Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus Crack/Patch

Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1676
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Sci-Fi
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Perfect World Entertainment / Cryptic Studios

Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus reviews ( 7 )

thanaton, May 14, 2014

I love Star Trek: Online! The graphics are good, music is good, the missions are a lot of fun, and even the thrill of having my own ship and being it's captain is enough to keep me hooked on STO. I highly recommend it to anyone.

1akula1, Aug 14, 2014

Only MMORPG i actualy managed to get into. You'll like it if you like star trek stuff. It also has one of the best f2p models i've ever seen. Its being updated regularly and there is new content every few months. Lots of people playing it too. Only thing i dont like much is ground combat, but im still giving it 10 for being my fav MMORPG. :D

Spocksbeard, Jun 10, 2014

Legacy of Romulus took the game to a whole new level. Great storyline, cool new faction, really refreshed everything. Dev is fixing the bugs continuously while putting out additional content (not just new ships). Other MMOs like Mechwarrior Online should take a page from Cryptics playbook.

KaienShiba, Jul 8, 2015

It basically a flight simulator with an rpg built in. But in order too get the best ships and equipment it becomes p2w which is its weakness and downfall.

basadd, May 31, 2013

great expansion, game is definitely on the right track with this one. problem is, way too many bugs and server issues. if most of the issues get fixed within a couple weeks, as i am hoping, an 8/10 represents a fun online game accessible to many kinds of players. since its f2p i highly recommend a download, try it out. good combo of ground and space combat unlike many other sci-fi online games. the first time i tried this game a year or 2 ago, the world seemed very limiting, but with time it has become much more fleshed out. if youre any kind of fan of sci fi online games or star trek in general, try this game

Bynr, May 26, 2013

Season 8 provides a couple weeks of new, well-made missions introducing the Romulans and allowing Klingons to begin at level 1 instead of 20 something. You can tell there was an influx of new employees. The cons: This update has exposed server issues, code integration problems, and quality testing shortcomings. The downtime, glitches, crashes, and a stealth nerf or two have overshadowed what should have been a proud moment. If I grade on the quality of the new story content, two weeks worth perhaps, I'd give it an 8 or so. The experience as a whole has thus far been a 4 due to the technical difficulties and the mail nerf. The new missions will be used up, the bugs will be mostly squashed, and then you will be back to the normal grinding of end-game reputation systems and starbase advancement which most people score around a 5 or 6. Folks that make use of the Foundry, fan-made missions, tend to give the game a higher score of 7 or 8. If all other issues are resolved favorably, and I am grading only on the new content introduced I will stick with the 8 rating. It made my Klingon happy. This was a step in a good direction compared to the previous season I rated a 3 due to nerf carnage and greedy practices.

Dragon_Fly, Mar 30, 2015

This game will put people on AFK Penalty in PvE if they spend most of the time maneuvering into position and range to get a shot. It also punishes the Medic ship for healing more than doing damage. All bug reports and GM query's are ignored. They still have the same god awful customer service and "Slow" development team. Why can't anyone see any statistics on the performance after battles to figure out why they keep getting an AFK Penalty in PvE? If one can not obtain a report on the performance of their skills in PVE Queues, how can they figure out why they keep getting AFK Penalties? There needs to be a measure in place and there needs to be an explanation as to why a person is on AFK Penalty. AFK is too broad of an explanation. I'm glad I never put a dime into this game because ARC is the same god awful company that runs RF-Online.