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Stalin vs. Martians Stalin vs. Martians, as the name suggests, is a game both absolutely ridiculous and over-the-top. Fun and accessible, it takes a simple arcade-like approach to the genre of real-time strategy. The player controls the Red Army as it defends Earth from the Martian Invasion of 1942, the highly classified military operation which even today remains a closely guarded state secret. Stalin himself conducts the mission briefings, and later even becomes a playable unit. The bold leader is duly serious even as he faces the most ridiculous threat the world has ever known. The game itself is far from standard RTS fare; this is not a realistic and deeply strategic war simulation, but a straightforward, fun and light-hearted arcade-style game complete with power-ups falling from conquered foes in the form of bright shiny coins. [Mezmer Games]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 27 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1782
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Military, General
Company / Developer
Mezmer Games / N-Game Studios, Black Wing Foundation

Stalin vs. Martians reviews ( 7 )

kipderryberry, Sep 30, 2014

i honestly don't know why all the critics are bashing on this game. the graphics are spectacular, the gameplay is fun, and the characters are well developed. this game was well worth my money, and all its haters shall be burnt up by Lenin's corpse.

DillP, May 29, 2009

Simply outstanding. A masterpiece of strategic gaming. It blends the silly funniness of Serious Sam with the challenging game play of Red Alert 2, combined with graphics that makes Crysis look bad. All these bad reviews are probably becuase the game is hard, well I agree. The game is seriously challenging. It will test your mind its limit, while still being fun as hell. Its hard to put in words what an amazing game this is. Simply genius. Buy this game now.

Blackmoore, Mar 23, 2012

I greatly enjoyed this game. It's fun strategy game with a neat, humorous concept. Challenging enough to keep you focused, but simple enough to pick up quickly.

Vacoy., Jun 7, 2009

the idea is kinda hilarious, and so are the graphics. the music is fun too. And that's about it. there are no tactics involved whatsoever, there is no storyline either. If it were an browsergame for 10 year old kids, okay. But this is not worth the 20 dollar, even 1 dollar is too much.

FnordM, May 1, 2009

While i love the concept of this game, and really want to like it, it's really not a well polished game. The interface is poor and the gameplay is downright shoddy. It's a sad thing that such an entertaining concept paired with such a horrible game.

Mertsch, May 2, 2009

This game really sucks. I am all for independent game developers, but all this game has is a dancing Stalin and you can get that for free on their website. Seriously there is not even a way to send units over the battlefield automatically engaging enemies. You can't manually target the small ones either. All you can do is camp on one position and use your tanks to target the big martians. Absolutely no fun (and yes I have read the note on their page that this game is ment to be shitty ... but its way too shitty to be somewhat fun). The only really funny thing about this game is the option in the options menu which is called "Do you like cats?".

peashooter, Jun 28, 2011

Okay, I believe a little quote from their official website can do the trick here. "The fact that such game exists is quite an event. It doesn't really matter what's behind the name or if the game is playable at all. The concept is enough. Simply makes your brain explode" Got that? Simply put, the developers admitted that this isn't a game. This isn't something that is playable. This is a mere concept. Sorry man, I'm not paying for a concept, I'm paying for a game. And a concept won't receive any points, a game will.