Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Crack + Activator (Updated)

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows New York City has been invaded and only Spider-Man can save it. The fate of New York is in your hands...Take Control. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows gives you an unprecedented level of gameplay choice, including, for the first time, control over the game's direction and outcome. Choose how Spider-Man fights, which powers to upgrade, who in the Marvel universe to fight with or against, and the fate of New York City itself. Choose wisely. [Activision]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 54 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1352
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Activision / Treyarch, Shaba Games
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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows reviews ( 7 )

thiago52192, May 3, 2016

There is no doubt that is the best spider man game ever. The graphics are really disappointing, but the story and action made us totally forgot about the bad visual.

Larry223, Jan 2, 2015

Es uno de los mejores juegos que eh jugado en mi vida. Y no exagero. Es el mejor juego de Spiderman que a salido. Hasta mejor que Spiderman 2. Este juego solo tiene 2 cosas malas, bugs muy poco comunes y algunas actividades un poquito desaprovechadas. Lo bueno es que puedes conseguir muchas mejoras, puedes usar 2 trajes diferentes y cada uno tiene sus propias habilidades y mejoras, tambi?�n es un sandbox junto con una de las mec??nicas para columpiarse mejor echas que eh visto, incluso mejores que las de Spiderman 2, no tan reales pero mas comodas y divertidas. Adem??s puedes tomar decisiones, cada decisi??n puede hacer que alguien viva o muera, y de echo aunque tiene sistema de karma no hace que siempre ser bueno sea "bueno" en general. Como una parte en la que si eliges ser bueno alguien morira por no haber sido lo suficientemente duro, y en otras ser malo har?? que Spiderman mate, si, este juego no bromea. Tambi?�n la historia, me encanto, como Venom se reproduce, como puede haber una invasi??n a a escala mundial, como los h?�roes se unir??n para detener esto. Aqu?� viene una de sus oportunidades desaprovechadas: No traen a el universo Marvel, solo traen unos pocos h?�roes a detener una posible invasi??n casi zombie, debieron traer a Thor, Iron Man, los vengadores, hasta el propio Nick Fuy. Donde est??n las hordas de h?�roes? Bueno... Dejando eso el juego usa el resto bien, algo que me gusto es que pueden infectar a tus amigos h?�roes, dando inicio a un mutante simbi??tico con poderes incre?�bles, aparte de un dise?�o algo aterrador. En serio, cuando todo se vuelve zombie se jode, llega a dar un sentimiento de soledad, terror, de que podr?�a venirte un monstruo que te supere enormemente y los dientes que todos los simbiontes tienen no ayuda. Te hace ver como que cualquiera podr?�a morir, incluso tu. Al final todo esta muy bien, en mi opini??n es un cl??sico, casi una obra maestra, de no ser por unos fallos. Al final le doy un 09/10, no creo que para muchos lo sea, pero para mi es un cl??sico que se debe seguir jugando incluso varios a?�os despu?�s de su creaci??n.

kailoone, Oct 12, 2015

Hmm what to say about this game... cant quite find words, simply amazing. THE best open world Spiderman game as of today 12/10/2015. I dont know later in the future if this game will be topped but as of today it's the best you can get, yes it's better than The Amazing Spiderman 1 or 2 or anything before this game too. The only little detail about this game is that it doesn't have contoller support I have no idea why since all the other console ports did... and it lags alot for moments even with a high end system it still lags I have no idea why.

EdYoung, Mar 26, 2009

in general, not a bad game, and defenitly not hard. the graphics are the best I have ever seen, despite the Sonic Heroes type glossy character look. I like how this game takes a new twist to Spider-man though, in the previews I though it was Spider-man Vs Zombies not Spider-man Vs Symbiot. the way the citys look changes to represent the path taken is an added bonus I took the good guy path though, so wasn't much change heh working on bad guy now. Primarily what blows this game for me is the fact that you need to kill so many henchmen or gangsters or w/e to progress in a mission, and you need to back track to a set number of targets over and over no mater how far you get from them, fortunately the Web Swinging becomes faster as you level. the Aerial battles (Tendril pull/Web pull skills) are my fave they send your opponents flying and its rare to get hit while using them unless you have real bad timing :p watching your opponent bounce around after you knock them down with a web strike never gets old for me :) but the old school lame in-fight jokes of Spider-man do >.

WhatDoYouCare, Jul 1, 2009

A pretty open world, an AMAZING range of attacks, on the fly switch from Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man to Murderous Symbiote Black Spider Man, FUN BOSS FIGHTS (hard to come across those three words nowadays) and two paths to play (Red is good/acrobatic or Black, which is evil/powerful), each with its own missions: all of these make the game the best Spider Man/metahuman sandbox game to date. A few shortcomings here and there, like the wonky movement controls (not that noticeable if you play with a gamepad, but still there), some repetitiveness, useless (as in not necessary) helper characters and no more game after the last mission (meaning no more open world) push this game away from star status. And, SURPRISE! it's from Treyarch!

EdYoung, Feb 11, 2009

This game is not the best thing i have ever played. The good part of the game doesn't start till your half way through and then you have to do a bunch of repetitive missions. The boss fights were fun but they ruined them with quick time which just forced you to keep on trying until you finally succeeded. I found it interesting that they even quizzed you on obscurer points in the series that i mostly guessed on.

Marick, Mar 2, 2015

Another bad game. Spider Man is a such a bad in games. Only one or two games are good for him. This Spin-Off gives you a boring story, and an imposibile friendship.