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Star Chamber Star Chamber is an online multiplayer strategy game. Players play one of the many races that are part of the Galactic Republic. There are multiple ways to achieve victory... will you try to conquer your opponent's home world? Are you more interested in establishing your race's destiny across the galaxy for a cultural victory? Or perhaps you will delve into the secretive political machinations at the Star Chamber and try to ascend to the Galactic Presidency? [Nayantara Studios]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1414
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Sci-Fi
Players 1-2
Company / Developer
Nayantara Studios / Nayantara Studios
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Star Chamber reviews ( 6 )

MatthewD., Feb 20, 2004

It's rare that gameplay so deep but simple to learn grace a PC game. If Turn Based Strategy is your favorite phase then look no further than Star Chamber for what's easily the game of the year in this Genre. Spend $20 and prepare to get four times as much gameplay as you would from a $50 title. Highly recommended.

Rob"zed"T., May 10, 2004

While I'm not a master of this game after 4 months of play, I will say that it has remained challenging and enjoyable far longer than any game i've played since the MUD's of yore (who didn't get sucked into those...). Ditto to all You've read here. The sounds are goofy, but the game play is tops, and the strategy of each race is quite different, allowing people to find the one that matches there insticts. Give it a try. If you buy cards (20 bucks will get you started quite well) you won't be disappointed. DL the client free and try the sample decks/maps today!

TomJ., Feb 24, 2004

It's rare to come across an independently developed game with the insight that Star Chamber has. With 3 ways to win, 9 races and a space-strategy theme; it's a turn-based player's dream.

PaulS., Apr 8, 2004

It's not the fabulous game play/balance, it's not the awesome art, and it's not the low price that keeps me coming back for more. This game has a great community of players, it's almost as fun to just hang out in a lobby!

KeithYoung, Feb 22, 2004

this is an incredible board/card game. for everyone who is complaining that games are all about flash and not substance need to check this one out before lemmenting their sarrows any longer. literally the best game of 2003/2004. only reason it gets a 9 is the sound sucks >_

MartinL., May 24, 2004

The game is fun for a little while though has little staying power. I got bored after a few games. The controls are designed well, but the rules are confusing and poorly documented. The sound and graphics are primative. There is nice artwork, so I gave it a 2.