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Star Trek: Starfleet Command III Similar to the earlier games in the SFC franchise Star Trek Starfleet Command III allows gamers to optimize their ship and allocate power to their ship's systems for different types of strategies such as hit-and-run maneuvers, ambushes or direct assaults. However, this installment simplifies the process by introducing a new interface for system management that reduces the "micromanagement" of starship control, and allows players to focus on combat. Additionally, for the first time in any Star Trek game players can significantly customize their vessel's weapons, engines, shields and other systems. As players progress through the game, they can acquire better phasers and disruptors, stronger shields and outfit their ship with new special weapons. Star Trek Starfleet Command III also pushes the boundary of the genre by incorporating RPG elements into the experience. Over the course of the game, officers under the player's command will gain experience and acquire unique skills which increases the ships overall efficiency and enable the player to employ advanced attacks. Players can also choose to recruit new and more experienced officers to maximize the overall effectiveness of their ship. [Activision]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1310
Genre Simulation, Sci-Fi, Space, Large Spaceship, Civilian
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Activision / Taldren

Star Trek: Starfleet Command III reviews ( 1 )

NikE., Feb 24, 2003

I think this version has good game play minus the bugs. I feel that a little less all combat and more inter- action with leaders and opposing leaders to resove conflict as well as engage in it. Haveing more control of the entire fleet and dictations for their actions. To have total control of the selected Empire.