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Spore Galactic Adventures Spore Galactic Adventures adds variety and depth to the original space game in Spore, allowing players to beam down to planets, play mission-based adventures and even create their own customized adventures for the first time. Each adventure has a unique reward to upgrade a space creature with special accessories - from an Energy Blade and Stunning Charm to a Jump Jet and more. Players can fight their way to victory as a Warrior, dance with new friends as a Bard, and much more. With an almost unlimited number of user created adventures, there’s more to play than ever before. The "adventure creator" in Spore Galactic Adventures gives gamers the tools to make their own missions and share them with friends. [Electronic Arts]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1633
Genre Strategy, Breeding/Constructing, General
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Electronic Arts
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Spore Galactic Adventures reviews ( 7 )

Supereme, Mar 20, 2017

Ah Ha!!! spore got Galactic Adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RobertTheGreat, Jan 7, 2018

The Expansion Works For My Spore! It Makes Me Able To Create My Own Adventures In Spore! And It Makes Me Happy When I Make A Creature And Make It Stronger As A Space Captain!

BoltzmannBaby, Mar 9, 2012

This expansion greatly improves on the overall feel of the space stage in the original Spore, adding variability with unique missions, even if often childish (travel from point A to point B, then C, have some conversations, and you end the mission with a maxed score). Above that, the most important part of it is the Adventure Creator itself, being the most complex, and it manages to ve varied and versatile in the same time. Just like with other creators, this one also is limited only by the player's imagination.

ARater, Jun 25, 2009

It actually has potential to become a 10, it's just that Adventures requires too much on user contents. The mission editor is simple to use, but the end result of the adventure would be simple as well. A lot of pathing bugs are here so be careful when you're flying above a building. Ironically.. Adventureland (Tutorial adventure) has the most bugs I've found so far. Doing enough missions to level your "hero" also takes insanely long. Plus the fact that there's only a handful of new equipments. The additions to the Space Age quests are good though. Individual adventuring is horrifying for now, but in time, the list of versatile adventures will be accessible and some gems may occur. Final Mark: Gameplay 4 Innovation 8 Smoothness 2 Potential 10 30$ is definitely not worth it, unless you are the creators of adventures. If you ever find the game being priced below 20, then by all means, buy it.

[Anonymous], Jun 29, 2009

Honestly this was a somewhat poor excuse for an expansion and really does nothing to enhance gameplay but re-hash old gameplay in the guise of something new. Yeah you get neat little missions now, woohoo, and special gadgets to attack or negotiate with... wee, but in the end its nothing more than creature stage with overly cheery dialogue.

Ravage, Nov 27, 2015

It's a great addition to Spore, although it only lasts for a couple of hours. This expansion pack to Spore has so much potential, but I was so disappointed when I found out that it contains very limited amount of features and missions. I believe Spore players are better off without this expansion.

maxmcg, Jan 23, 2014

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