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Star Trek: New Worlds It's time to leave the vastness of space behind and play out your destiny in the biggest land battle this universe has ever known. In Star Trek: New Worlds, you'll experience this classic universe as never seen before -- on land in full 3-D. [Interplay]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 54 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1401
Genre Strategy, General
Players 1-3
Company / Developer
Interplay / 14 Degrees East

Star Trek: New Worlds reviews ( 3 )

A.Z., Dec 16, 2001

People should try and beat the game and not just play the first mission and say it sucks. I have this game and I will play it till I beat it. And for you "it sucks" peolpe you should play it more ofen like me because you might start to like it. And you could try and find patches to make it better. I would say that the makers made a perfect game!!!!!

BillL., Jul 22, 2005

I think anyone who doesn't like this game needs to have their head examined. You just can't play one level and then make a discision that the game sucks. This game is made for people to use their brains.

DustonB., Dec 1, 2001

The only saving grace to the game is that it's Star Trek. I normally don't even look at the RTS games but as a lifelong Trekkie I gave this a shot. It's okay, the gameplay is easy and the graphics are sweet, but the lack of an ability to save really diminishes the desire to sit and dedicate any time to the game.