S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Crack/Patch

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl The player will become a stalker, a guy who earns money from shoveling embers out of infernal oven of Chernobyl Zone. Returning from the radioactivity-blazing Zone, he will sell anomalous formations to underground dealers and scientists in research camps on the Zone border. With the money procured, the player will purchase equipment, weapons and protective suits allowing him to reach previously inaccessible areas. This is a role-playing game without growing experience of your character, without changing characteristics and levels. We want the player to develop his real mastery, moreover Stalker is an FPS/RPG game and much depends on his ability to fight. [GSC Game World]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 10361
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 32 Online
Company / Developer
THQ / GSC Game World

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl reviews ( 7 )

BenC., Feb 8, 2008

Excellent Game. It seems to start out a little slow, but picks up fairly quickly. I really liked the near limitless interactions with the AI players/objects.

Sidewayz, Jul 16, 2011

This game is utterly stunning. A breakthrough as far as gaming is concerned. Being a true hunter, I can honestly declare S.T.A.L.K.E.R as the most realistic account of actually lugging a weapon in an open field. In fact, it is easy to forget yourself and imagine a proper hunting trip through scrub and forest with industrial detritus thrown in as a bonus. Although the foliage is consistent throughout the game, the environments are extensive and the scenery varies - from contaminated creeks and swamps, to hills and elevated terrain. There is a literal plethora of abandoned buildings and hidden areas to explore and almost all of them contain some kind of reward. The loose goals and utter in-game freedom encourage exploration and provide great incentive for the player to realise all of the inherent possibilities. Adding further to this, eery music, strange biological sound effects and unusually gloomy areas all culminate to form a unique sense of mystery. Overall, this game genuinely appeals to the hunter gatherer instinct, which judging by some of these reviews, seems to be on the decline. When it comes to personal items, you start off with the bare minimum (pretty much junk) and have to work your way up to achieve a high tactical prowess. Although this is a common theme in many FPS's, it is starkly emphasised in this particular title. Items known as artifacts can be found scattered around the environs and offer a vast improvement in terms of Strelok's abilities. Some artifacts provide resistance to radiation and chemical burns, whilst others increase stamina and healing. Since they occur in dangerous areas, artifacts commend great value on the market and the rarer ones can be sold or swapped amongst stalkers for virtually anything that is on offer. Ammunition is relatively scarce, and must be conserved in order to ensure success. Players will find themselves searching dead bodies and unloading dropped weapons in order to accumulate their ammo. Similarly, health supplies like medkits can be difficult to find, but if a player is careful, they do eventually accumulate. Bandages, anti-rad medicines and foodstuffs are very common throughout the game, but can be quickly depleted if a player fails to be conservative. The weapons in this game are nothing short of brilliant. High end weapons are customisable and behave in a very realistic manner - there is a whole lot of recoil from auto weapons and this makes aiming virtually impossible when shooting in full automatic. During large bursts, a weapon will sway both traversely and longitudinally making it very difficult to shoot distant targets. This can be counteracted by switching the weapon mode to single/semi or by firing in sporadic bursts. Even with a brand new rifle, accuracy is never 100% and when overused, a weapon's condition will deteriorate further, hence decreasing its effectiveness. Jamming is common in poorly guns, and they must be reloaded to permit firing again. This is especially fun during battles, as it gets the adrenaline pumping. To further increase immersion, some of the most rugged and tactically appropriate weapons are provided, like the AK-47, AKS-74, VSS Vintorez, FN F-2000, MP-5 and LR-300. This choice of weapons is extremely consistent with the survival theme. By offering RIS rails, tactical weapons can be customised with grenade launchers, silencers and improved optics. There are also one off weapons hidden throughout the zone, which offer vast improvements over the base weapons and often commend a high resale price.To suggest that gameplay can be difficult is a dramatic understatement. Although Strelok will do everything he is commanded to do with a sturdy, surefooted confidence (unlike the wooden and clumsy JC Denton in Deus EX), the enemies are very competent at engaging and will take cover before unleashing a torrent of bullets. A few well placed shots are enough to kill Strelok, and a serious injury will lead to profuse bleeding. If left untreated, profuse bleeding can kill Strelok very quickly, so it must be stopped by applying bandages or by using a medkit. Whilst spawning does occur in this game, it is by no means obvious. So long as you remain in the area which you have cleared, it generally stays clear. Factions of bandits will usually reclaim the area once you leave for another region, but engaging them on the way back is strictly optional. Overall, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R franchise offers a great gaming experience which has not been replicated since. I have found that the closest title of similar offerings is FEAR, but it is much more streamlined. The zone is such a diverse world that replay value is a virtual guarantee. If you still have hunter-gatherer instincts and enjoy a challenging and complex survival based shooter with realistic physics and a very effective horror element you won't find a better game.

EricR., Sep 6, 2007

This is probably one of the most amazing and extreme first person shooters i have ever played, yes it has its bugs and coding issues but once you patch the game and get everything up to speed, the game had me playing for hours and hours. so many different things and possibilitys you can explore and proceed in many different ways. Just has me playing and playing just because of the several ways you can play through it, and many different and interesting endings and gameplay route within it. Its sort of like Deus ex and BioShock , so if your a fan of the Dues ex or BioShock i highly recommend this game. With the types of game play thats implemented in this game you'll just be blown away by the story and and environmental surrounding of this hostile world of Chernobyl!

Ace, May 30, 2008

Apart from the occasional stutter where everything freezes for a few seconds, the game is immense. The action is there and the combat is realistic. You will jump at certain times which makes it all the more fun. Once you start playing it's the kind of game that you cannot put down. Amazing.

AdamWainwright, Mar 22, 2008

I have been wainting for this game to come out for years and was quite happy with the end result. I had to upgrade my rig just to run it smoothly. The story lines not bad and love the multiple ending. I have played it about 4 times and gonna start it again soon.

JasonL., Mar 29, 2007

I couldn't have said it better than Brad G. Although I will say that the atmosphere of the game is second to none. For a background story to this game (or the closest you will get) read roadside picnic. Google it. It's a free pdf short story, detailing among other things, why you have an infinite bunch of bolts to throw around. (Silly me, I thought it was to distract the enemies).

B.O.S.Kuro-chan, Mar 27, 2007

This game is 2D, not worth any upgrades to Vista. I would rather drink pig urine that was pooped in by a Gorilla with hemorrhoids than play this game. It is ugly, sounds horrible, has bad controls, horrible gameplay, retarded story line, and, to top it off, it installs about 20 viruses when you boot it up. Avoid this game at all costs.