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Star Trek Bridge Commander While on duty in a remote area of space, a nearby sun suddenly erupts releasing a deadly blast that damages your ship, kills your Captain and threatens nearby colonists. Now you must take control of your ship and lead your crew to solve the mystery. Your mission is clear -- discover the cause of the devastating explosion and prevent it from happening again. During the race you will battle the Cardassians, ally with the Klingons, investigate the unpredictable Romulans and reveal a secret plot that threatens the Federation itself. [Activision]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1638
Genre Simulation, Sci-Fi, Space, Large Spaceship, Civilian
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Activision / Totally Games

Star Trek Bridge Commander reviews ( 5 )

computerman40, Mar 13, 2016

I really like how Activision did the wonderful graphics, great missions, nice ships. Not only you can play with the missions with the ships, but you can do quick battles!

Darren, Apr 23, 2002

It's nice to see something really new, as opposed to the same old crap with slightly different graphics slapped on it. This game is truely unique. Some folks (see Sam's comments, errr, comment) will rush in and rush out quickly, not finding the "Doom" first person shooter interface they were hoping for, or whatever. It takes some patience to adjust to the new mode of operation, and in the beginning you might allow your crew to do too much of the work, leaving you basically watching a movie. Once you get your hands-on management skills up to par, however, it get's VERY entertaining.

Bass, Jan 15, 2006

A Brilliant, vibrant Star Trek affair that was well worth the wait. This title is literally overflowing with fun, rock-solid gameplay that really does bring all the cool elements of the tv shows to life.

pumbaz, Jun 1, 2012

When I finally figured out the trick to fighting in this game.. the quest became quite easy. The harder levels are a bit insane and when you change tactics - the end result of the game play doesn't respond much. I felt that much of the tasks were on auto pilot

JoeBlow, Dec 31, 2006

The game stays very true to the Star Trek universe while being accessible and very fun. Loads of addon ships, effects, systems, and more give the game massive replay value, and the online play can be very fun. While the default ship models aren't very good by today's standards, the actual graphics engine is quite good and, with some spiffy new ship models, can look photorealistic. The damage modeling is great, and with mods like NanoFX, explosions are absolutely spectacular. Also, this game stays true to actual space physics - when a ship's engines are disabled, it continues to drift, instead of stopping. And you can go upside down and roll in whichever direction with ease. The combat model is also very complex and satisfying, though it lacks skin shields for TMP era vessels (I don't blame them, as the stock game only has TNG era ships) The game is constantly being modded and updated by the community with new scripts - and things that were once thought impossible to do with the BC engine are being done by the incredible scripting community. The AI in this game is on the stupid side, leaving some of the single player feeling slightly shallow. However, it is very fun to start massive battles in Quick Battle mode, with 4 or more ships on each side. And it is fun to see how you can exploit the weak spots in a large, powerful vessel and destroy it with a small, weak one. The game is now nearly impossible to find in stores; though it is a must buy. You can probably find it on eBay.