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Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack Add horror and humor to your universe with the Spore Creepy and Cute Parts Pack. With over 100 new parts and paint styles, create grotesque creatures with insect-like limbs, tuberous eyes, and thorny armor plates or make cartoon-style characters with big eyelashes, feathery hair and furry skin. Mix and match 72 new creature body parts, apply one of 48 new paint styles, and bring it all to life with 24 new animations. Expand your creature creativity, with over 100 new Creepy and Cute items. 72 new creature parts - senses, graspers, feet, mouths, limbs. 48 new paint styles - make monstrous beasts or cutesy critters. 24 new creature test drive animations - moonwalk, 'the robot', zombie walk, break dancing and much more. [Electronic Arts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 55 / 100
User rating
Downloads 966
Genre Strategy, Breeding/Constructing, General
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Electronic Arts

Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack reviews ( 5 )


I really like it. In spore without this, you cant make your creature exactly the way you want. And it doesn't just expand your search in creature stage, it also maximizes the possibilities of creations. *And expands your search* This expansion gives you not just plain old normal parts, it gives you a ton of unique and special parts for game play but the part that isn't so great is that it only gives you a half of the number of parts that normal spore gives you.

Jiml, Nov 16, 2009

hey, i don't know what all these negative comments are all about, i think its great, i think it its worth the price because the parts are high quality and add more stuff, it could have more i know, but still, i think it was worth it.

RegenaldS, Dec 15, 2013

SPORE™ Creepy & Cute Parts Pack adds new parts, colors, and animations to the Creature Creator feature of SPORE™. This is quite an expensive expansion with a twenty dollar price tag, on top of you being required to pay the twenty for SPORE™, even though this is not a DLC, but a standalone game. This game has a total of 84 new creature parts which is 24 parts more than advertised, 48 new colors, 24 new animations, and 2 new testing area backgrounds. New parts: 12 heads 12 eyes 12 arms 12 legs 12 hands 12 feet 12 details New Colors: 12 completed styles 36 partial styles (6 in each coat, detail, and base) New Actions: 6 actions in every category New test run area backgrounds: one good one bad A total of 158 extras, so they each cost about 13 cents. There's nothing added to the main core of this game, just the parts, which add some, but not allot of extra creating time. BUT, the parts are pretty cool and let you finally build those adorable alien rabbits and killer crocodile flying space creatures you've always wanted to build. Get this if it’s on sale, you use creator heavily, or if you absolutely just love the SPORE™ franchise. Anything done in SPORE™ Creepy & Cute Parts Pack will show up in your copy of SPORE™ If this review was the deciding point of you getting this game feel free to leave a comment telling me so!

Geoffrey, Dec 27, 2008

I will refrain from rating this mini-expansion based on its retail price. The parts are all mostly good. They make your character look much different than other standard users characters. Outside of that however, there is little to no use for these additions. I would have expected $5 for an initial retail price, however $20 is way way too high. If you have disposable income, or are just bored with the game because of the lack of parts, this is the expansion for you. The rest of the gigantic percentage of SPORE users not in those two catagories, can wait till this is in an "all inclusion" compilation, or better worth the offering content, free.

BoltzmannBaby, Mar 9, 2012

This is yet another attempt to get some more money for content that should've been in the original game. If a DLC/pack/add-on doesn't expand on the original game, then it shouldn't be payed, but given for free.