among the slew of minor ones.one the annoyed me but didn't wreck the game to that point. I had done a quest sequence out of order, after I had beaten the map, I went to another area to perform a quest that was gotten during the map, upon returning to the previous map, the world map was locked because the present map was in RTS mode; locking the world map in RTS mode is a bad mechanic as it is. The game breaker for me was returning to the refuge camp and been given a quest to free the villagers, which were located inside the enemy town, the town had locked gates at all entrances which I could not attack because they were flagged as friendly and there is no force attack option, quest incompleteable, game over. There are a myriad of other game breaking bugs and quest problems on the forums to add to my experience that seem like they should have passed testing, if there was proper beta testing and not that early access bug reporting that so many companies do now. This game has some bad game mechanics and equally bad design choices, I found myself using my hero party to beat the maps before I trigger the RTS parts because I hated the AI and base placement limitations, there is no real gear progression, the character progression is limited and the skill and stat systems are shallow. In all I consider the story and game play a slog and am largely disappointed, could have done with out the breakable quests as well.