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SpinTires Assume control of large all-terrain Soviet vehicles and venture across the rugged landscapes with just a map and compass to direct you. Explore the levels and unlock portions of the map whilst discovering new trucks, fueling stations, garages and lumber mills.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2270
Genre Driving, Rally / Offroad, Simulation, Racing, Vehicle, Automobile, Civilian
Company / Developer
Oovee Game Studios / Oovee Game Studios
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SpinTires reviews ( 7 )

eat5, Aug 11, 2014

Very Awesome Game, Cant wait to see final version. the Morph-able terrain and the tires are the Icing on the cake. letting moders go to town on this title is top notch by the developers.

Surprise, Jun 12, 2014

I f*cking love this game. You tool around in the mud and explore. The game is best played with at least 1 friend--it's such an enjoyable and hilarious experience. It's also interesting due to the different customizations for each truck.

anmatan, Jun 13, 2014

Really wonderful game for my Russian dirty soul =) It has everything: Russian trucks, woods, tons of dirt and wonderful birds singing... I would have more enjoyment if there were bears, but unfortunately I have to drive alone =(

Winterspark, Aug 10, 2015

So you have a selection of variously awesome (and not so awesome) looking Russian trucks and your sole objective is to deliver logs from one point to the other. Sounds easy and possibly rather dull eh! The only problem is there are no roads and all manner of beautifully rendered forests, plains, rivers, swamps to get in your way. And you can't simply bung your truck in four wheel drive mode with the dif lock on, mash the accelerator and expect everything will be fine because it probably won't... much like actual off roading. I spent seven hours on my first map delivering two loads of logs and all of it was amazing. No 10/10 however as there are still a few glitches to be ironed out particularly when it comes to unloading and unloading your truck which is a bit fundamental and should be easier. Plus also it is not the most stable of games but I have seen far far worse.

Leberschnitzel, Jun 18, 2014

I didn't know anything about the game, but since I like driving and the physics looked nice, I bought it. It's awesome. It's like Dark Souls for driving fans. You have to be carefull, think about your steps and be carefull. Pro: Physics, Graphics, Immersion. It feels really great. The maps are nicely made too and offer huge challenges, especially in hardcore mode. Con: Camera sucks, but you can get it work well with the d-pad of the 360 gamepad. Just woods. A sand-map would have been great. A map editor or random generated maps would be nice too. Saving several maps would be nice. But it's so fun to play!

blackbird1, Jun 18, 2014

The Simulation is great. The Game in the Sim is great, its challenging and fun and not to easy as like many games/sims out there. The physics are great the Graphics are nice. I love it played it 20 + hours so far and only on 2 maps, so plenty content for me left. But i give - 3 points for: The Camera Controlls ( you get used to it but its annoying often) The Save System... pls let as do 2 or 3 Saves not only 1. And the worst for me: I always need to switch between Fullscreen and Window with ALT ENTER cause my Mouse Pointer dont work in Fullscreen.

adff500, Jun 13, 2014

+++ Pros +++ 1. Interesting Idea 2. Quick loading times 3. Various trucks to drive 4. Co-op and multiplayer - - - Cons - - - 1. Horrible Camera 2. Only 6 same looking maps 3. Deliver lumber,thats it. 4. Controls and Interface are mess. 5. Graphics and view distance are poor even on max settings. Do you love to get stuck in mud? Then this hardcore simulator is for you.